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  1. are these fixes for the 192 build or the 206 build?
  2. Hi. Is there any chance someone can let us know the best way to export from pageplus (pdf) to make it most compatible with an import into publisher? I have tried but the cmyk colours have been mixed up and it made the document unusable (from a 120 page document with only two cmyk colours, it created a publisher file with pages of text of slightly different colours in both rgb and cmyk)
  3. magicdesign__

    PDF import colours

    so - no one knows? or no one cares? I assume this would be relevant for a lot of your existing customers...
  4. magicdesign__

    PDF import colours

    Any feedback on optimum pdf export settings (in pageplus) to allow for accurate colour import when opening the pdf in publisher?
  5. magicdesign__

    PDF import colours

    Hi Chris, Sorry, I have been travelling. Can you let me know the best settings to export from page plus in PDF for colour (and everything else) compatibility? And yes - I was opening the PDF rather than placing as image.
  6. With the 120 page document I have imported, I have (unfortunately) just noticed that the import colours have gone wrong. I use two main CMYK colours: 0/0/0/k100 and 68/00/100/03 and in the import document, some of the black has remained correct, but often it has been replaced with something much more complex such as 71/67/60/80 and the other (green colour) has many different interpretations. Also, not entirely a bug, but when I cut text from a cmyk PP document and paste into publisher, it arrives as rgb colours.
  7. although I may have spoken too soon. It does open it, but it has crashed twice. I have opened it for a third time and 'saving' in the hope that a new save will help configure it to the new beta. UPDATE Seems to have stabilised now.
  8. I can now open the document again which failed to open in the previous beta (fyi)
  9. magicdesign__

    Download previous Beta

    yes - indeed. Its a quick way to learn the new software. Unfortunately, the more I am using it, the more I like PPx9
  10. magicdesign__

    Download previous Beta

    I am doing it in parallel in both Publisher and PPx9 at the same time (or at least I was up to this point) - but it would be nice if the file opens with each beta release - wouldn't you agree? Again "Wouldn't you agree?"
  11. Hey Chris, would love to, but its a catalogue for a major brand - with future pricing - so I cant release it anywhere unfortunately.
  12. magicdesign__

    Download previous Beta

    worked perfectly - and can open the file again. Not sure if a future beta will solve the crash? or should I shelve this project? I am currently working two files in parallel - updating this one and PPx9 one at the same time. Not point in updating the publisher one if I cant progress to future betas though.
  13. Yes - the old version works and the file opens perfectly. Not sure what this means - is it likely that a future beta update will sort the crash?
  14. is there a link to .145 so I can install the previous windows version? I have the same issue with a 120 page publication.
  15. thanks - that's the mac file - is there a windows file?