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  1. @Patrick ConnorYeah, I've worked hard for months counting people scattered all over the internet so I agree customers can ask for things they want. I've been listening to them and we have been planning a plugin that helps affinity render animation through macros. Two people on this page disagree with our work out of hundreds who agree. Knowing the internet that's pretty good results. Thanks for stepping in and reminding me to focus on the positive, I won't discuss with these two anymore.
  2. @Ron .P This is a great example of the exaggerating fragile internet. Disagreement is considered hate, truth is considered offense, hugs are considered abuse, and counting hands is considered force. The Affinity Team, as always, can do whatever they want, I'm merely helping denoise the community by counting hands because it's a lot easier to parse a single number than thousands of comments all over the internet. I love this community so I want do whatever I can to foster better communication.
  3. Some of us petition signers are talking about helping the Affinity team with a third part macro plugin to tween and render images to then render again into video files. This would preserve effects and many other features from affinity that all other software destroys. If the affinity team finds time for integrating an animation studio, we won't need to do this, but in the mean time we are happy to try and help out.
  4. @enginpost Antagonistic? Definition; showing or feeling active opposition or hostility toward someone or something. This is clearly wrong. We (100+ people who have raised our hand,) are sharing our LOVE for affinity software and our desire to helping it win over any competition. Businesses need to know the market's needs so they can offer a supply, and we can help them make informed decisions for developing in sectors that don't waste resources. Petitions are just for clarity, we can share a simple number rather than hundreds of comments scattered all over the internet; forums and disco
  5. None are compatible with Affinity Software. I've tried them all and all of them break the files completely and expect you to recreate the geometry from scratch I their program.
  6. I don't mean competitive software but complimentary. A software that controls affinity like a macro.
  7. I was able to export a test PDF file to toon boom harmony though it failed in the end. I put the pdf in its own folder in Toon Boom I went to windows dropdown menu at the top and clicked library then I right clicked on the left pane of the library window and clicked open library and chose my newly created folder I right clicked the newly added library in the left pane and clicked the top option "right click to modify" It opened a command prompt and ran a batch file which converted it into a tpl file and it was able to show the file. My test file had a rounded square duplicated ma
  8. In the last 2 days I've tried many animation apps and all fail to import fully affinity exported files. I thought I should provide the list to save the community time. Cavalry Boom Toon OpenToonz Moho Cacani Adobe After Effects Adobe XD Spine Krita Synfig Blender
  9. That's ok, I would have preferred you merged the forums while you were at it. Don't think you have scared me though because I'm not going to give up on making the world a better place. Rather if Serif does not want to follow the market demand then the market will make it's own supply. I'm considering a third party plugin or batch file that measures and manipulates objects each step for tweening and exports frames to be compiled into an video format.
  10. Ah by sorting by unread I can see how you could mistake my fast gathering of the community as spam because you just see multiple conversations as if they are one lol. That's a good point about democracy vs buisness, but having studied business, when seeking investment or fund prioritizing, market demand acts like democracy.
  11. Interesting perspective. I'm hoping to unite them by going out and gathering them up but I'm getting exhausted today. I've been driven by desperation after trying every animation app that exists with no compatible option. From now on I'm private messaging this community so nobody tries to hurt me.
  12. Can you point me to this specific feature request? I've seen many fragmented forums for this feature, is there one page where the majority is discussing this? This is the problem I'm working around right now. Alfred received my message multiple times because he must be following multiple of these forums on the same topic. I guess I should private message the thousands of people you mentioned so this doesn't happen.
  13. That's just showing the next goal. I've seen many hundreds of people on this site alone who want this. The challenge is getting them together so we can make waves.
  14. Sorry if you got my message multiple times. Ideally I wish I could just share once, but the forum is highly fragmented, so followers who would want to see this answer are on different pages. So I ran a search for those people so they could get together. They're obviously grateful since Petition has doubled in size in the last hour.
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