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    I got affinity phone from the App Store so you would have thought it would get up dated through this way.
  2. When updates are available for affinity photo do they show in the App Store update or do you need to visit another site.
  3. I understand layers and how they work but I need to know when should you add a child layer to the layer?
  4. Where can I download and print a list of shortcuts for Affinity Photo?
  5. I am new to Affinity and been trying to find information in what order I should edit a photo. 1 Rotate and crop 2 Sort out the Light and Dark 3 Colour balance 4 Sharpen 5 Correction Do you think this order is correct when not just editing one photo but all your photo's
  6. Many thanks this video was very useful and is a great help. Thanks again.
  7. Many thanks for your feed back this is very useful.
  8. I have been using Affinity for just a couple of days, I would like to know how I can improve this picture. One is before the other is after. What method is best to use on the skin to make it stand out and be more professional? Please advise. Lily.afphoto