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  1. I have the same problem. Mac OS 10.14.6 Smudge tool's behaviour is not consistent between mouse and tablet. Attempting to use a tablet causes it to erase / add transparency to the smudge strokes, making the tool unusable. Behaviour persists on the current version of Affinity Photo (1.7.3).
  2. It's not just you - Affinity Photo's pixel selection tools are, to be frank, non-intuitive and kludgey. I feel like I'm trying to make an architectural drawing with a crayon when using them. It's not a good feeling. There's no default anti-alias selection other than the brush which totally baffles. Photoshop has had that for decades. Honestly I'm regretting my purchase at this point.
  3. The problem is time. Many projects use aliased selections constantly, and having to navigate a secondary menu and set a bunch of options over and over slows down a workflow dramatically. Not having aliased selection tools checkbox/default option is making me regret my Affinity Photo purchase, and I'm now looking at alternatives. This and the inability to destructively crop are impeding getting anything done with Affinity Photo for me.
  4. Add a layer above your picture. Set it to Screen or Overlay. Add a Mask to this layer. With an appropriately sized brush, mask just the cable sections that are too dark. You may need to blur/smudge the areas that softly gradient out. Click on one end of the cable, and shift-click on the other to draw straight lines with the Brush tool. Back on the normal layer set on Screen/Overlay, use a white brush to blend out the shadows. Go back and refine the mask as needed. Alternately you can adjust a copy of that image so the dark cables are the correct brightness and reverse-mask them onto the original, however it looks like some of the areas are quite variable in darkness so I'd feel the former method would yield a more controlled end result in less time.
  5. I am very concerned at being completely unable to pull a window tab free so I could put two pictures side by side. Conversely separated mode is a battle to try and get everything sitting where it needs to be in order to work. I'm no UI expert but I can tell you having recently transitioned from Photoshop, it doesn't feel good.
  6. Is there still no way to change Affinity Photo's default Save As location to be more intuitive?
  7. I get that AP's trying to embrace the whole 'non-destructive editing' thing, but often I really *do* need to chop things down, and it's really not easy to do so unlike every other graphics editing application I've ever used. I've been resorting to using Preview to do my crops and that's really kind of sad.
  8. Yes please, this is a basic and constantly used function for almost all my workflows. Not having Transparency Lock as a possibility for layers is very perplexing.
  9. Here I mention that you can, indeed, fill a seamless pattern tile with a vector shape fill. It's the only way that I've found so far, but hoping for more pixel based & management options like Photoshop has.
  10. There is no "Fill Tool" that I can see? There's Flood Fill Tool (with no pattern support) and Gradient Tool, Gradient allows the application of a bitmap tiled texture to a vector object. If that's what you were trying to describe, I already pointed out that it exists and it's not what's being asked for here. AF lacks the ability to work with vector tiles and cannot paint with patterns, manage them effectively nor use them outside of a bitmap applied to a vector shape, which is cumbersome for many tasks.
  11. That doesn't help. (If you mean this thread.) Making tiles in Affinity Photo is possible with Affine, that's simple. But actually using them in Affinity Photo is the feature that's being asked for here. There's no easy way (that I've found) to automatically tile an image inside an Affinity Photo workspace outside of a vector shape fill, nor to paint with one as a seamless pattern with a pixel brush. Photoshop has/had both of these features.
  12. Yes please. One of the features I'm most sorely missing having migrated from Photoshop is Pattern Fill / Pattern Layer Style / Pattern Brush. There are workarounds (applying patterns to shapes, saving those as styles, etc.) but good pattern implementation would be very welcome. Ideally Affinity Photo would be able to read PS's .pat files.
  13. For anyone following along, the correct path to changing Keyboard Shortcuts (for Mac OS) is Affinity Photo > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Tools (from the second dropdown). And it also doesn't work on a Mac. I have Gradient set to nothing, and "Use ^ Modifier to to cycle tools" but the hardbound 'G' for Gradient behaviour persists. Is this a bug? If so could someone please move this topic to the appropriate forum? I'd really like to be able to finish configuring Affinity to behave like the way I'm used to working, instead of getting hard-checked each time I try to switch to the Flood Fill and it doesn't activate the tool I expect.
  14. Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5, Affinity Photo 1.7.1 I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out why Affinity Photo is behaving this way. I want to have pressing 'G' key on the keyboard ONLY activate the Flood Fill tool. I've been able to successfully reassign all the other keyboard shortcuts except for 'G'. No matter what I do, no matter how I configure the Preferences, G always activates the Gradient tool! I've tried: Resetting all the Keyboard shortcuts Clearing all the keyboard shortcuts Assigning Gradient to another key Assigning Gradient to no key Removing the Gradient tool from the Tools sidebar Activating the "Use ^ modifier to to cycle tools option" Deactivating the "Use ^ modifier to to cycle tools option" Nothing seems to work. Pressing 'G' on the keyboard always switches to the Gradient tool. Am I missing something? How do I get it to stop doing this?
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