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  1. I researched a bit about pdf and the different page boxes inside. What I need is the "media box". Designer, Photo and Publisher only show me the .. "trim box" I guess? Looks like there is no way to change that...? I actually want to use an online print service for packaging. There I need to download a generated PDF, edit it, then upload it again in the exact same dimensions... if the document loses its margins in the process this does not work...
  2. How can i open a PDF in exactly the size it has in my pdf viewer? It always gets cropped and the empty space between content and document border is removed...
  3. When I click on a page in the pages panel (to jump there quickly) it always presents me the page zoomed in, filling the available screen space... I would prefer it to stay at the zoom level I set up previously... Could this be a bug? Because in the context toolbar in the upper left corner it still shows my custom zoom value even though the page is displayed screen-filling...
  4. Hi! yes, it only has to be done once... IF nothing changes ... (hint: it always changes... at the last moment... ) well... if the feature is on the road map, i am content!
  5. Yeah, I also miss the option to add a point in the center of a curve... Like Sketch has it -> you just have to press shift when adding a point and it's perfectly in the center between 2 points. This makes it very easy and quick to create simple geometric icons!
  6. Next thing I have to do at work is a little trifold brochure... I thought that's the perfect opportunity to use publisher for the first time... Then I realized it's not possible to create spreads with more than two pages .... It just hurts going back to manually adding guides on a single page... I know Publisher ist JUST out of beta... but please tell me multi page spreads are planned.. ?
  7. Hello, i don't know if something like this was already proposed... but i would really love to have a "preview mode" like indesign has it ... there is a "normal" view with all the guides, margins, bleed, pasteboard... and then you just press "w" and get a "preview mode" without all that ...and you can work in either of those modes... any chance we get that in designer and/or publisher? of course i can change the visbilty of guides, margins, grids etc. individually but it's a bit slow just for checking how it will look without all those guidelines... or is there already some sort of preview that i missed?
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