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  1. For the last 8 to 10 months, I have been tacking a lot of flower picture using both an iPhone 8 (12MP camera) and a Sony RX100 III (20 MP camera) mounted at the end of selfie sticks (I have MS and am confined to a wheelchair). I have little control of the photo image composition with the two cameras. I used Affinity Photo to process both the HEIC images from the iPhone 8 and the Sony RAW images (Sony ARW files) and to develop both *.afphoto and JPEG images of the flowers. My workflow is to generate the highest quality image as I can and to adjust the images quality/file size for different uses. For example, I gave prints of my flowers to family members last Christmas using the highest quality JPEG files I could generate. I use lower quality images for email etc. and inclusion in PowerPoint presentations. I have been asked by several friends to prepare one or more PDF files showing some of my flower images. I now have over 150 processed flower images. I am using Affinity Publisher to prepare these PDF files to present selected flower images. I have found that the images need to be edited to accommodate the available size limits in the PDF file. I have also found it desirable to adjust colors and other properties to allow presentation of image combinations in a pleasing manner in Publisher. I often modify the image crop to better work in Publisher. I have copies of all the images I could use in Publisher into set of folders that will be used for developing the Publisher PDF file. This will leave the originals images alone. All modifications for the PDF file will be done to the copied images. My questions 1 - What is the best way for me to use these images? 2 - Should I import *.afphoto images or jpeg images into Publisher? 3 - What resolution should I use? 4 - How do I edit an image in Photo and have an updated image in Publisher? 5 - Is the updating in Publisher automatic or must I edit the *.afphoto file and replace the image in Publisher? I am a novice at this, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have included a Photo image as an example of my flower images. White_flower_w_3_types_of_pedels_v2_DSC00547.afphoto
  2. My name is Jim and I have one deaf ear, thus the name 1earJim. I am a 77 year old consulting environmental/civil engineer with about over 50 year experience and I have had the opportunity to work all over the US and in several overseas assignments. I have MS, which has confined me to a wheelchair and the discovery of Affinity Photo and Designer has been a godsend. Learning Photoshop and Illustrator has been a long held dream that has never made it to the top of my to do list. Adobe's cost and subscription business model has keep this dream out of reach . Affinity Photo, which I have had for about two months, has rekindled this dream. Fortunately, I have my old HP 420 workstation with its three monitors that is left over from my consulting engineering firm. I am actively working on developing these new flower images and have complete nearly 50 images with Affinity Photo. My new hobby now is to take flower photos with my iPhone from my wheelchair and use Affinity Photo to turn these images in interesting pictures and a possible future video. This new hobby has given me a new lease on life, a reason to learn something new and to getup in the morning. This community has already help me solve one problem. I hope to gain enough knowledge to be able to help others as this community has helped me.
  3. I am a relativity new user to Affinity Photo. I have included five files. 1 the Affinity Photo file and 4 jpg images for figures I refer to in the following. I am developing a series of flower pictured that include some complex mask. I am defining the mask using the tool under the Refine Selection. The workflow is to make the initial selection of the flowers using the Selection Brush Tool. Once the initial selection is completed, I press the “Refine…” button. I continue using the using the Adjustment Brush in the Refine Selection dialog box. I have not adjusted the setting in this dialog, and I am using the default values. I complete the second refinement using the Overlay Preview. I then switch to the Black matte and that is when the “Ghost Images,” as I call them, appear. See Figure 1, first jpg image, “Fig 1 Ghost Images [date and time].jpg.” I carefully remove these Ghosts by adjusting the cursor size and by try not to let the cursor touch the part of the image I want to keep in the Foreground. After I lift the mouse button and the refine selection computations are completed, the selected Ghost Images is usually removed, but others will appear or reappear in other areas of the image. Most, but not all, of the Ghost Images appear to be a bleed through of parts of the image in the background, See Figure 2 in “Fig 2 More Ghost Images [date and time].jpg” The areas shown in all of these figures have repaired many times. The area shown in Figure 3 in “Fig 3 Major Problem area [date and time].jpg” is one of the worst areas and has been repaired, and repaired, and repaired…. One several occupations, the computer went into a very long computation period. I first though the system had lockup, but it eventually it completed the computation. Once completed, all the selections were lost, and only the base image appeared. The “Selection Brush Tool” had been turned off. I pressed the selection tool and the computer went into another long computation period and was able to recover most, but not all of the previous selections. A large amount of the most recent changes was lost and had to be repeated. Another aspect of these problems is my inability to get crisp and sharp edges. Figure 4, “Fig 4 Areas with Difficult edges [date and time].jpg” show an area where getting a good sharp edge is nearly impossible. This problem does not appear to be an “one of” problem. I have completed 47 images so far. The problems, describe above, have occurred during most of the selection and refinement process. The problem is worst on images with the more complex masks. Also, the longer I work on an image, the worst the problem becomes. On several occasions, I abandon the problem image and started over. The restart seamed to work better. But again, the longer I worked on an image the worse the problem became. The dialog Refine Selection Dialog box has several settings that I do not understand. The settings I am using are shown in Figure 1 and are the default settings. I do not understand what these setting do. Can adjusting the settings in the Refine Selection dialog box help? I would like any suggestions on how I can eliminate this problem or a least minimize it. 0151-Orange_Flower_with_buds_v2_IMG_0151.afphoto
  4. This worked and I off and running to complete my other images - Thanks
  5. I am a relatively new user. I am developing a series of flower images captured from photographs. These often have very elaborate mask that are used to remove background leaves. Once the selections are completed, I create a new layer with the mask. I then add some Fill Layers to highlight the flowers. This has work for over a dozen images. However, the most recent image will not allow me to add a Fill Layer. I used the Layer-New Fill Layer menu to create the new fill layer. The new layer shows up on Layer panel on the right side. I cannot select a color for the layer. I cannot tell is a fill layer has been created. All I see is an alpha page. Checking the hide box does not to have any affect. I have added new Fill Layer to several of my other flower files, which would indicate it is not a software problem. I have included a copy of the .afphoto file. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? Group_of_Pink_Roses_and_Buds_v3b_IMG_0260.afphoto I cannot get the color chooser to work
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