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  1. thank you, app store did not warn me with circled 1, but it's much friendlier if the app itself takes care of the update, after i start up the app; lesson: do not buy through apple app store but directly with serif
  2. NO update offered i lost quite some time due to a bug in version 1.7.2; i never got the message that 1.7.3 was released although the website says: macOS: When you launch your product, your product will automatically check for updates and install them if required. again, i have launched AF may times the last few weeks and never got the option to update to 1.7.3; how come?
  3. thanks for your response! are you sure that is the way to change the avatar? i discovered there is a way to change current 'photo', which is the background photo (the large one) but i did not see the option to change the avatar but you are right, changing the 'photo' did change the avatar; a little bit confusing though...
  4. hi there, i want to change my avatar here and assumed that changing it on the gravatar.com site would automatically update i here because that's the place where affinity picked it up from, right? however, i changed my avatar on gravatar quite some time ago but it does not change here; does the affinity site not check for updated avatars?
  5. assumed it would be a copy on the iPad, fortunately you are right, thank you!
  6. when i start ro make a design on the imac in AD, i can save it in a dropbox folder; continuing on the ipad i can easily pick up the file and continue working on it, great! but...., i would like to save the intermediate result in its AD format in the dropbox folder so that i can continue working on the imac again; i don’t see how to make this work, saving a file on the ipad means saving it on the ipad, not in the dropbox folder; alternatively i could export the file to dropbox to pick it up in AD desktop but.... i don’t see how to export the file in the AD format; am i right that stepping forth and back between desktop and ipad is not possible/easy?
  7. thank you, i figured out About Centre, no clue what the two other options do, you say it is explained in Help, you probably refer to another source because if i select the question mark righ bottom corner i don’t see an explanation of these options, am i missing a Help section?
  8. hi there, i know there are lots of tutorials explaining AD for the ipad but there are still functions that i can not figure out because i have not found any detailed info about them, for instance the contextual options when an object is selected and you tick the move tool: About Centre? also: icons with a lock inside, or an eye, you can toggle these on and off but what is their goal? a detailed manual with all the AD functions would help but i have not found it yet, anybode else?
  9. thanks, but i see 5 icons in the top of the layers panel ,one of them trash, not sure what you mean with ellipses sorry, missed the three dots, gonna check again ok ,found it! not very obvious at first glance imo
  10. hi there, It seems i can not rename Artboard1, Artboard2 etc. in names i prefer, am i right or overlooking something?
  11. alfred, off topic, very nice font you are using for your name! home made? am surprised that my browser shows it this way, so it might be a 'standard' typeface, recognized by browsers; EDIT never mind, just noticed that you have been creative with your keyboard, funny!
  12. finally got it! downloaded the font from fontsquirrel, put it in dropbox (after unzipping), went to AD preferences Fonts, choose the cloud icon, went to dropbox, selected the desired fonts, went back to AD, closed the app, reopened it and voila, in preferences/fonts the new fonts are visible (appearently here are only the the imported fonts shown, why?); started a new document in AD and the new fonts are there to use! thanks for the help; now let’s see how nadal is doing...:-)
  13. wow, that was not very obvious to me! but tapping helped and now i installed the font thru fontsquirrel (after deleting it first in system/settings) in AD on ipad the font is still not available in a new document; another 'new' experience: if i go to preferences in AD on the ipad and select Fonts i get an empty black screen?! why are the fonts that AD uses not visible here? there is a cloud button and a trash can button, i think the cloud button is supposed to pick up fonts from outside AD? if i click this button however i get a ton of suggested documents on drive, dropbox etc.; no idea how to pull a font out of here, i have been a imac/ipad user from the beginning but never felt like a stranger like this before :-(
  14. when i go to settings/general/profile on my ipad pro there is only one item: PT_Serif-Web-Regular.ttf signed by: not signed is this normal? is there way to see all the other installed fonts on the ipad?
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