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  1. SDLeary

    how to optical alignement

    If all else fails, creating an outdent in paragraph settings? SDLeary
  2. And... .192 still does this. Just an FYI for the powers that be. Certainly not show stopping, but from the outside it seems like it should be an easy fix. SDLeary
  3. Yup, and currently set at three for the inches value. SDLeary
  4. In the revised Guides panel, section on Column Guides. The Gutter box accepts input in hundredths (say .25 in), but once you tab out of the box, the value in the box rounds up to the nearest tenth, in this case up to .3. This appears to be superficial only. The typed value is actually saved and used, but it could throw someone off. SDLeary
  5. This is not currently implemented, and I'm unclear to whether they are going to implement this. If you look up grid, you will find other threads regarding this issue. Based on what I've been able to scry from the various threads (my opinion only) is that Affinity seems to be coming at the issue from a design angle rather than a book/publishing one, and as a result have not built in a proper layout grid structure. One suggested work around (IIRC from a forum member, not Affinity Staff) was to create a Master page with a full page text frame, and lock it to a particular layer with the desired number of columns and gutter sizes. SDLeary
  6. SDLeary

    Non-retina screen glitches

    Chris, Just an FYI. I have had this problem periodically too, but when I go back to _try_ and repeat it, it never happens. My setup is a MBP (2015: running Mojave) connected to a Dell UP2516 (2560x1440). SDLeary
  7. Try collapsing (clicking the downward pointing triangle) the Vertical Alignment and Baseline Grid sections to see if that recovers space for the Columns panel . SDLeary
  8. Only sometimes, at least without jumping through a few hoops. They have changed their back-end software a few times, and they tend to loose user data. This has happened to me a couple of times (InDesign 1.5, DS CS3) and you need to contact Customer Service to track things down for you, so can take some time. SDLeary EDIT: In fact, looking at the Accounts/MyProducts page now, data has been lost again. No history from prior to CS3. Had them fix this twice already.
  9. Hmmmm... that sounds pretty dangerous for a single control. I can see someone "selecting" something, or clicking on it and thinking they did, and rushing up to the icon and then... "DOH!@!" SDLeary
  10. Certainly not fixed as of .139/.140. Just an FYI to Affinity. If master pages are used, and one takes the time to craft them, then when applied to a page, said page should inherit all master elements. SDLeary
  11. Quick question for everyone. Are your guide measurements listed based on page origin (top left), or ruler origin. I have the ruler origin set to the middle of a two page spread (binding), and guide tips showing me position relative to the left or top edge of the document. Certainly not insurmountable, but annoying to have to pause to think about it. SDLeary
  12. Could have been worse. Could have been hot lead from a Linotype! SDLeary
  13. Thanks for your response. I figured that this was the answer. The real issue for me is somewhat of a visual one, one of identification. If only the right or left page is showing, it's much quicker to pick the correct master, especially when working on smaller screens where smaller icons are the norm. Thanks Much SDLeary
  14. I may have missed something, but does anyone know if you can designate a single page in Master Pages as left or right? For example, if I want to create different right Masters for various purposes, say the first page of a chapter, is there a setting or do I just have to design for facing? Also, is there a way to create a spread with asymmetric pages? For example, if I need to create pages a flyout on one side only? Thanks Much SDLeary
  15. SDLeary

    Docking tools

    I have a similar issue, though mine appeared in .58, and has carried over to the new build. I tried once to delete a couple of preferences in ~/Library, but that didn't work. Going to try to delete the whole prefs folder and see if that works. SDLeary