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  1. Hi I was also having this issue with the latest MacOS update (a few days ago). I tried the above and it seems to have helped :)
  2. Hi Stokerg, Thanks for the response Unfortuntely, the plan is very confidential, so not possible to send through. The pdf will have been produced from AutoCAD, so what you say makes sense as it will comprise blocks and lines. I think i’ll have to export it as a high quality JPEG and settle for that. Cheers - appreciated
  3. Hi There, Urgent request! I’m opening a PDF file (floorplan) in Affinity Photo for iPad. All of the lines (and there are hundreds) are importing as curves. Is there any way to stop this, so i get a single layer. Any help most appreciated Thanks :)
  4. Hi There, Thanks so much for the replies. I think I've maybe worked it out. The original document was set up at 72dpi. I've resized to 300dpi and the export seems fine. I would have thought the 72dpi (screen res) would still have looked okay on the screen though? - not an expert so could be completely wrong on this. Document set up of both attached Thanks again
  5. Hi There, I have created a header in Affinity Designer and am looking to export as both a PDF and a JPG or PNG. The quality of the PDF is fine, but the quality of the JPG and the PNG is awful (and unusable)! I am exporting as a high quality JPG, so can't see what else I can do. I would of course expect some difference moving from vector to pixels, but this seems ridiculous. If I use a screen grab (saved as PNG) on my Mac the quality is fine, so why can't I get this quality from a direct export. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi There, When inputting a bullet list, I'm trying to create text that insets in line with the text above. At the moment it is starting under the bullet on the new line (see attached image) If i'm using a word processing program such as 'Microsoft Word' I can set this as a tab. I can't see how to do this in Affinity (Photo). Any help much appreciated Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi There, I guess this should be simple, but I can't fathom how to do it! I'd like to break a circle into 4 quadrants I've added to lines that intersect the circle and I assumed I could use them to 'split' the circle (see attached) Any help appreciated Cheers
  8. Hi There, Thanks for the info. I'll try that, or I guess I can open the project in Affinity Photo. Cheers
  9. Hi There, Thanks for the info. However, I'm still stuck. I can't see the Channels panel (Using Affinity Designer). How do I get this open? When I use the Menu 'Select' I only get 'Select all' / 'Deselect' / 'Invert Selection' / 'Select Previous' / Select more' no 'Save selection' Thanks
  10. Hi There, I've searched on this, but can't find a clear answer. How do I save a selection? This is very easy to do in Photoshop, but I can't find anyway to do this in Affinity. Thanks
  11. Hi There, Thanks for the help I'll just need to make sure I align the hexagons evenly Cheers
  12. Hi There, I've edited the post to attach the image. Does it show now? (I couldn't see a way to save the amended post!) Thanks
  13. Hi there, I'm trying to create a multi hexagon mask with a white border within Affinity Designer (happy to try Photo if this would be better). I'm getting close (lot's of trail and error!) I created several hexagons and then used the select tool and 'created mask from selection' but it doesn't quite remove the border (see image). Anyone know of any videos or instruction on how to do this. Any help much appreciated Thanks
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