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  1. magicdesign__

    Affinity Publisher for macOS - 1.7.2

    glad we are all clear on this now.
  2. i assume you have tried to save files to a local drive (rather than a server location)? I sometimes get a save error, but that is because the office shared servers have been set up badly - and give permission errors occasionally...
  3. magicdesign__

    PDF Editor

    publisher is very good at pdf editing already. Its what i use as a default pdf editing program now. There is not any form field options at the moment, but pageplus had them - so hope they will add this later....
  4. magicdesign__

    Imported PDFs still printing rasterized

    what export pdf settings are you using? can you improve the quality there?
  5. magicdesign__

    text box bug

    Hi Dave, Thanks - that fixed it. I didn't change the attributes, but it seemed to have selected the colour based on a previous shape image colour i used.
  6. magicdesign__

    text box bug

    Creating a new flier. Open a text box and the background is coloured (which it shouldn't be). cant remove the colour as the colour menu does not detect there is a colour there. if you can let me have an upload link, i can supply the file.
  7. 1) i have a 3 page, a 42 page and 128 page document which all has this same error. 2) yes 3) yes 4) yes 5) yes (although i didnt test it again when i created the sample 3 page version i have uploaded)
  8. from within publisher, i am trying to edit an image using photo tab. The rest is explained in my first post.
  9. i have been able to cut and paste a double page spread into a new document and it has the same error - i'll upload it to you now.
  10. no - didnt solve the issue. It is basically any image on the right hand side of spread doesnt work, but on the left hand side, it does. If i had to guess, it would be to do with the fact that designer and photo doesnt support 'spreads' and therefore only focuses on left hand page?
  11. Hi Paul, I have found the issue in two separate (large) documents. I did set up a fresh doc to replicate, and it didn't happen. I cant upload client files unfortunately. Could it be to do with an image type not being compatible?
  12. just to add to this, i can drag any of the right page images across to the left hand page, and then the selection brush works on them.
  13. This is a weird one. On the document i am working on (42 pages) in spreads, there have been a few images i have wanted to remove the background of. Using the selection brush tool, it only works on images on the left hand pages. The right hand pages do not register any 'add' or 'subtract' - just does nothing...
  14. Is there a way of getting the PDF export to remember i want 'all pages' rather than 'all spreads' It would be nice if it remembered what it did last time...
  15. magicdesign__

    Irregular cropping of image

    thanks for your feedback - i tried that and it didnt seen to work. Not sure what i was doing wrong. I found that there is a 'paste inside' option, which is a workaround. still not as good as having an irregular crop tool though.