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  1. you are totally correct. Im sorry i missed that. Woke the dead for nothing! Sorry
  2. Hum all i seem to get is the ask menu attached. This a direct export PDF from designer to AI
  3. Sorry to bring up a old thread, but with adobe CC and my one page PDF i do not get the prompt about grouping lines of text. There is another option or setting for this fix? thanks.
  4. Thanks or the replies. i guess it is fixed but honestly i would like to know how to fix it other than deleting everything. Sadly i cannot send the doc with what im working on legally. I will just wait for it to happen again i guess. Which is probably soon.
  5. So i was going through making a test file to post. deleting everything to make it just a doc with text. As i attempted to recreate the issue having 0 +1 layers the text went back to normal. When testing it with everything up. I had the same issue. Is it possible its tied to an asset or an artboard?
  6. Oops sorry, Designer, Mac OS. I can upload it in a little bit. Thanks.
  7. Hello all, Kinda driving me nuts. I assume is a button i need to check or uncheck. My issue is that every time i start a new text block the text is always indented on the left side. I attahced a few images of my settings, any help is much appreciated.
  8. Humm that would make sense considering after i delete it, it still gives me issues but before hand it acts normal. I will try that next time it happens. That's was my plan if all else failed. Thanks though
  9. any idea on what happened or changed? has this ever been an issue in the past? im starting a new project soon and im a bit hesitant
  10. Hello, so trying it this morning without doing what was posted above and things seem to work. I dont really understand what happened since everything is exactly the same. I even closed the doc and reopened it and had the issue. Now i dont have the issue at all.
  11. uploading now. sorry about that. I mentioned earlier that when i was having troubles saveing. I created a new doc, and copy pasted each page over to the new doc and would save after every past. Everything worked fine until i pasted the svg logo wall on page 13. SO after i could not save after pasting the wall, i hit ctrl z, removing the logos and the save worked fine. Then once again copy pasting the logo from the original doc it would not let me save. Also, after pasting the wall, and then clicking it and hitting delete i was not able to save.
  12. i uploaded the docs as well as the save it would do sometimes and have 0kb in size
  13. hello, yes, uploading now No cloud services but the SVGS were on a usb 3.1 external drive. I read online on another posts that that might have been the issue but after moving them over and re linking them i still had the issue.
  14. i have a hunch it has something to do with the Linked/embedded svg (10) logo wall.
  15. Now when trying to open the project it says its not supported.
  16. So i copied all the pages over to a new document EXCEPT page 13 with a logo wall. I was able to save fine. Then i added page 13 with no logo wall and it saved fine. I added the logo wall and i was not able to save. same issue. If i remove the logo wall from the main doc. i still cannot save.
  17. i have been working on this doc at work for a while now. its due. I cannot save the project. Save or save as does not work and i get this error. I need a fix asap. I tried opening another save since i always create copies and publisher closed and i lost the work i did. I left adobe because of this exact reason. Opened up document again, was able to save 2 times then the same error happened. I opened up a old save, copied ALL the pages over and still get the error. this is becoming devastating.
  18. win 10 i7 8750h 32gb ram 2080ti nvidia I would say about every hour i have to close down affinity and re open the program. It basically starts to lag when dragging and even click selects.
  19. Hey i have the exact same issue. using the MSI p65 I7 with nvidia 1070Q. It seems to change as i move my mouse. Lighten when still, darken when mouse moves. Messes with my eyes
  20. same thing happened to me today. 3 small artboards. I was switching to another small project i have open in aff designer. masking images to squares. crashed with no message or a "recovery" file.
  21. So the preview is not accurate considering i have not changed my view ratio? So, 21.7% > add noise> Apply> Effect is not as previewed > Still at 21.7%
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