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  1. As a freelance illustrator, I have being creating vector designs in A.D for some time now and I love all the Affinity apps. Without going through many details, I would like to see the Serif team come with an animation program that will fill the gap in their Affinity Suite, It would be really important and helpful for me and other illustrators who like to see their projects with some nice animation magic. I know there are other top features that have being requested by many Affinity users that I support too, but I think this is really an underestimated requested by many. Currently, I am using Wick Editor for animating my work(which has great potential and good for basic animation but lacks a lot, like a lot in features). And I hope the serif team will at least buy/invest in a complimentary program like the Wick Editor or Svgator to their apps or introduce their own better version of a 2d/svg animation program that will empower and inspire creativity within the Affinity Community and be different from other animation software programs that are not compatible with (projects that are made in) Affinity Designer.
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