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  1. like I said to you privately as well as on this forum. I think we all love how responsive Affinity is as well as how great it is that we have a place to discuss these things. The only objection here is the tactic of using another website to compel Affinity to listen to you and your perspective (you in the collective sense not you in the personal sense). We all love Affinity tools and we all want them to grow. But this isn't growth and investment by democracy. For all I know, Affinity is work on this feature. My guess would be that it isn't at the top of the list. But maybe it shows up in th
  2. I LOVE, absolutely love, that you have not embraced the subscription model. I want to be able to buy software and own my copy and not have to keep investing to keep using it. Having said that... I have an idea! What if you created a pre-investing model? Here is how that could work. You maintain control of the product trajectory You can pull ideas from the forums as well as from market research to determine your next core features Additional enhancement features for next software version could be added using the following micro-financing model: Affinity could creat
  3. Your solicitation for joining change.org and private messaging is actually a violation of the terms of service: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/guidelines/ Points from the guidelines are: Try not to multi-post Please keep conversations on topic - this isn’t the place to talk politics, or last night’s footie score. (Change.org is a site where people use social media to pressure change through political action. Creating a change.org campaign actually creates an antagonistic position between Affinity and the user community). Chain letters, pyramid schemes and th
  4. I would love to see a tutorial on this. I am getting into CG work and am a photographer and videographer and I own a nice GH5 for video and a Canon 5D mark 3 for photo, but I am not sure how to stich the output using affinity photo. Any recommendations on this would be great. I use Affinity Photo, ACDSee for photo organizing, DaVinci Resolve for video editing, and Blender for 3D graphics modeling, texturing and rendering. Having nothing to do with HDRi (but fun to share nonetheless) - I have attached a model I created and textured in a day between meetings, and it would be fun to fly that
  5. I second this. I was about to post my own wishlist request for a digital asset management tool, but then I found your post. Creation of a DAM that integrates with the Affinity Suite would be amazing. I use ACDSee today but I would rather be able to use an Affinity product that would let me right click on a number of phots or aphoto files and batch render them out from a DAM. Along with having a DAM, it would be great if Affinity Photo would support non-destructive sidecar RAW editing so one file could get a sidecar RAW edit and then apply that treatment to a set of imagine within an affinity D
  6. Apple Silicon is going to be an ARM-powered processor. Being that the incredibly popular snapdragon qualcomm 855 processors are also ARM, does this mean that we are likely to see Affinity finally embrace a segment of the Android tablet and large format smartphone market (like Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with Dex)? I realize that the new benchmarks for the A14 ARM chips targeted for the coming macbooks out-performs qualcomms equivalent, but I would think that architecturally, we are getting closer everyday!
  7. I noticed that if I open or create a new document in either Affinity Designer or Photo and attempt to place an Adobe Illustrator .AI file, it instead displays this goofy rasterized SaveAs message (attached). At the same time, if I use a goofy website like zamar.com and take the same .AI file and convert it to PNG, then I can open it in affinity photo and prep the brushes to turn them into custom Affinity Designer textured intensity brushes pretty quickly. I am curious if there is another way to do this all within Affinity tools, or if Affinity could expand it's ability to read native .ai fi
  8. The one thing I liked about Adobe PhotoShop's timeline was that you could perform simple timeline animations using keyframes on layer/object properties which means, for each layer you could keyframe difference on: X&Y position of layer (including under a mask to make something disappear) Alpha % Visibility (on/off) Being able to do this would allow you to create one time or looping animations of a UI to simulate UX quickly. You could also create cool little simple character looping animations. I don't think it should ever try to compete with super complicated timelin
  9. I completely agree. I don't think we need anything too crazy complicated. It would be nice to have keyframe animation on a layer or group level to keyframe properties like: X&Y position of layer (including under masks) alpha % visibility (on/off) It would let me create animations of UI elements to simulate UX, for example. It would also let me do a lot of fun simple character animation loops.
  10. I have the same problem. I am using Affinity Photo for Windows version on a new HP spectre x360. When I hold the spacebar, it shows the hand icon, but when I attempt to pan using the touchpad, the hand doesn't move anywhere. If I add the [CTRL] modifier, then I can suddenly zoom the view. And without letting go of the spacebar, if I release the [CTRL] and attemp to move using the touchpad, then it starts panning. If I let go of everything, and start attempting to pan again, I get the same result as the first time. It seems like the [CTRL] helps it realize I am holding the spacebar e
  11. Hello everyone. Simple question (hopefully). If I am developing a Raw photo in Adobe Photoshop, They have a middle grey eye dropper that quickly allows you to select a basic white balance and color cast adjustment and then you can quickly save that as a preset to apply to a stack of images to get their baseline colors adjusted before stylizing images. How would that be done in Affinity Photo? I see a white balance slider, but that seems to be completely by preference and not using a middle grey calculation (something fairly common for photographers). Any thoughts on how to do such a simp
  12. It would be cool if eventually Publisher could export to e-book formats viewable on an iPad or on Kindle devices.
  13. @TonyB Would you happen to know... Will scripting come with the ability to create a custom panel? I am thinking about sites like Pixabay and Pexels (and soon stocksnap.io, all of these are free creative commons photo libraries) which both offer an API and how nice it would be to create a custom panel that allows me to search and download images straight into my comps. Any idea on when v1 of scripting might become available (possibly even as a beta so I can start working up examples of such a panel)? Do you know if it is planned for a particular release at this point? Thanks fo
  14. I don't know if it would actually be quicker. I write Web Applications as my day-job and I could imagine that reverse engineering 5-6 plugins to create 5-6 new functions might take as long to recreate the interface that can implement and automate 5-6 plugins and a whole lot more. Now imagine 20-30 people wanting their favorite 5-6 plugins. It might truly make everything a lot quicker to just write the automation and implementation interface and give a lot of people the functionality they have been dreaming of. I would much rather contribute to a forum where there are plugins being made better
  15. I wish we could vote for answers, so this would float to the top of the list to responses, like stack overflow. i didn't know that I needed to look into the "Library" panel and not the "Macro" panel. Confusing. Thanks for this!
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