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  1. magicdesign__

    So UPSET! Publisher

    does it have images sitting across double page spreads? Could that be an issue when its trying to break them into single pages?
  2. wouldnt saving the word doc as a pdf and then opening them in affinity be the quickest solution?
  3. magicdesign__

    PDF import crop disappearing

    this error is still occurring in the latest build. (fyi)
  4. magicdesign__

    CMYK PDF wrong colors

    it was happening to every page of a 128 page pdf using one of the previous builds - i have just done a new test (single page) and it seems to be maintaining the correct cmyk colours now.
  5. magicdesign__

    PDF import crop disappearing

    It was created in pageplus x9 - i actually tried changing the pdf output versions to 1.7 and the x profiles - and they all did the same...
  6. magicdesign__

    PDF import crop disappearing

    Here is an example pdf page. As mentioned, when I open in publisher, it loses all the cropping. Happens to all 128 pages of the document. I have also tested with other pdf docs (not created by myself) and cropping is lost there too. page_24_as_an_example_v1.pdf
  7. magicdesign__

    PDF import crop disappearing

    I have that page as a 1 page pdf (if any of the staff want to test it for themselves)
  8. I have not used affinity for a while but previously I have imported a 128 page pdf and all layout was maintained perfectly. This morning I downloaded the latest version and tried to open the same 128 page pdf document which, when opened, all the previously cropped images lost their crop and it has basically made the document unusable. Here is one example screen shot of how it is meant to look next to how it was imported into publisher, but it is happening to every page. As mentioned, this did not happen in older versions.
  9. With a 128 page catalogue, I have a similar issue. I export a cmyk pdf from pageplus with all text as k=100 (and all the other variables at 0). When I open in Publisher, it allocates a new black, making use of all for CMYK elements rather than just matching k=100 I have asked previously, the best settings to output the pdf to (to make it compatible with an open into publisher) but no one has responded. I assume they don't know.
  10. are these fixes for the 192 build or the 206 build?
  11. Hi. Is there any chance someone can let us know the best way to export from pageplus (pdf) to make it most compatible with an import into publisher? I have tried but the cmyk colours have been mixed up and it made the document unusable (from a 120 page document with only two cmyk colours, it created a publisher file with pages of text of slightly different colours in both rgb and cmyk)
  12. magicdesign__

    PDF import colours

    so - no one knows? or no one cares? I assume this would be relevant for a lot of your existing customers...
  13. magicdesign__

    PDF import colours

    Any feedback on optimum pdf export settings (in pageplus) to allow for accurate colour import when opening the pdf in publisher?
  14. magicdesign__

    PDF import colours

    Hi Chris, Sorry, I have been travelling. Can you let me know the best settings to export from page plus in PDF for colour (and everything else) compatibility? And yes - I was opening the PDF rather than placing as image.
  15. With the 120 page document I have imported, I have (unfortunately) just noticed that the import colours have gone wrong. I use two main CMYK colours: 0/0/0/k100 and 68/00/100/03 and in the import document, some of the black has remained correct, but often it has been replaced with something much more complex such as 71/67/60/80 and the other (green colour) has many different interpretations. Also, not entirely a bug, but when I cut text from a cmyk PP document and paste into publisher, it arrives as rgb colours.