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  1. thanks - is there a way of setting this as standard for all new text boxes that i create
  2. I am working on a project at the moment which was started by a pdf import. The text boxes allow the overflowed text to still be visible, but the new text boxes i create do not. Is there a setting somewhere you can point me to?
  3. Has anyone got any insight into what is causing files to become corrupt? I have just had a one pager which had a couple of images and text - and that would not open as 'file is corrupt' Its a worry as i am also working on a 128 page catalogue and i really dont want that one to become corrupt.
  4. a workaround for this (as a one off) would be to save as high res pdf and then open that PDF in publisher. All the images would then be embedded.
  5. Yes - clearly they have move on to the affinity range. My point was that the bigger reason behind that was because the brains behind PP left for pastures new.
  6. I get the feeling the key people behind PP are no longer with the business. An alternative (and better option) might be to create an export from PP (rather than an import into Publisher) - either way, its unlikely. I ended up importing PDFs into publisher, which was not ideal, but after a few weeks, i got all the documents cleaned up.
  7. oops i stand corrected. I need to change 'pixel format' before it allows me to see the rgb colour profiles.
  8. Hi Jon, I am just trying to export an image as a jpg basically. But a cmyk publisher document is only offering me CMYK colour profiles.
  9. I cant export an RGB image from a CMYK document. Something i need to do a lot given my client needs media in both print and web. I edit the images in a cmyk doc and currently need to copy and paste them into a new RGB doc before i can export in RGB
  10. i have a 128 page catalogue which (as you can imagine) is full of high res images. I get occasional crashes, but most of the time it is quick without any lag. The original doc was a pdf import (from page plus days) so all images are now embedded. File size is currently 1.15 gig
  11. Can you select the logo wall (of many images) and convert to a single image - a work around, but would be a quick fix.
  12. I have a 128 page document which i am now told has overflowing text. I have gone page by page over 3 times and i cannot see any overflowing text at all. It seems totally ridiculous to have software that tells us there is overflowing text, but keeps it a secret where it has found it.
  13. reset formatting doesn't reset anything for me either...
  14. indeed. another example of this is something that pageplus had which was 'clear text formatting' which, when a text box was selected and you clicked it, instantly returned all the text to default setting again
  15. I am finding that i still have to drag most images across to the left side of the double page spread if i want to use selection brush. Occasionally, it allows me to do it on the right side and i am finding that (when it allows me) it tends to be small file size images that work.
  16. I am finding that, when ever i make a change to a text box, the next text box i create includes those changes too - i would think it much more logical for each new text box to have 'default' settings - as i often have to customise text styles in different ways on the same page.
  17. I migrated from pageplus to publisher, so a lot of my publisher files are very large (based on the fact they were opened pdf files and then manually converted to publisher). Some of my files are 900mb in size with 140 pages and embedded images (rather than linked) and so far, it has worked without issue. I save regularly and create pdf versions regularly (in case of future corruption) but have not needed to recover any so far... I use publisher every day on a dell - and never have any of the issues you mention. I know this doesnt specifically help you, but its to demonstrate this might be a local issue rather than a programming issue.
  18. i assume you have tried to save files to a local drive (rather than a server location)? I sometimes get a save error, but that is because the office shared servers have been set up badly - and give permission errors occasionally...
  19. publisher is very good at pdf editing already. Its what i use as a default pdf editing program now. There is not any form field options at the moment, but pageplus had them - so hope they will add this later....
  20. what export pdf settings are you using? can you improve the quality there?
  21. Hi Dave, Thanks - that fixed it. I didn't change the attributes, but it seemed to have selected the colour based on a previous shape image colour i used.
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