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  1. I still find it weird that it doesn't have it's own panel like colour or swatches. You always have to click on the little gradient thingy somewhere top left and then you get that panel. very what-the-hellish
  2. +1 definitely! I want to stay polite but comon, why would you leave the paths unclosed? (I know, for single lines, but still) That's just so weird! Or at least a button that says "auto close path: ON/OFF" Thank you
  3. Yes absolutely!!! also with the pentool please!! This is so weird to have to leave your shape to go to that difficult-to-read little menu with a thousand options while we just need to close the path we just sarted to draw. Very weird indeed. We should get an option when coming close to the first node of the selected shape to close the goddammed shape. (sorry, it stresses me) Cheers!
  4. BLEND TOOL! Yes please! An Absolute must for design styles :) Also great for advanced gradients. When these key features will be integrated then I think we can really leave the 'other' app. (Also a pattern maker would be great) Cheers!
  5. Hi Gabe, Thanks, here's the file. Thank you for checking. Cares.afdesign
  6. Greetings, I encountered this: I wanted to 'boolean add' those two shapes but was not able to get the right result. The fill mode is set on winding as shown in the first image (add1.jpg) but when I 'add' those two shapes I get the result as shown in second image (add2.jpg) (also same result if I would set fill mode on alternate or if I would press 'boolean divide') So because the letter 'r' in the image is drawn this way, I think, is why I have this issue. I know how I could bypass this but it would be a weird way :p I would've expect from the 'boolean add' button to just merge everything into one shape. I'm starting to use AD more and more, Awesome software! Thank you!
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