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  1. I'm switching over from Gimp to Affinity and I too am frustrated by the lack of a quick, easy colour swap function. I wasn't expecting such a long thread on what can be a simple function... Affinity is great, but sometimes it seems to (delight in?) making simple things complicated... I've read through the whole thread and tried various solutions, but none is as good as Gimp's for this, which is rather frustrating. Really hoping this will be added as a feature in future.
  2. Thank you, @Callum I solved it in the end by going into my graphics tablet settings - here are my notes: In Pentablet Settings: Pentablet pressure has to be on DEFAULT Windows Ink has to be OFF. Then you get square nodes instead of circles when draw in Pen tool (Pen mode) AND are able to click on a line drawn by Pen and get another node. HOWEVER with these settings I can no longer get pressure-reactive brush strokes in Pixel Persona - will need to fiddle with settings again for that, I suspect.
  3. I'm getting the same problem - you can just see it in the screenshot. When I upload it as an Instagram avatar, it ends up as a thick black line. I'm using a circle shape with white fill and no stroke on a transparent canvas. I've also tried using a white stroke but got the same faint black line. It's a png.
  4. Hi, I'm using Designer on a Windows 10 laptop with graphics tablet and control click doesn't seem to do anything. This is what I'm doing: 1. Draw a line with the pen tool. 2. Select node tool, click in centre of the line I drew. 3. Still with node tool, hold down control and click on the centre point of the line. Doing this should bring up two small vertical lines either side of the centre point and then dragging on the centre point should produce a smooth curve. But control clicking makes no difference at all, using either my laptop trackpad or my graphics pen. So when I drag up the centre point I just get a sharp point, not a curve. I've got round this using the "convert to curves" button, but I also run into problems when using control click for other things, like dragging on line handles. Holding control should expand them by the same amount either side of the centre, but of course it's as though I'm not holding down control and one side of the line extends while the other doesn't. I've checked the keyboard shortcuts for the node tool (see image) I'm in the Pixel persona. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong..? I used Serif Page Plus / Publisher for many years but I'm new to Affinity. Many thanks for your help. PS I was trying to follow the tutorial in this video: https://youtu.be/DaDtLXwufNs?t=224
  5. I've been puzzled by the fact that saved pressure profiles don't appear to be saved outside the one document I'm working on. This is disappointing - I hope it'll be included soon? In the meantime I'll try the workaround from @Aammppaa - thanks.
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