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  1. Great - thanks. I assumed 'all pages' meant (all of the pages) rather than single pages.
  2. I design catalogues etc. In page plus, I was able to set the document up with facing pages layout, but when I export to pdf, I was able to export as individual pages (for the printer to then place onto plates.) I cannot see an export setting which allows me to export as single pages.
  3. Having used page plus to create a 112 catalogue with lots of words and images, I have tried to import a pdf into publisher. It works, and looks fine, but as soon as I try to edit the text, it goes crazy - some frames with no space between lines, some indented - and I cannot fix it because there doesn't seem to be a 'clear formatting' option Can someone advise me of the best settings for pdf export from PP to enable the import to work?
  4. I don't think so - as they have mentioned many times that the developers of page plus were not the same team as the developers of affinity. That being the case, I imagine the page plus team are either no longer there, or have a bit more time on their hands
  5. out of interest, would it be possible/feasible to add a simple 'export as' feature to pageplus - to allow this to happen (rather than having to build it into Publisher)?
  6. I use cut-out studio in page plus [a lot] when designing catalogues and other image intense publications. I get the feeling that when I want to cut out backgrounds in publisher, its going to push me onto designer? Can anyone shine any light on this please? Thanks.
  7. what's an extra couple of years among friends...
  8. magicdesign__

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Although the frustration comes from the fact that this was originally announced about 6 years ago. We waited patiently while the iPad was given higher priority and now I am just about running out of steam with this. I love pageplus but to be honest, if something else came along that fitted the bill, Serif don't have much of my loyalty any more. A sad thing to say as I was always recommending pageplus to every page layout specialist and designer that I chatted with.