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  1. I opened Affinity Photo on my Windows machine just now and was prompted to download the latest update. But when I open Affinity Photo on my Mac I do not get this automatic prompt. How do I go about updating my Mac version?
  2. Jemez

    Fonts missing

    I switched from a Mac to a Windows OS. That would explain it...Can anyone tell me how to get these fonts into my system? I'm using Windows 7, Microsoft Word. Thanks!
  3. Publisher Beta version that I installed April 22 lacks two fonts earlier versions had: Chalkduster and Optima. How can I get these fonts back? I had used them in a 140pp doc I created last fall in earlier versions. I really like these fonts and need them in order to update & print my existing project as well as use them in future projects. Thanks in advance for responding!
  4. That won't do the trick. For the printer (machine) to recognize selected pages within a mixed project as b&w, the whole page has to be grey-scale. But the way one sets a document up, as far as I can determine, the whole thing has to be specified either some form of color, or some form of grey-scale. So, I'm asking if I'm missing something, that there is a way to format selected pages within a single doc as being either entirely color or b&w. Thanks!
  5. My question is whether it is possible, in a project having photographs on almost every page, to format it for mixed color and b&w printing, the main objective being to keep cost down. I learn, talking with a printer, that the b&w pages must have grey scale specified rather than full 4-color black specs embedded in the PDF. Otherwise, the machine being printed on will recognize the pages as full color even though the images are b&w. As long as each page is formatted either grey-scale or cmyk, the printer will recognize that & charge accordingly. It appears, looking at "Document Setup" that the only option is to select either color or grey-scale for the entire document. Can someone tell me if there is a way I can select particular pages in a document for grey-scale instead of color? Thanks, in advance, from a total newbie!
  6. This approach is a bit cumbersome, but it seems to work. Tho I've never been clear the specific moment to activate "synchronise from selection." I put in my distances, then hit "synchronise," then close the text wrap box. I think that is right...
  7. Perhaps if you change the start page from right to left?
  8. MEB & Dave - thanks for posting! Took me a while to discover these responses. In the interim, I'm working on a book with many photos, so having an easy way to adjust the default settings to my preference would save me gobs of time!! I will try the approach using a shape.
  9. This is an essential tool, for instance, for appending captions to photos!
  10. I am unable to find a way to set my text wrap distance preferences so that I don't have to adjust them every time from the very low or zero settings that appear when I use this function.
  11. Oops - I did not realize there were more tools. Thanks, Walt!
  12. I downloaded the latest Beta today & see that in "View" the "Hide All" button (for bleed, guides, margins, +3 more) is no longer present. Is there some way I can restore this? This is a really useful option; now I have to activate or deactivate each one separately, a time consuming nuisance.
  13. Text Wrap icons are gone from the latest ( Beta download! How do I restore them to the Toolbar? I go to View>Customize Toolbar--but the Text Wrap icons are not there.
  14. Yes - retroactively. Actually, I think my original margins remain - but I'm seeing a purple border I believe represents margin, and it is not right...

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