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  1. I am not sure how to help but would like some advice. I have many pictures and videos of my baby on my computer because there are so many and some are very similar I have left the file the same that was chosen by the default. I know this is not the best way. But I now want to try to organise them renaming all the pictures will be very difficult and time consuming. Can anyone please give me some advice?
  2. I received an email saying there was updates.
  3. Normally when I get updates for software I get them automatically through my App Store where I purchased the software. But this seemed to have stopped. I received a message saying I have updates for my Affinity Design, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher but these don't seem to be updating. These are the versions I have got Affinity Design version 1.84 Affinity Photo 1.84 Affinity Publisher 1.84 Maybe these are the latest versions John
  4. I have this picture that my parents want me to improve, as you can see the quality is very poor. I really don't know where to start. My parents also want the picture turned around so it fits into the photo album.Welcome help many thanks
  5. I have been doing some research about designing a web site, and found that affinity software will not do the job. Not sure if this is correct. Is there any other software that uses may recommend from the App Store or 3rd party.
  6. The icons are on my launchpad. I updated from the Apple store where I purchased the software.
  7. I have just updated affinity designer, affinity publisher and affinity photo on my MacBook Air and for some reason it’s added three more icons of the same software. Why did this happen?
  8. Many thanks for your prompt reply. Some fonts have a yellow triangle are these still ok to keep on my system or should I delete? Also I my font book some fonts will have a off next to it or not able to highlight what does this mean?
  9. I have downloaded some free fonts onto my Mac and want to install them into my Affinity Designer, Affinity publisher and Affinity Photo Do I need to install them individually in each software that I have or will it install the fonts in all of them? How do I install?
  10. I want to make one photo so I can use it as a passport photo, I have various settings but it is not working. It needs to be 50kb and 10kb. I have tried setting up a new page 35mm wide x 45mm tall and 300dpi but nothing seems to work. Please help
  11. I am looking at purchasing Affinity design from the App store do you have any special offers on this for the Christmas period. I already have Photo and publisher?
  12. I have been writing this book and eventually I would like to get it published. Currently I have written the book using Microsoft word. So my first question is should keep it in word or export to Affinity publisher. or are both OK to use its just an individual user decision to use word or publisher. The second question is I want to design a book cover I currently have Affinity Photo and Publisher and I hope soon to get designer but I am not sure I will use this very often it maybe just useful to have on my computer. I have a design in my head but I really am not sure which way to move forw
  13. I think I know the problem I used word and I copied the text to Affinity Publisher which does not have the fonts that I previously used.
  14. When I open publisher I keep getting a missing font error and I need to open the font manager. This is very annoying when I have used basic fonts like Courier new or Ariel. How do I get around this? John
  15. Affinity publisher I keep getting the following message. Authorise folder and Authorise global what do I need to do I have never had this message before. John
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