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  1. I've asked several times but have not received an answer, will Affinity be adding a Divide blend mode?
  2. Have we heard anything on the addition of the Divide blend mode?
  3. I would love to figure out this work-around if possible. Just surprised we haven't gotten a reply on this, to my knowledge. No offense meant to the dev team or mods, just curious.
  4. Any updates on if this blend mode will show up at some point?
  5. Sullyman

    Add ORANGE to HSL

    @evtonic3 I mentioned this as a suggestion before. Adding the 6 hues in-between the already existing 6 would set them apart from Adobe. RED / ORANGE / YELLOW / YELLOW-GREEN / GREEN / GREEN-CYAN / CYAN / CYAN-BLUE / BLUE / PURPLE / MAGENTA / MAGENTA-RED Something like above.
  6. Could you not just duplicate that selected area from the original image and then erase away the parts unneeded, to recover the image area you did need? Honestly, I feel your pain quite often and do find myself wanting more from the pixel persona but I do run a fairly decent system so I have both programs open with no issue. This is certainly the issue Affinity faces with such a low buy-in. The target market for a low buy-in is that it will attract people with low budgets to begin with thus probably working with lower-end systems. Running to programs that can be system hungry will leave certain folks with a frustrating taste in their mouth having to switch programs the longer way of shutting one down to start another. My gripe would be the flood selection tool not being included in the pixel persona. Seems to be a fairly simple and widely used selection tool. Not exactly sure why that needs to be separated between the two programs.
  7. I'd like to suggest a custom, drag and drop shortcut panel. Something that would allow for users to drop in the tools, adjustments or any other quick menu items that they use that are buried in menus. Design wise: something like the quick menu at the bottom for tool settings but maybe located at the top of the interface. Also, I'd love for the current quick settings menu panel to be able to moved to the top of the interface as well.
  8. @TonyO This is pretty much what I'm suggesting as well. I don't think it really even needs new space with all the extra space available below the existing tools.
  9. What you'll want to do to create that halftone effect is as follows: Create a rectangle shape the size of your document (Use the snapping feature to assist you) With the rectangle still active (selected) use the gradient tool with Radial as the Type and have one end of the gradient set to 100% white and the other end set to 100% black Add a Live Halftone filter layer above the rectangle shape layer with Screen type set to Dot, Contrast set to 100, Cell size you'll want to play with to reach your desired affect. Go back and select your rectangle shape while using the gradient tool and stretch the nodes until you reach the desired amount of fade (or simulated blur) Once you have your halftone effect where you want it, you can use the Filter function "Erase White Paper" to destructively remove the white areas while simultaneously rasterizing the layer. Hope this helps!
  10. Like the title says, I would love to see dynamics being applied for the spacing of the brushes settings. Lot's could be accomplished with this feature being added for users creating brushes. Maybe even texture rotation as well!
  11. Love being able to use the custom pressure curve for strokes but I find that it becomes a little difficult to find smooth transitions to curves once one pressure node is added. The steep drop-off of the curve being applied to the initial node is at times, not the desirable result but want to keep the node count down due to their nature of a steep drop cause by the default setting for the "bends" influence. I would love to see the ability to use maybe use the mouses wheel and scrolling to influence the pressure curves node and the bend or curve being applied to it. I think this would create better results than trying to eyeball the placement of nodes to create the desired result of a more soft or smooth curve. This is a similar function to audio editing software when editing the EQ of a waveform. You'll be able to edit one of the 6 nodes of the EQ by placing the node in the location that you want it. This node, by default, has an initial bend applied to it but by scrolling the wheel you can then influence the amount of bend or curve applied to the node.
  12. Clickable up and down (or left and right) buttons to help set the numeric values for things like strokes. If find myself under or overscrolling sometimes and can eventually waste time. ( it would also be nice to be able to set the fractional range of the buttons in settings, ie: every .25, .5 or so on) maybe even the added function of shift snapping. HSL adjustment numeric input and info output. Right now it's great with the update but disappoints with the arbitrary nature of sliders. You can't be accurate without having a numerical readout of the position and value of the location of the slider nodes. Would love to see something like Photoshop's but with an Affinity twist. I also second bringing back the ability to selecting the HSV version and maybe even HSL or HSB too! and and let's not forget, resetting to default ranges button. HSL Adjustment 6 Hues or 12 Hues setting. Would love to be able to grab the inbetween hues of the major 6 like, orange which is between Red and Yellow (This could also be accomplished with the numeric inputs mentioned about) Persistent Mask editing with Adjustments. Would love to stay within the mask view (alt+click on mask) to apply adjustments to masks instead of being forced out of the mask view with the addition of an adjustment layer or filter. Distribution function for gradient color nodes. This would be fantastic for more symmetrical gradients either by selecting all of the nodes and distributing them along the range equally or even between selected nodes. Buttons for creating spare channels. Modifier + Click channel selections, plus addition and subtractions. These are just to name a few quickies
  13. I would like to suggest the inclusion of the magic wand tool inside of designer. I know that certain tools need to be partitioned within different programs to help sell because of the feature set but I’d like to argue that having a pixel persona inside of Designer truly warrants a magic wand for complex selections. I’m an illustrator by trade and one of the most common and simple functions I need to do is, draw a contour for a shape select it’s outter negative space and use that select as a mask for other layers beneath. Currently I have to go multiple steps to achieve this simple task by using the bucket fill to fill a duplicated layer of the original contour illustration layer, find any “holes” in the filled version which can be incredibly tedious if there are any pixels that push the fill from reaching edge when the buckets tolerance doesn’t help. I think the idea of including the wand and some minor settings like expanding or contracting the selection would be hugely convenient for Designer users; not a huge fan of eating up system resources with having to open Photo just to create and adjust what is a simple selection need, or having to go through the effort of double saves and imports on the iPad. Thanks for any consideration!
  14. Will we be seeing (If not, I'd like to suggest) the ability to turn the spot feature for color swatches on and off? I'd like the function of being able to select color swatches for my pallete and later being able to turn on the spot feature after the fact. Also, any plans for a separations preview? Thanks!
  15. The low resolution was just for uploading quickly.
  16. Hello, I recently came across a previous thread which I cannot find now that mention folks having issues with using the alt color picking function while using the brush tools. The issue: trying to alt select color picking while using the brush tool shows the zoom loupe but it is very jittery and doesn't select color at all or is completely inaccurate) I wanted to mention that I share their agony and have been using the latest official release and beta. The previous thread had mentioned that the lastest beta would have corrected the issue but it hasn't corrected the issue on my end. (could have been mistaken though) Not trying to duplicate threads just could find the previous thread, feel free to merge if possible.
  17. Hello, I would like to suggest the feature of being able to rasterize multiple layers at once, into a single layer, without having to group them first. I find it faster to select multiple layers and have them all be rasterized into one layer than having to group them first and then rasterize. Now I know that the settings currently allow for multiple layers to be rasterized but they all stay as their own unique layers but I would like to suggest a feature for "Raster to Layer" that allows a hotkey to be assigned for the issue I mentioned above. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work! Looking forward to the update!
  18. Sullyman

