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  1. Thanks Jens Krebs - it's really the only realistic option ... but it was worth throwing the question out there to get the feedback
  2. Thanks, good comment - the fact is that I have continued using PagePlus but it is now old and unsupported and one day it's going to bust and leave me completely in the lurch. Clearly the way forward is to migrate the files over to Publisher...
  3. OK, Alfred, yes I agree that clearly Publisher isn't just the next version, but do understand that having used PP from version 1, switching over to Publisher was the natural thing to do, as if it were simply the new version... I don't believe it couldn't have been done - and it would have been a great feature to support dedicated Serif users. I'm not a designer, so every file isn't new - I use this for business publications which are constantly updated. The problem I'm faced with right now is to put aside a lot of time to re-create my files or to hand it over to someone else to manage, in which case they are likley to re-write them all the Indesign. Hmmm, any comments anyone?
  4. Is there a technical reason? Obviously from a user's point of view, it would be a great thing if Serif honoured loyalty to the brand by enabling this. I've been using PP for about 25 years and for me, transition to Affinity Publisher is just the latest version.
  5. Is it possible to open PagePlus files using Affinity Publisher Beta?
  6. Have we had an answer from Serif on this topic? I'm fairly new to Affinity but I'm liking what I'm seeing although export to HTML would be very useful. Thanks
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