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  1. Susanne

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    Thanks @Alfred, well I’m glad they’ll fix the issue in the future update! I’ll just be patience a little longer…
  2. Susanne

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    @DM1 How did you get this update? I’ve had a look in the AppStore but the latest version I can get is 1.6.4.
  3. Susanne

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    So this issue was detected July 2018. It’s now almost April 2019. I just bought this app yesterday and I could not have foreseen that a basic function like manipulating handles and points would be an issue in such an advanced app like this. This is slowing my workflow down a lot! I really don’t get how an important feature like this has not been solved almost a year later! So now I spend almost €20 for this app and stick to Vectornator, witch is a free app, because of this issue. Btw in Vectornator manipulating handles and points work flawlessly.

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