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  1. i ended up selling my studio one for a studio 2. Now in aff deigner it happens i swear every few mins. If i select edit in photo> then edit in designer > it fixes the problem. @Gabe
  2. sorry for VERY late reply Right now only designer i will test on others. Seems recently its happening more and more. Kinda makes it usesless on the studio.
  3. Using the Microsoft studio desktop. After some time the pinch and zoom will stop working in publisher but work in other programs. After a close and re open it works fine again.
  4. So as far as the selection brush tool once i knocked down the some of the art boards the pin wheel only showed for about 5 secs and worked normally. I went from 18 to 6?. As far as the other crash, i am not sure. I have not been able to replicate it
  5. hum, working in Pixel persona. Same thing happened again but i did not click the selection brush.
  6. as title says, anytime i click the selection brush tool affinity pinwheels forever and i have to close the program.
  7. Is there anyone to fix this on a document that is older? I have everything set up as you say and i still have to go back and delete the decimal place. when creating a new artboard on older template. I feel like i must be doing something else wrong since i dont see alot of posts about it.
  8. So it seems only some paragraphs are not letting me change the leading. some others just make the upper left TEXT menu flash.
  9. hello Walt, hum. its for a current client i might be able to knock it down so it dosent have any info . give me a few mins.
  10. running into the issue again. New document. two seperate paragraphs, both have the exact same setting on the right both are very different visually. Not able to change the leading. Just has the "text" menu at the top flash. no way to change the leading it seems now.
  11. Hello, so i must be getting conflicting information from the past on other posts about this issue. What im trying to do is make it so i never see a xxx.XXX ever again in the transform menu. i will never need to use a .XXX for anything ever. i currently have forced pixel alignment ON, move by whole pixels OFF, snapping ON. Also i have gone into preferences and changed the pixel value to 5 (the menu above). Is what i have correct or incorrect to never see a decimal in transform? I appreciate your patience, i am clearly not the most tech advanced person out there.
  12. hello, ok i have all that off and snapping on. When working on display ad sets/landing pages etc.. creating new artboards often is very normal but having to go back to each artboard and delete the decimal point is a bit absurd and is something is shouldn't have to do before export. I usually just click the artboard name and drag, is that incorrect? am i doing something wrong? Sorry i know this is a little off topic.
  13. Hey walt, is there any way i can just remove decimals completely from the program until i need to turn them on again? I have tried all the settings when asking on other posts from the dev team and i still have to deal with them.
  14. hello, Thats what i assumed as well. i have not touched the artboard in anyway other than to select it for export. The only changes i have made are the pixel values.
  15. Hello, So i changed it to 5 and when i closed and opened affinity it made the changes of getting rid of the 1 pixel. I then went back and changed it to 1 to see if that would make it go back. Closed and re opened and its still no longer adding 1 pixel. So why is this? why does it not go back to adding one pixel? If that really was the fix by upping it to 5, when shouldn't putting it back to 1 un-correct the issue?
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