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  1. Hi Chris. I was meaning that there is no option for transferring a file (or copy) in .afphoto format, to a Mac via AirDrop. (Has to be done via a Cloud). Since AFPhoto is not working with iCloud files directly and is instead importing copies of them ... and yet the Mac is working with them directly, this can make for a confusing scenario. So it would be good if AFPhoto for iPad embraced AirDrop as the simplest, fastest, easiest way to work between a Mac and an iPad.
  2. Hi Chris, I've moved all the files individually without issues. So I think it's a memory management thing, but I can't even move just 2 together. The files are between 100MB & 250MB Syslog says this : NB- These are .afphoto files NB-too ... AFPhoto quits unexpectedly. Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Subtype: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000028 VM Region Info: 0x28 is not in any region. Bytes before following region: 4362141656 REGION TYPE START - END [ VSIZE] PRT/MAX SHRMOD REGION DETAIL UNUSED SPACE AT START ---> __TEXT 0000000104010000-0000000104014000 [ 16K] r-x/r-x SM=COW] Termination Signal: Segmentation fault: 11 Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb Terminating Process: exc handler [0] Triggered by Thread: 0 See attached syslog file. ______________________________________________________ Perhaps I should add this as a feature request ... but ... There is no way that I can find in AFPhoto for iOS, to either move, or copy a file in .afphoto format, FROM the iPad to a Mac, using AirDrop. Export only offers other file formats. Save As only offers iCloud or similar. For times when iCloud is not feasible (no, or slow, internet) this seems like an unnecessary limitation which precludes working between iPad and Mac, which is a shame, since AirDrop is so fast and efficient.
  3. Trying to AirDrop 1.5Gb of afphoto files to iPad Pro 12.9 running 11.2.2 in a 'batch' drop of 11 files. Files transfer correctly (on Mac, the blue circle completes) there is a sound alert on the iPad and it auto-switches to AFPhoto, which promptly quits (unexpectedly!). From Settings/General/iPad Storage I can see that the files have been transferred, however, after re-opening AFPhoto, there is no way to access them ... they don't show up in the file browser. (This is a really great way to fill up my iPad's storage space!!!) So the only way to get the Gbs of space lost on my iPad, is to delete and re-install AFPhoto ... loosing AFPhoto's setup/configuration etc. NB ... The files also have a number added to their name, showing that there are multiple copies in the AFP storage space.
  4. Thanks Lee. It would be good to have this option, or if not, to be able to duplicate brushes ... or both.
  5. Is there a way on the iPad version, to reset the Basic Brushes after they have been edited via the Brushes Studio? (Other than de-install / re-install the app).
  6. Thanks Patrick. Can you tell me if this will have also fixed what are perhaps related bugs, of masks not corresponding to their selections (out x,y)?
  7. That depends on the sharpness of the mask's edge. What I'm seeing is not an even edge all around the mask. It is a shifted edge (x,y). Aside from that ... why can it look great in the preview and not in the final mask? It would appear that the preview is not being accurately translated to the mask.
  8. Sorry Tony, but that is the worst attitude / way of thinking, I can imagine for any kind of software ... or any other product or piece of work for that matter. This is where the downhill slide starts. Aside from that, he is wondering why there is a 1 to 2px white line around his mask ... very similar to the masking errors I have been reporting
  9. TonyB, this is absolutely a bug. The AFP's masking tools are a mess, when it comes to defined edges. (Selection is great ... if only it could translate into a mask of equal quality). These are the basic tools for a very large number of professionals, although obviously there are many who don't use masking much. These need to be fixed ASAP, otherwise the Affinity range risks loosing its 'for pros' image. Honestly, I can't emphasise enough how fundamental this is. (I'm guessing ... but I expect these are maths errors. All of them are about position x,y. Maybe Serif need to find their own James Clerk Maxwell) You may care to read this thread: Or this one: Or this one:
  10. I certainly hope that Serif don't consider this desired behaviour. It is definitely a bug.
  11. Hi Owen. Force Pixel Alignment does seem to change the behaviour slightly, but the problem persists. The gravity of the bug seems to depend on where the image is moved to and how much it is enlarged. Sometimes when you Cmd-Click the mask layer to show the selection, the problem area is actually part of the selection. Other times it is not. I haven't seen it be a part of the selection when Force Pixel Alignment is selected/checked. I have uploaded an example file and a screen-movie to the link pauls provided.
  12. People 'get used' to driving an old Ford rafikiphoto. It doesn't mean that they wouldn't prefer a Porsche if they were offered the choice!
  13. I watched (sic) the video and to be honest, it is like going back in time to some awful Windows software ... which is probably what it is. The difference between it and Aperture is vast. Please Serif, whatever you do, don't do it like IMatch. For those of us, that spend our days working with DAM software this would be like a cruel, brutal torture, or ... like using camera manufacturer's own raw software. Sort of as awful as Olympus Viewer 3 or Nikon's thing, or Pentax's thing. Uuuughh. (Sorry rafikiphoto ... not sure how to say this without being contrary).
  14. I usually repair the mask with the Inpainting Brush as I go along, so I'm afraid I don't have any problem mask files to hand and I'm a bit snowed under this week. I'll take a look as soon as I can, at recreating the problem and post a file. In case it is significant ... these 'pasted' files are made via focus-merge.
  15. I've never let it go to a client, however it exists in a built-out/saved Tiff. So I would say it is in the file. Open it in PS or other and there it is.