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  1. thanks - is there a way of setting this as standard for all new text boxes that i create
  2. I am working on a project at the moment which was started by a pdf import. The text boxes allow the overflowed text to still be visible, but the new text boxes i create do not. Is there a setting somewhere you can point me to?
  3. unfortunately, crashing is one of the few features that has been carried across from the pageplus suite. I find the only way to prevent crashing is to stick with one document at a time, never try to do two things at once. if it does crash, a full re-boot of the computer is the best way to (hopefully) open the document without further crashes.
  4. server drive on the local company network (no cloud storage)
  5. Has anyone got any insight into what is causing files to become corrupt? I have just had a one pager which had a couple of images and text - and that would not open as 'file is corrupt' Its a worry as i am also working on a 128 page catalogue and i really dont want that one to become corrupt.
  6. a workaround for this (as a one off) would be to save as high res pdf and then open that PDF in publisher. All the images would then be embedded.
  7. Yes - clearly they have move on to the affinity range. My point was that the bigger reason behind that was because the brains behind PP left for pastures new.
  8. I get the feeling the key people behind PP are no longer with the business. An alternative (and better option) might be to create an export from PP (rather than an import into Publisher) - either way, its unlikely. I ended up importing PDFs into publisher, which was not ideal, but after a few weeks, i got all the documents cleaned up.
  9. oops i stand corrected. I need to change 'pixel format' before it allows me to see the rgb colour profiles.
  10. Hi Jon, I am just trying to export an image as a jpg basically. But a cmyk publisher document is only offering me CMYK colour profiles.
  11. I cant export an RGB image from a CMYK document. Something i need to do a lot given my client needs media in both print and web. I edit the images in a cmyk doc and currently need to copy and paste them into a new RGB doc before i can export in RGB
  12. i have a 128 page catalogue which (as you can imagine) is full of high res images. I get occasional crashes, but most of the time it is quick without any lag. The original doc was a pdf import (from page plus days) so all images are now embedded. File size is currently 1.15 gig
  13. Can you select the logo wall (of many images) and convert to a single image - a work around, but would be a quick fix.
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