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  1. Thanks for the reply Dan. @libretraining its in english for a english client, but exporting in devan, sorry if i was not clear. Font is from the client. I tried looking for the google download earlier but no luck. Looked this morning and was able to DL it. I will give this a shot today. Thanks.
  2. So its exporting HIND but its another version of it.
  3. AH ok so i changed some of the fonts in the deck and those seem to work... must be this one of Hind i have installed.
  4. The font is Hind. Sadly i can not upload the document here. I will try some other PDF readers, as well as exporting another PDF with the same font.
  5. trying to talk to the client now to find out where they got the PDF, think it might be a embedded in the pdf thing? Exporting as a jpg works fine it seems..
  6. Hello, working on a deck in English. When i export as a PDF it changes the language. I have started this task by dragging in a PDF deck (in English) and editing that. I uploaded to google drive to double check, still have the issue. Brining the document back into aff designer the language stays the same, not English.
  7. THANK YOU! this has been driving me crazy for years. Sometimes i wish they just had a "easy mode" toggle that disables and removes half the tools.
  8. Possibly, its for work i can send a link in a private message. Files size is 125,199kb to me that does not feel THAT large? i could be wrong.
  9. Hello, im using AFF designer, windows. I have a file that is a decent size and its starting to run quite slow. Does aff have any sort of auditing built in that allows me to see where the slow down is coming from? I have quite a few artboards but i have had double this before and it was fine. Assets as well. Nothing is huge. duplicating an artboard will take about 30 secs and give me the spinning wheel. Deleting assets or moving them off the artboard take a 2-3 set pause. 3700x, 32gb ram, 3080 Gpu thanks.
  10. yep, need to look into if i lose BAR support. Noticing today, in nvidia control panel. if you have it only selected for gsync in fullscreen and not windowed mode it works fine since im not using full screen on my lg cx48. never mind. Its bad after a full day of work. I left for lunch came back and now its flickering like a bastard.
  11. just updated everything for the BAR upgrade. Latest nvidia drivers. Also having flicker issue LG cx48 OLED 120hz. < 3080 FTW no flicker with Gsync off.
  12. i ended up selling my studio one for a studio 2. Now in aff deigner it happens i swear every few mins. If i select edit in photo> then edit in designer > it fixes the problem. @Gabe
  13. sorry for VERY late reply Right now only designer i will test on others. Seems recently its happening more and more. Kinda makes it usesless on the studio.
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