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  1. Sweetness. I got both of those pre-launch discount emails. One for the 30% off for beta appreciation. I've had the beta since around November I think. I used it on some holiday layout print jobs. Nothing that complicated, but everything worked as expected and seemed fairly intuitive coming from InDesign. And then I also got the other pre-launch discount email for the 20% off. Yes, a little confusing... but thanks for sorting it out. cheers
  2. I'm not sure if this is an Adobe Bridge bug or a Publisher bug, or a Photo bug. I have my Adobe Bridge install set to open images in Affinity Photo as the default. And that works fine. However, if I select and hold down to "Open with Affinity Photo" it opens in Publisher instead. It only started doing that very recently. I tried "Open with" pointed at some other editors and it worked fine. It only makes the error to open in Publisher when Photo was selected. Running Mojave 10.14.5 Publisher Beta Photo 1.7.0 Adobe Bridge
  3. Cool. But the pre-launch discount email also says it's 20% off and reads like it's some special deal that's only good for pre-launch. So the discount at launch in the AppStore is for sure 20% off the regular? And, when is it supposed to be in the Appstore? I want to keep all 3 of my Affinity purchases in the Appstore and want to go ahead and move forward with an all Affinity suite. I've also got Appstore credit I'm going to use on this. The email says the pre-launch purchases can be downloaded on this coming Wed the 19th. Will it be in the Apple Store then too? I think my beta is still launching, so I can get by with that until it's killed. The specials also include 5 RetroSupplyCo fonts. Will the initial AppStore launch special also include those fonts in the deal?
  4. I know. I'm firmly in the Affinity camp. I was just frustrated earlier after spending the last couple of days trying to get Pages to format something correctly. And the Apple store keeps cutting off the bottom of my pages when viewed on iPads. There's more that hasn't gone well too. Was just venting some frustration. I'm very much looking forward to completely switching over to Publisher, to be honest.
  5. Well that blows. I can almost understand no InDesign import just yet... but no epub export? Dang
  6. Here's a slight rant... but somewhat related. I needed to layout a paperback book that I wanted to publish on Amazon in print, as Kindle, and in the Apple Book store. Nothing too complicated. Photo cover, and a photo for each one of the chapters, etc. Basic novel layout. I didn't want to undertake it with Publisher because it was in beta and I wasn't completely familiar with it yet. My InDesign is expired and I've deleted it already. So, I decided to just do it all in Apple Pages. It seemed easy enough, had some Apple store publishing built-in. The few things I've done in it were pretty easy, etc. Several weeks later... I've had nothing but headaches with Pages. Nothing intuitive. Issues that I can't resolve without deleting and starting over. Formatting problems, etc. Has anyone used Pages for a book project before? Is it really this bad, or likely user error? If it is actually this bad, is Publisher much better for book layout with flowing text that you're going to publish in print AND as epub/iBook, etc.?
  7. I think I'd rather keep my Publisher purchase with my Designer and Photo purchases within the AppStore. The pre-launch price is only $5 more than the beta discount. Does anyone know what the launch price from the Apple AppStore will be? If it's only $5 more than the beta discount, I'll just buy it on launch day from the Appstore.
  8. I bought and update my Affinity Photo + Designer through the Apple Store. If I buy the beta launch special from the email, does that mean my Publisher install won't be updated through the Apple Store like my other Affinity apps?
  9. Curious... since Publisher for the desktop isn't even in Beta yet... does that mean Publisher for iPad is WAAAAY off? Or, is it likely Affinity is, or will be developing the desktop AND iPad versions at the same time?
  10. First off... I resisted buying Designer for the iPad. I have it for the desktop and haven't really used it much. Nothing against it, but I just don't do much vector drawing in general. However, I bought this anyway and am so freakin' impressed! Very well done interface and intuitive. Combined with the Apple Pencil.. this may be just the vector drawing app I needed, but just didn't know I needed. It actually inspires me to take another stab and vector drawing! The only feature I can think of that would be nice, is the same one that would be great if the desktop version had... a vector trace tool similar to what Illustrator has and I believe Freehand had as well. Where you can select a raster image and convert it into vector art for editing Otherwise, very pleased that I ended up buying this. Thanks!
  11. skiphunt

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    It's kind of baffling how indignant, angry, and impatient some are with this. Personally, I'd rather they take their time and get it right. The iPad Photo launch was pretty bumpy to be honest... so I'm betting they're making sure this thing is fairly rock solid before anyone even gets to play with it. I'm cool with that.
  12. I'm actually just doing it with Adobe Bridge instead... but it'd be cool if you could do it right within Affinity... iPad and desktop installs
  13. Is there a way to edit EXIF Metadata for a TIFF on export from Photo? I think I know the answer to this question, ie. that it's not possible. However, I see that there's a switch to toggle to embed metadata on export to TIFF so I wondered if maybe there's a place to edit it. Looks like I can add/edit EXIF Metadata using the iOS photo app called Filterstorm Neue (which I already own) but I thought I'd see if maybe I could skip the extra step and just to it right inside Photo instead.
  14. skiphunt

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Perhaps Summer begins much earlier in Angrytown? lol
  15. skiphunt

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Actually, it's not even Summer yet. Summer doesn't officially even start until June 21st. Jus' sayin' :)