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  1. Problem removed. The problem was because of me. I've used version 1.5.5. After updating to the new version, i works correctly. I bought Affinity Designer using Appstore and I was sure that the update will happen automatically. Errors like a child. Thank you for your help and valuable time!
  2. Hmmm, That would be weird. I have paid and paid full versions. I've been using paid apps for a long time. How to check what version it is?
  3. Paul, Can I also count on help in my second problem described in the second post?
  4. Now I understand the problem with synchronization. Thank you Paul.
  5. Please help. You can not open files in the Desktop for free editing on iPad and Desktop alternately. This is the basis for using this tool for me. What can I do with blocked files for Desktop? I need them to work. Not all I can export and improve on the Desktop again. Best Regards
  6. Second problem. The same file edited in the iPad may suddenly be rejected by the Desktop version due to the editing and use of some unfortunate tool or instrument. Attached Two files. One (Untitled copy.afdesign) is a working copy described in the first post. The second (Untitled.afdesign) is a file that has stopped working during the iPad edition.
  7. Hi, 1. iPad. Create document and save to iCloud. 2. Mac: Open document, change and save. 3. iPad. iCloud I see changes. 4. iPad Affinity Designer. I can not see the changes. <--- PROBLEM. 5. iPad Affinity Designer. I open document change and save. 6. Mac iCloud I see Changes. Environment: All up to date. Best Regards!
  8. Yes. you're right. Power duplicate requires tapping 2x the option menu. This is ok but the duplicate button would be great if it was faster available, i.e. on the toolbar or studio. it is very practical, sometimes the gestures do not work precisely and quickly.
  9. it is not always precise. additionally, it does not work when the objects are rotated. does not work with the option of duplicating and repeating the last move.
  10. The lack of the ability to use paths for a Boolean operation is a big drawback of AFD.
  11. Hi reglico, Thank You, I mistook the forums. that's the question about the iPad version. Ad. 1. the conversion of the line to Krzywe are completely different figures. the thickness of the line will be covered by the shape. error. Ad.2. Ok. best regards.
  12. Hi, I attach a movie. I have two questions. 1. Why Boolean operations does not work with lines? 2. Technique of working with AfD tools. As soon as possible to create a group of colorful objects that can be seen in the film? best regards! 5DDD0AF5-18C8-4FAE-9554-4E158F25841F.MP4
  13. Ha Ha Ha. exactly. I'm inattentive. I have already changed the shortcut to SHIFT + TAB. The fix for thinking turned out to be the best. Thank you very much.
  14. Hi, Pressing the TAB key will show or hide the tools and palettes. Cool. But often, when I work on only one screen, I want to hide only the Palettes, leave tools and control bars in view. It would be very useful if TAB + Shift = hide only palettes. Best Regards
  15. it does not always work. A bit more complicated design and the application slows down enough that you do not know if the tapping worked or not. A lot of chaos is created by tapping. It's good that the keys are present in the preferences to choose from.
  16. Hi, 100 layers are not so much and you can quickly create them in the work on the project. Already at 50, there is a problem with scrolling Studio Layers. For me, moving group objects is too time-consuming. A useful option: Select an object or group Place the button "under" or "above". I select to the object and the boom, it is already there. Or simple options: paste under, paste over. Best Regards.
  17. I definitely choose handles too often instead of nodes. I knock on the node, mark the handle. I'm wasting too much time trying to capture and relocate the node. Best Regards
  18. Hi, I often want to use an existing shape fragment to draw another line with another brush. For this purpose, I need to mark one or several nodes, copy them and paste them together with the patch. I use it very often when I want to emphasize some edge of the shape of another brush. I miss such a possibility very much. Best Regards
  19. I spend too much time downloading styles for new objects or temporarily setting the style as default. These activities should be very quick and intuitive during creative work. Wanted action: 1. select a new object, deselect and draw a new one in the same style. 2. Quick reset style to default or faster access to the style panel to use the previous style.
  20. Hi MEB, thank you, and how to do it for Affinity Designer iPad? best regards
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