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  1. I have been writing this book and eventually I would like to get it published. Currently I have written the book using Microsoft word. So my first question is should keep it in word or export to Affinity publisher. or are both OK to use its just an individual user decision to use word or publisher. The second question is I want to design a book cover I currently have Affinity Photo and Publisher and I hope soon to get designer but I am not sure I will use this very often it maybe just useful to have on my computer. I have a design in my head but I really am not sure which way to move forward. I picture this man with glasses reading this book and in the glasses you can see the title of my book or just China as he looks at the book. it's just something that I am experimenting in my head. I have attached three pictures of something that I am trying to achieve. I hope you can help.
  2. John Hall

    Missing Fonts

    I think I know the problem I used word and I copied the text to Affinity Publisher which does not have the fonts that I previously used.
  3. When I open publisher I keep getting a missing font error and I need to open the font manager. This is very annoying when I have used basic fonts like Courier new or Ariel. How do I get around this? John
  4. Affinity publisher I keep getting the following message. Authorise folder and Authorise global what do I need to do I have never had this message before. John
  5. John Hall


    thanks for your help Ian
  6. First of all I am new to Affinity publisher and just trying to find my way around. I want to design a single page leaflet that will have printed material on both side. How should I do this? The other thing I am looking into doing is adding pictures to the document some of which will be taken by me, and I want some which maybe from internet which I can add to my document to make it more eye catching and fun. Do I just need to find the pictures and save them as jpeg and add them when required, being aware of copy right issues of course. John
  7. I have had a some issue with my MacBook. I have already purchased photo and publisher where do I go to reinstall them on my computer.
  8. if I choose to purchase publisher and designer from the affinity store, where do I get the updates from? will you tell me in the App Store, affinity store or just send me an email? Can you just confirm the link to affinity store so I know I am going to the right one also to be sure it's safe and secure to make payment. Once paid do you send me a link to get the app? John
  9. I have been using affinity for less than a year and really impressed with Affinity photo. Now you have brought out Affinity designer this really is exciting. But I am wondering why you would buy designer it seems similar to photo. So I am not really sure what you would use it for. Unless I have missed something. Publisher I can understand and one that I may consider buying but I need to do some more research on this first.
  10. John Hall


    I got affinity phone from the App Store so you would have thought it would get up dated through this way.
  11. When updates are available for affinity photo do they show in the App Store update or do you need to visit another site.
  12. I understand layers and how they work but I need to know when should you add a child layer to the layer?
  13. Where can I download and print a list of shortcuts for Affinity Photo?
  14. I am new to Affinity and been trying to find information in what order I should edit a photo. 1 Rotate and crop 2 Sort out the Light and Dark 3 Colour balance 4 Sharpen 5 Correction Do you think this order is correct when not just editing one photo but all your photo's
  15. Many thanks this video was very useful and is a great help. Thanks again.