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    crashes in table

    Tried that, but Soft reset does not help. I am in the last row of the table, the row that changes it size on its own (there is an other bug report about that). When I use tab-key to change cells, at the last cell, which normally should add an additional row to the table when I hit the tab key. Instead of creating a new cell Publisher always crashes.
  2. Joachim M

    crashes in table

    can still reproduce it, with the attached file. TEA.afpub Process- Affinity Publisher [55653.txt
  3. It fixed with the last version
  4. strange behavior, the last row a table adjust itself, height increases each time when arrow up or down key is pressed inside the last row
  5. hit tab in the last cell of a table, Publisher crashes constantly
  6. not any more, there four slides but not this one
  7. there is no link, for preorder at the welcome screen
  8. iPad Designer crashes when I open a file created with the desktop version for mac, when I try to load a file with a drawing made with DAUB Blackbox brushes Baum_1.afdesign
  9. When Baseline grid is on in a two column textframe, which is linked to another textframe Sometimes last x words (between 2 and 8) disappear and only reappear when more than 3 lines are added.
  10. Joachim M

    Version 1.6.7 crashes when open XPRO2 File

    Thank you, works with your engine
  11. same file could be opened in On1 Photo RAW and Iridient developer without problem _PRO4338.RAF
  12. Joachim M

    Affinity crash when open XPRO2 RAF file

    they are both not working. for xe2 files there is a preview in the finder for the xpro2 not, don't know if it is a mac os thing pro2_PRO3005.RAF _PRO3270.RAF
  13. No, more chance on High Sierra to open a XPRO2 RAF file

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