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  1. So the preview is not accurate considering i have not changed my view ratio? So, 21.7% > add noise> Apply> Effect is not as previewed > Still at 21.7%
  2. added a before and after.
  3. hello, i am staying at the same zoom % before and after. So the zoom range does not change.
  4. When adding noise to an image i get a preview of the noise as i adjust the slider. When i hit ok, the amount of noise or the amount of the effect is scaled back by about 50%. So if i want to add some noise to an image i have to go about 50-100% more than i want. After i hit ok, it scales it back.
  5. recently had this issue making banner ads with everyone having a white bar on one or two of the edges. Fixing the X/Y coords fixed it but i shouldn't have to do that to fix that, OR have to explain it to every co-worker as the "trick to export right".