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  1. I'll try to see if it change anything. May I mention that if I swap Affinity window to my 60Hz monitor, the flicker is completely gone, but since they have also 2 different resolution and the 60Hz isn't using any Sync at all, there's still all the culprit in the equation. EDIT : Swapping my 1440p monitor to 60Hz (and let G-sync enabled) fixed it. I'll try the other way around now, Remove Gsync and stay at 144Hz. EDIT 2 : The other way around fixed it too (remove Gsync and stay at 1440p 144Hz) No idea why it act like this
  2. Hi Sean, Sure thing. My setup is a RTX 2080Ti with latest NVidia Drivers (461.40 at date of recording, issue still occuring). I'm using an AOC Q27G2G4 1440p screen (at 100% Display DPI) at 144Hz (using G-Sync) and an ACER GN246HL at 1080p (at 100% Display DPI) 60Hz.
  3. Yep same, and bigger flicker if I use Artboard in the main composition
  4. Hello, I have quite a weird issue ongoing with my Affinity Designer on Windows 10. I'm experiencing screen flicering whenever I use Affinity when moving the mouse on my main monitor (2160x1440p, 144Hz) but not on the 2nd monitor (1920x1080p, 60Hz). I was down to think it was an hardwaire failure, but outside of Affinity, the flickering is completely gone. I tried to reinstall the app, to no avail. I checked my drivers, all up to date. As this bug don't reflect directly when recording, I recorded it with my phone. Hope you have a solution, the flicking is killing my eyes for now. Regards 20210125_161741_1.mp4
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