    Can I select an item and export it?

    Yes, and it's very simple. I you use a document template with guides that helps you build your characters, great, because the export workflow will make it a breeze. Head over to the "Export" persona after you have completed creating your font. (Use the layers studio/panel) Once in the Export persona, you can select all of the characters needed for export and create a "Slice" Once the slices are created, head over to the "Slices" studio/panel and then select (Like you would a layer in the layers panel) and change the "Export Options" to svg. (as well as anything else you'd like to change, like the name, for the export) Once all export options are corrected selected you can hit the "Export Slices" button to the bottom right corner of the Slices studio/panel and you're done.
  19. Hello, I remember several months back (can't find the thread after searching) having a discussion about the Divide blend mode and the idea of using the Apply Image filter and it's equations being used to simulate the missing blend mode. Does anyone remember or have information on performing this within the Apply Image Equations filter? TL:DR I need the RGB Equation of the "Divide" blend mode in equations section of the Apply Image filter. Also, I think it would be cool to create a "formula sheet" or document of sorts for interesting equations. Thanks!
  20. Just wanted to suggest being able to lock the symmetry feature (Which is great by the way!). I find myself constantly moving it accidentally while sketch. Thanks!
  21. Sorry @D_Redtrooper, hadn't realized you posted a reply. Here's the quick sep's I created from the file. There are plenty of tools to separate in AD and AP respectively, I'm more pushing for the previews and halftone abilities for manual ripping now. The updated beta has some performance enhancements for pulling plates. Ogden_Capture_2_Print_SEPS.afphoto
  22. Found a bug in were custom imported brushes cannot be selected. I import a custom created set from the cloud, once installed, the initially selected brush works fine but once I got to select another from the list of custom imported ones, the selection is not made. It defaults to the first brush that was initially selected. I have to exit the app (after closing it) and restart to be able to select a new brush from the imported custom set. This happens for both AD and AP.

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