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  1. My partner is using Designer for Business Card Designs and we are getting the following problem, Random black lines appear around logos or icons, We use the symbols feature to replicate the card design from one artboard to another, ready for printing, which also allows use to modify the design at the last minute. On screen you can't see if there is a problem until you print. We have tried rasterizing the design before printing but this just moves the problem around the page. Has anyone had the same problem or any glue to whats happening. In 20 years I've never had this kind of problem. but its slowing her down and wasting a lot paper. I've attached photo of the problem. Many thanks for your time.
  2. I'm also a Avid Media Composser and VFX Artist, so from time to time I hire in Monitors to insure picture quality and to meet the clients technical standards. These monitors use SDI connectors and normally don't have display ports, or HDMI connection. I've simplified the above otherwise it becomes very long winded post. Take a look at Netfix requirements. https://partnerhelp.netflixstudios.com/hc/en-us
  3. Would it be possible to support an output option to a HD, UHD, or 4K monitor via BlackMagic Design products. This would be very useful for designing matt paintings or set extensions for VFX work in photo; and ensuring colour and layout look correct on higher spec monitors or end user domestic TVs. It would also act as a client monitor, when the client does not appreciate seeing your creative tools on screen at the sametime. What do other people think? There is already a waveform monitor in Photo. Being able to output to a client monitor with the correct colour space, while you work on 1 or 2 low cost HD monitors with your tools and brushes spread out.
  4. The test worked on plain paper - Over the next two days we'll test the PDF method out more critical projects. Thank again for your help, will confirm results soon.
  5. Hi, We are encountering a problem with printing graphics from Designer on a canon ix6850 ink jet. We get random black lines round imported .jpg and .png file. These files are logos sent by clients. I have tried rasterizing the layer. I've attached an image to demo the problem. I have never come across this problem before using other software so not sure how to fix it. Grateful for any help.
  6. Hi, Just read the update to my original post, sorry about the delay, been away from my desk. Just up loaded a file to your drop box link you gave Patrick. Hope you can compare the files to find the common problem. Cheers Mark - Awesome Prog. (file name Alz Brochure B.afpub
  7. Hi, Publisher 1.7.058 Beta shuts down while trying to load saved publisher files from older Beta versions. I'm running Window 7 Pro, 64bit, OS is fully up to date, give or take 3-5 days. 24gig Ram & GTX 750ti graphic card. Any Ideas Mark