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  1. 😊 Amazing that there's anything really. The last vs was produced in '97. There are so many things which it did so well and that are still unmatched today. Example: Imagine taking a 300megapixel 16-bit tiff, then, using a brush of 500megapixel size, distort your image in a single smooth, gentle brush-stroke... and ... the distortion is applied as you paint/brush in real-time. The instant you lift your brush, it's done. Even if you take your brush and do a frantic squiggle back and forth, it's done instantly. Not even a seconds pause. Instant.
  2. Live Picture, by Live Picture (a bunch of recently graduated students). It was essentially a compositing software, which was conceived to be able to do on a Mac, what was until then, done in *extremely* expensive retouching houses, as they moved away from manual retouching (transparencies, scalpels, bleach and tiny-brush+ink). These large installations were pixel-pushers with the actual computers themselves in separate rooms due to their size and required air-conditioning. Typically 2x ~2metre cube sized units, on the floor. Cost ~£2million late80s + 1 year operator training. Cost to client ~£500 per hour. Obviously their use was almost 100% advertising. It was pretty crazy, i.e. loony.. to think it could be done on a Mac back then, but 2 years mathematical thinking, followed by 2 years programming and there it was. No other app has ever come close to what it could do, even though the patents have been over for a while. Happy to expand if anyone is interested.
  3. Well, sort of. But as you can see, it paints like a pixel brush and not a vector brush. However, if you want to use your painting as a vector 'shape' with handles, then it makes a vector shape, with points/handles, from the paint. You can choose how exact you want the shape... how many pixels per point. However, it leaves the brushed paint untouched, with its normal stencil/mask. Basically ... think of every variation and it does it. Did I mention it's also unbelievably fast? 😊
  4. As I pointed out ... it's a very old app. Back in those days, the UI wasn't as sophisticated as now, but yes you could manipulate your vector mask in the same way as today. Actually ... it is in fact a vector as you paint. Not in the sense you are used to, but it is a vectorial description and the only pixels involved are produced in order to draw it on the screen, as a UI description of the vectors.
  5. Indeed I am. As I mentioned... it is all vectors except for screen-draw. The clip doesn't show working from a selection, but it's exactly the same. I could just make a selection and it would automatically be: mask / stencil / vectorial. Can AFP make paint into a vectorial mask/stencil, by dragging the mask icon?
  6. Seems Windows 10 has issues with mp4. ( https://videoconvert.minitool.com/video-converter/windows-10-cant-play-mp4.html ) I've uploaded a .mov vs, which is 10x larger... but maybe it'll work. Mask-Stencil-mov Otherwise maybe you could try a different browser.
  7. That's pretty weird.. What OS are you on? For me it just goes on loop in the forum software. (Quite annoying actually). Try this: Mask-Stencil
  8. Actually ... it is entirely vector based. There are absolutely no pixels involved apart from screen-drawing/representation.
  9. I'm showing what I could do in an app, almost 30 years ago. Yes, as you can see, paint already has a mask, made as you paint, which can instantly be toggled between a stencil and a mask and also drag-copied to any other layer, as a stencil and a mask. It's instant. It's easy. It's automatic. It's a good method. The point of this thread, is that this cannot be done in AF apps.
  10. Almost 30 years ago... My demo's a little confusing, because I'm trying to show how versatile this is. (I made it a long time ago) Anyway ... you get the point. This is making a mask from a brush stroke, and/or a drag-shape, then toggling it between Stencil/Mask and copying from one layer to another. Basically it can do everything we could want, very easily. Almost 30 years ago...
  11. I started working with selections automatically as vectors/masks/stencils in 1995. Just sayin'.
  12. Ahhh... stumped. Thanks for the info Walt. FWIW... Time Machine has saved the day once again, in the short term. 1.10.1 works fine.
  13. I have a retail purchase. I bought it on the Mac App Store. I've run the betas frequently in the past. Particularly in the early days. The question is... how do I get Affinity Photo to recognise that my purchase is installed ... and even running??? Yes, I downloaded 1.9.3 from Serif website and ran it as a Trial. Yes.
  14. I bought Affinity Photo in 2015 from the Mac App Store. (I have the email receipt) I can't remember when, but quite some time ago it stopped being recognised by Affinity Photo's account process, which appears during update. I'm not interested in the extras, so I just carried on regardless. Unfortunately!!! I now find with the update to 1.10.3 that AFP has a major problem and is crashing constantly. Simply opening the Export As... dialog, crashes the app. So... I downloaded the current beta, to see if it would work. It is asking me for an Account ID and a Product key. I'm guessing that I've never had a product key, since I purchased through the Mac App Store. So I'm stuck in a vicious circle. It doesn't recognise the Mac App Store vs as being installed even though I have it open/running!!! Could someone please tell me how I can get AFP (and perhaps AFD which I also have) to recognise the Mac App Store purchases? My client would be very grateful if I could send him his images today! (Okay... I got around the exporting by downloading 1.9.3... but still).
  15. As I noted, you can alter metadata in a RAW file, which theoretically may be a problem, however, you cannot edit/alter the image itself.
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