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  1. i have pre-ordered. Out of interest, will that purchase allow me to download onto one PC and also one MAC - or do i need to buy again? I dont recall specifying what hardware type i was using when pre-ordering the first time...
  2. can we get the ability to open pageplus files in publisher please?
  3. Can i use my discount code i received for another client twice? (different login accounts)?
  4. ah, thanks - i missed that drop down. If you group images to create a new image, that's when you need to export an image as an image.
  5. Perhaps i downloaded it without signing up then. From memory (and for my other client) it required me to sign up before gaining access to the download file.
  6. Is there any way to click on an image in a publisher document and export that item as a new image? something easily done in pageplus, but cant seem to do it in publisher.
  7. didnt get the email offer sent to me - is there a link?
  8. installed fine and able to open the 128 page catalogue i last saved in version .326
  9. magicdesign__

    text issues - no style

    Thanks Sean. I was doing the factory default ,but didnt realise it required a 'save' afterwards. Thought it might have done that automatically.
  10. magicdesign__

    text issues - no style

    Hi Sean, Sorry - i have been away. Uploading that now...
  11. magicdesign__

    cmyk export

    I had a similar problem with a previous version, although this version seems to have maintained k=100
  12. magicdesign__

    PDF import crop disappearing

    latest update seems to have fixed the cropping issue.
  13. Having lots of issues with text. I reset the text defaults, and it still produces text with lots of style settings. See attached. Perhaps there is another way to reset no style? i have also looked in miscellaneous settings and reset all those too.
  14. magicdesign__

    So UPSET! Publisher

    does it have images sitting across double page spreads? Could that be an issue when its trying to break them into single pages?
  15. wouldnt saving the word doc as a pdf and then opening them in affinity be the quickest solution?