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  1. This seems to have reverted to the older behaviour in the released version. However, less of an issue as table import is so much better!
  2. Also seeing this problem with merged cells although there is only one sheet. Top_Scorers.xlsx
  3. Thanks for adding that clarification. As you say, it looks like some kind of grid issue, but in the original documents I don't see that behaviour with any other objects, except the pasted metafile.
  4. When a pasted enhanced metafile graphic (in this case, an excel table) does not wrap correctly at the bottom of the group, although it does work correctly on the top and sides. Extra space has to be added at the bottom. Example attached. Test_paste_of_enhanced_metafile.afpub
  5. Hmmm - good observation - it is just the bottom distance. I'll post in the bugs forum.
  6. Thanks, Walt, and apologies for the delay in coming back - busy with a project. I have created a page with a table that has been pasted in as an enhanced metafile in Windows. The group has been set to text wrap, but, as you can see, it's not wrapping. Test_paste_of_enhanced_metafile.afpub
  7. I seem to have a problem when pasting in tables from Excel in Publisher which do not correctly text wrap. The graphic is a group, but text flows under it. I have ensured that 'ignore text wrap' is not selected.
  8. While the main Colour tab has a percentage option to set the opacity of RGB, when used for e.g. table fills or text fills, the %age option is not available, so takes longer than it should to set multiple fills to be the same.
  9. I have also seen a lot of issues with this kind of 'slow typing'. I have a three year old Lenovo Thinkpad with Core i7. Affinity Publisher is the only app affected. I have a fairly complicated and graphic intensive document, but it is unusably slow at times.
  10. Also was having this problem. Tried pasting from Google Sheets, XL and Libre Office. Tried with two cells selected. Tried with exact number selected. Tried with more selected. Cleared existing data. All still ends up in one column. Eventually got it to work by pasting a single column at a time.
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