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  1. I got what I needed. It was actually Walt who got me what I was looking for. I've downloaded all of my lost content and saved for backup this time. I also apologized to Walt for taking out the aggravation out on him... of losing my work, the afternoon troubleshooting a bad Affinity update, and having to look for all my lost Affinity downloads. I wasn't trying to piggyback on anything. I only posted in this thread because it read like the same problem I was having. I thought it would be more efficient to contain similar problems in one thread rather than starting completely new threads. I didn't intend to get in any arguments or upset any other posters by adding my similar Affinity failure on their thread instead of starting my own. In the future, I will forgo trying to be efficient, and just start a new thread that's specific to my own tech support issues only. Regards
  2. Sorry. I was pretty upset to have lost a weeks worth searched source images I had loaded into layers in a project and hadn't saved yet. I was also upset to have made the decision to do what I thought was a quick update of all the apps I was currently using... only to lose everything, the rest of the afternoon troubleshooting, then all of my Affinity downloads. I was not in a very good mood at that point and I took your comment about piggybacking to be attitude/snark. I probably just misread your intent. It's cool that Affinity keeps track of all those account downloads in one place. I was just able to download everything I've downloaded for the last 3 and a half years. I put them in a folder to backup for the future. Goes without saying... tensions generally running high all around. I likely let my aggravation get the best of me. Sorry I took it out on you and thanks for the link to the downloads. Cheers and stay safe
  3. Great!!! Thanks! That's ALL I was really looking for. And, to let Affinity know that their current update was catastrophic for me.
  4. If there are any actual tech support employees of Affinity monitoring this support forum... Your recent Mac updates ended up corrupting all 3 of my installs. I had to delete and install everything fresh from scratch. Now they all appear to be at least working fine, but I don't have all the extra goodies you've offered at launch, at the end of the year, etc. Those are always great and appreciated, and I'd like to get them all back. I've gone to old emails that supplied links to download content/fonts/brushes, etc. but those links are no longer active. Is there a way to long into my account, and access ALL of the extra content/fonts/brushes/etc. that I've downloaded from Affinity in the past? Thanks in advance.
  5. Oh geez... I'm trying to get work done in Affinity apps on Mac. I see there's an update for all of them. I take a moment to do a quick update... only it never finishes the updates. I try again and again... won't complete. Then FINALLY it finished, only there's now duplicate installs of all three apps. I try to figure out which was the older install to delete. I delete and now the remaining installs are corrupt. The work I had going it all lost. I come to the forum to see if anyone else is having trouble. I see a post that says "Constantly Unable to Update", so I add my similar experience to it. All the while, already upset because I lost work and a couple hours dealing with what was supposed to be a quick update. End up having to start all over and redownload them all again and lose ALL of my fonts, brushes, etc. with now evident way to get them back. I come back to the forum to see if anyone has answers and all I get is a snarky reply trying to evidently shame me for "piggybacking" on a thread that sounds like my same problem instead starting yet another thread about the same problem. Now, I'm being threatened to have my account deleted?! Seriously?!!! That's just rich. I've been a loyal user of Affinity since the beginning and love the applications as a whole (when installs aren't going dreadfully wrong and costing lost time and work that is) I thought I'd try the forum first, but it looks like sending Affinity direct support emails might be much less aggravating.
  6. I've tried my old emails where I was given a link to download the complimentary content for each release and at the end of the year, etc. All those extra fonts, brushes, etc. that have been offered ever since I bought each of the Affinity apps on launch are gone after your updates ended up corrupting my installs. Is there an account where I can redownload all of those associated with my account? Or, have I just lost all of the downloaded content I've collected over the years due to your update going horribly wrong? I tried the old emails with the download links and those are no longer working. Is there a good contact for Affinity support? Or, is this user forum the only way to reach someone who actually works for Affinity?
  7. Your Mac updates of Photo, Designer, and Publisher corrupted ALL of my installs. It installed duplicate versions of all 3. When I tried to delete the duplicates they were then all corrupted. I had to install them all over again from scratch and have now lost ALL of the brushes, fonts, and such that you offered after launch. So aggravating!!!!! How do I get all of that back?!
  8. I just checked again. It freakin' says "Constantly Unable to Update (Mac and Windows)" right at the freakin' top of the screen. What's your problem? Back off if you don't have anything constructive to say.
  9. It says Mac and Windows at the top! Easy with the attitude. I've just lost a week's worth of work.
  10. Your Mac updates of Photo, Designer, and Publisher corrupted ALL of my installs. :( It installed duplicate versions of all 3. When I tried to delete the duplicates they were then all corrupted. I had to install them all over again from scratch and have now lost ALL of the brushes, fonts, and such that you offered after launch. So aggravating!!!!! How do I get all of that back?!
  11. It looks like you all get what I'm asking about and likely understand the usefulness. I really figured someone would say "Hit CTRL M" or something like that. I'm surprised there's not something like that as an easy quick command or at least a pulldown from the View menu. I didn't know what to search for in the FAQ. Because I figured it surely already existed, I figured this would be a thread with one OP, and one answer. I've used that feature for so long in Photoshop that I figured it was just one of those functions most apps would have. Surprised that Affinity doesn't have it. Never mind I guess.
  12. Ok, imagine you're working on a graphic or layout. Your screen is full of toolbars, several apps open, and a messy desktop. Someone wants to see what you're working on. You can either quickly try to hide and clean stuff up... or, if you're in Photoshop you hit two keys. Everything is gone except the graphic/project you're working on. All the screen debris is gone in 2 seconds. You can zoom in/out if you like. That's handy and I don't see how that utility could actually "baffle" anyone. I used it all the time with clients when I used Photoshop. It makes so much sense that I'm kind of "baffled" why Affinity hasn't included the same.
  13. In Photoshop there was a two-key command that got rid of everything but the image and fit to page in one stroke. If that doesn't exist in Affinity, it'd be a nice thing for the devs to add. Very handy when the client is looking over your shoulder at the rough.
  14. I'm sure it has to be in there, but I can't find a key command or menu selection that will hide the entire interface of Photo and just show the image you're working on fit to screen with nothing in the background. There used to be a command like that in Photoshop but I can't find similar in the Affinity apps.
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