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  1. I would like to be able to put borders or shadows around individual letters, change font colors--generally, I'm looking for ways to alter & jazz up a font beyond being limited to italicizing and bolding. Thanks!
  2. Is there a utility within Affinity Pub. they would let me add borders or shadows to fonts, or a resource for acquiring more artistic fonts than the ones available on my computer?
  3. I opened Affinity Photo; it notified me of the 1.7.3 update. I downloaded it, and opened it. After it opens, it gives 2 options: Repair, and uninstall. So I click "Repair." It does some business and asks me to click "finish," which I do. But when I re-open Photo, I'm still in the earlier version. How do I get the new version to take?? Thanks, in advance!
  4. I opened Affinity Photo on my Windows machine just now and was prompted to download the latest update. But when I open Affinity Photo on my Mac I do not get this automatic prompt. How do I go about updating my Mac version?
  5. That won't do the trick. For the printer (machine) to recognize selected pages within a mixed project as b&w, the whole page has to be grey-scale. But the way one sets a document up, as far as I can determine, the whole thing has to be specified either some form of color, or some form of grey-scale. So, I'm asking if I'm missing something, that there is a way to format selected pages within a single doc as being either entirely color or b&w. Thanks!
  6. My question is whether it is possible, in a project having photographs on almost every page, to format it for mixed color and b&w printing, the main objective being to keep cost down. I learn, talking with a printer, that the b&w pages must have grey scale specified rather than full 4-color black specs embedded in the PDF. Otherwise, the machine being printed on will recognize the pages as full color even though the images are b&w. As long as each page is formatted either grey-scale or cmyk, the printer will recognize that & charge accordingly. It appears, looking at "Document Setup" that the only option is to select either color or grey-scale for the entire document. Can someone tell me if there is a way I can select particular pages in a document for grey-scale instead of color? Thanks, in advance, from a total newbie!
  7. This approach is a bit cumbersome, but it seems to work. Tho I've never been clear the specific moment to activate "synchronise from selection." I put in my distances, then hit "synchronise," then close the text wrap box. I think that is right...
  8. Perhaps if you change the start page from right to left?
  9. MEB & Dave - thanks for posting! Took me a while to discover these responses. In the interim, I'm working on a book with many photos, so having an easy way to adjust the default settings to my preference would save me gobs of time!! I will try the approach using a shape.
  10. This is an essential tool, for instance, for appending captions to photos!
  11. I am unable to find a way to set my text wrap distance preferences so that I don't have to adjust them every time from the very low or zero settings that appear when I use this function.
  12. Oops - I did not realize there were more tools. Thanks, Walt!
  13. I downloaded the latest Beta today & see that in "View" the "Hide All" button (for bleed, guides, margins, +3 more) is no longer present. Is there some way I can restore this? This is a really useful option; now I have to activate or deactivate each one separately, a time consuming nuisance.
  14. Text Wrap icons are gone from the latest ( Beta download! How do I restore them to the Toolbar? I go to View>Customize Toolbar--but the Text Wrap icons are not there.
  15. Yes - retroactively. Actually, I think my original margins remain - but I'm seeing a purple border I believe represents margin, and it is not right...
  16. That worked - thanks! Using this on an existing series of spreads, all my text and images are still there; however, I find every page now has the same margin settings. What I want is a wider margin at the center of opposing pages. I thought I would create a right hand and left hand master & apply those where appropriate, but I seem to be unable to create a pair single page masters with differing margin settings. I want a left hand master with 5/8" (.625") margins except 1" on the right side, and a right hand master with 5/8" margins except 1" on the left side. whenever I try to put the 1" margin on the left or right, all the other settings revert... Any suggestions?
  17. Chris - thanks for quick input, but that did not work. I'm already set up with start page on left...
  18. For ease of printing I find I need my spreads to be single pages. I do not see where it is possible to convert already formatted & filled 2-page spreads to single pages. Am I missing something? Thanks, all for assisting!!
  19. I am unable to add a single page at the beginning of my doc that is made up of a dozen 2-page spreads. I go to the "add pages" window and instruct to add a single page before the current page 1; and I instruct to add "Master B" which I set up as a single page. But when I click "ok" what happens is that a single blank page replaces "page 1" of my first 2-page spread. Not what I want, for printing purposes; I want the back side of page one of that first spread to be blank.
  20. Updating my previous post on this: my doc consisted of a dozen 2-page spreads. I exported each one separately and tracked down the spread that generated the error message. The error message doesn't give a hint what the problem is. There was an image I had had trouble resizing and I deleted it and then created new frame, populated with same image as before, and, Voila! problem solved. This brings up the image placement issues many have commented, and I will add my voice on that elsewhere.
  21. After spending 5 hours revising a document I tried numerous times to export it as a PDF for print--and failed every time, getting the message, "An error occurred while exporting..." I had no problem exporting an earlier version a couple of days ago..Anyone have any idea what gives, what changed? Thanks!
  22. Second the motion: please add Undo button!
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