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  1. Jon P Publisher continues to crash at random intervals, it just quits. Sometimes I get a recovery file, often not. The folder %appdata%\Affinity\Publisher\1.0\CrashReports\reports is empty.
  2. Thanks for the ideas, appreciate your input. Picture Frame does indeed capture the original Wrap settings, but all of my photographs have different aspect ratios as they have been cropped, and none have the aspect ratio of the pre-defined frame. If I Set Frame to Content from Frame Properties the frame is adjusted to the photograph's aspect ratio. So far, so good. But if I then attempt to resize the frame the photograph is cropped in an unpredictable way.
  3. Jon, Walt: My documents consist of text and linked photos, hundreds of them. If I cannot synchronize the text wrap settings every photo has to be handled individually, a real pain in the arse. Next strange crash I will try to upload the crash report. I will experiment with the advice I got about selecting and linking pictures. Minor issue: the characters in the glyph tables render too small to see easily. Otherwise, a thousand thank yous for the software. Jim Meketa - San Diego
  4. Jon: If I use the Place Image Tool to select a .jpg from a folder the photograph is often instantly inserted in a random spot in the document and cannot be moved around regardless of the Text Wrap Settings I assign to it. After two or three attempts with the same file the behavior changes and I get the little cursor that permits me to insert the photo where I want. At this point it seems to work just fine. I will try it using File/Place to see if the behavior differs. Once an image is inserted it appears in Resource Manager. When an image suddenly becomes impossible to select the only cure is to locate it in Resource Manager, delete it, and start over again. I cannot synchronized text wrap settings. No error message, it just doesn't work. And finally a truly alarming issue. Several times when I open my document it appears to load the document, the linked photos, the fonts, everything, and then Publisher instantly closes. Nothing is lost except my time and my confidence in the software. Thanks for your help. Jim Meketa
  5. Publisher 1.7.3 is a wonderful piece of software, but so buggy it is almost impossible to use. - Linking a simple .jpg image works almost 1/3 of the time. - Synchronizing defaults from selection doesn't work at all. - Linked pictures can suddenly "disappear", i. e. become impossible to select. I bought two licenses even though I need only one just to support Serif. Is there any near term hope? Jim Meketa San Diego, California
  6. Again many thanks. If I find a work around for text wrapping I will post it, currently I think it's a bug. Jim Meketa
  7. Will: Thanks for the help. Most appears to be well now with two exceptions: 1) I cannot get text wrap settings to stick, neither Synchronize nor Save appear to work. 2) The footnote feature of PagePlus appears to have vanished. Regards, Jim Meketa in sunny San Diego, California
  8. Walt: Thanks for your reply. I believe the reason is more simple: I had a corrupted copy of Publisher. I deleted it and started all over again and everything appears to work now. Jim Meketa
  9. Paragraph leading does not appear to be working in my documents. For example, some paragraphs display with very large line spacing and changing the values in the Paragraph panel has no effect. Any ideas? Jim Meketa
  10. I would enjoy hiring a tutor to get me up to speed quickly on Affinity Publisher. I live in southern California, San Diego. Please help. Jim Meketa
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