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  1. Slices and Pages are already useful for massive frame exports, though I think pages have some features that let you propigate changes on earlier pages if you set them up as templates. It's janky for this use case lol.
  2. Well if I could at least export each frame I can define the framerate later with thrid part software to generate the video from a folder of frames. Are you concerned with motion blur?
  3. We were saying its easy to write an export feature, even if they don't do it we can macro that feature easily though janky... But the expensive to develop part is the animation supporting features like a timeline, tweening, bones...
  4. It's definitly not practical compared with an official version update but if nothing else my macro can export with hotkeys and layer selection with mouse tracking.
  5. Yes that is a good option too, but keep in mind it does not import complex affinity files nor effects.
  6. Onion Skining is useful for hand drawn animations so you can see the previous and next frames overlapping like they used to with tracing paper. I use EZgif.com to convert videos and frames to gifs every day, so it doesnt matter what format Affinity exports we can get it into a video, Its best to just at least get full quality PNGs, And tweaning is also minimum viable essential. If your scenes are simple enough before Krita, it may work for you.
  7. Well with a macro you could automate exporting each layer as a frame and then use a thridparty webapp to convert the frames to a video format and impliment all this in half a day. We are considering this but we are hoping this next major version that's about to be announced, has animation 🤞 so that we don't have to do something so janky, plus this macro is not usable for most projects because it wouldn't support tweening, <the most important thing, nor bones... I've tried Krita and it would not import affinity files properly so it's a no fly zone if your scenes are complex with effects and other rich boolean features.
  8. Until the petition is successful(182 signatures so far), I've found a few more alternatives to try and hold us over! Google Web Designer Free Rive Free Saola $80 or $52 if we all teamed up. Let me know if any of these are helpful or if you have any more apps worth trying. edit: I've tried google web designer and it is really cool in concept with interactive animation, but it's really buggy, it's like a joke shaking my animation like its a criminal. I looked at the timeline preview and it reveals why it's shaking; I also tried Rive but it also doesnt handle effects, shadows, masks, or even internal boolean cuts from existing svg files. So importing from Affinity is basicly impossible. I love the browser based concept though.
  9. @Mark Ingram I heard "the 1.9 beta did have a timeline feature for awhile. It had enough issues that it was withdrawn, with (as I recall) a comment that it would be back later." Do you know the beta version number with the timeline feature?
  10. @Patrick ConnorYeah, I've worked hard for months counting people scattered all over the internet so I agree customers can ask for things they want. I've been listening to them and we have been planning a plugin that helps affinity render animation through macros. Two people on this page disagree with our work out of hundreds who agree. Knowing the internet that's pretty good results. Thanks for stepping in and reminding me to focus on the positive, I won't discuss with these two anymore.
  11. @Ron .P This is a great example of the exaggerating fragile internet. Disagreement is considered hate, truth is considered offense, hugs are considered abuse, and counting hands is considered force. The Affinity Team, as always, can do whatever they want, I'm merely helping denoise the community by counting hands because it's a lot easier to parse a single number than thousands of comments all over the internet. I love this community so I want do whatever I can to foster better communication.
  12. Some of us petition signers are talking about helping the Affinity team with a third part macro plugin to tween and render images to then render again into video files. This would preserve effects and many other features from affinity that all other software destroys. If the affinity team finds time for integrating an animation studio, we won't need to do this, but in the mean time we are happy to try and help out.
  13. @enginpost Antagonistic? Definition; showing or feeling active opposition or hostility toward someone or something. This is clearly wrong. We (100+ people who have raised our hand,) are sharing our LOVE for affinity software and our desire to helping it win over any competition. Businesses need to know the market's needs so they can offer a supply, and we can help them make informed decisions for developing in sectors that don't waste resources. Petitions are just for clarity, we can share a simple number rather than hundreds of comments scattered all over the internet; forums and discord, reddit... I've actually worked really hard for 11 months to unify our voice so it is easier for Serif to make it out in the noise of the internet. I've read countless messages of people who both love affinity and need animation in their pipeline. We are even resorting to manually tweening and compiling affinity rendered frames by hand (like the old days) rather than leave Affinity because they mean that much to us. I've even been discussing developing a plugin that uses a macro to tween and compile from affinity. We can help the Affinity team one way or another either by informing or coding. Your claim that 'sharing petitions is being abusive' is what's antagonistic. If anyone reads our comments it will be obvious that we adore the Affinity team, otherwise we would have just moved to another software with animation. I've tried them all and nobody comes close to what Affinity offers. Affinity has our vote and nobody is going to be able to support an antithesis case like yours.
  14. None are compatible with Affinity Software. I've tried them all and all of them break the files completely and expect you to recreate the geometry from scratch I their program.
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