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  1. Is it possible to have the option to only use "select same" within an artboard? It is currently selecting all objects within a document.
  2. Hey AD Team, is there a reason why the segment tool is not available on the ipad? sometimes it would be nice to have it 😉 kr Kai
  3. this is huge 🤩 thank you so much for select same. Please release now 😂
  4. Hey Affinity Team 😊 i found a workflow that's fit for me perfect and this is the results. I can't combine vector with pixels in a symbol without bugs 😫 Here are two examples: Vector_and_pixel_symbol_bug_02.mp4 Vector_and_pixel_symbol_bug_01.mp4 it would be nice if that gets fixed somehow – please! Greetings Kai
  5. Hello Affinity Team, i found a litle bug in publisher. The Layout jumps when editing detached. Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2020-04-02 um 14.01.33.mp4 greetings
  6. Hello, when i disable "Facing pages" the Master pages switched in two separate pages. That's fine but the bleed disappears. greetings Kai Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2020-04-02 um 12.14.29.mp4
  7. You have to disable „touch only for gesture „ in the settings. After then everything works.
  8. You can export as PSD and open it in XD. XD support this format.
  9. Hey, same Problem here. After a Crash the recovery File lost an hour of work. This happend two times. The recovery interval was 60 seconds. It seems there is a problem! AD 1.81
  10. Hey AD Team, i don't know if this a bug. in some cases the curve Toll tool is not working properly. Video: Bildschirmvideo gehört 2020-03-01 um 14.03.25.mp4 File: Affinity_Designer_Curve_Tool_Bug.afdesign Thanks Kai
  11. Hey AD Team, i found another Bug. When I load a template and create artboards from it, undo the steps, the size of the original file changes. Video: Affinity_Designer_Artboard_Template_Bug.mp4 File: Template_Artboard_Bug.afdesign Thanks
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