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  1. Possibility to override independently attributes for symbol instances. Like changing color will keep track of font family. For example you may have themes, bright and dark. If you change text-color you can not change font family simultaneously anymore. Thank you!
  2. +1 this is a huge time saver, and push AD to big leap behind of the Illustrator
  3. If you do assets for the web, I would suggest you look at SVGO. It can make SVG significantly smaller. True, you are absolutely right about fast-changing FE environment But what about an option to save inline styles as classes instead? That would give a possibility to change styles using CSS.
  4. Is it possible to add compatibility with SVGO https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/ It is the most popular SVG optimizer for the web. Exported SVG files would be a way lighter. And it would be good to have a checkbox for exporting inline styles as classes it is useful for colorizing SVG using JS or CSS.
  5. I also noticed that, drawing using pixel brushes is almost impossible. I would love to see improvements for brush engine in the near future.
  6. for complex pictures is easier to have perfect shape and it makes selection easier
  7. I try to make my shapes clean. But get in to the trouble, it creates a small seams with visible background in pixel view. Is it possible to get rid of this seam (white border between shapes) when 2 shapes are connected to each other? Thank you.
  8. In photoshop you can make a new layer via copy. Make selection then hit CMD+J for make a new layer with selected content Is it possible to achieve the same using AD? btw, what do you think about to merge vector and pixel persona in to one? Shading is still more convenient using raster brushes. Thank you.
  9. The editing is still slow but time is money. Not talking about performance, it is a really good here. It is about UX. For one editing it is good, but face it not to much photographer like&need to spend hours in editor. Usually you want crop, clean, and fine tune an excellent shot in really fast way. But here you need to scroll a lot and select from the huge list, even if usually using only (levels, Shadow/highlights, Color balance...). - As an improvement to disable all unnecessary adjustmence (in settings). - Possibility to see (Open) all editable handle
  10. A year ago after mac os update my Wacom 5 stop working for some driver issue. And it still not fixed :(
  11. I also noticed that, when I try to stack a pano with 20+ photos. +1.
  12. Guys could you make a preview of the image in filter studio and adjustment studio smaller. It's anoying to scroll the whole list all the time. Or it would be good to have an option for expirenced user to toggle between preview, small preview (like in channels studio and completly off. Or even a grid, in order to get rid of scrolling at all. Thank you.
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