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  1. Ah good point - I missed that one. Thanks Alfred.
  2. Dm1 and Lionel thank you for your comments. IPAD Air certainly appears the wy to go. So that's that. Lionel, I have no idea what you mean with MBP and I have no idea what Airdrop is. My Apple mac proper computer has never had problems with anything in 15 years of use. Never a corrupted file, broken software or needed to repair (apart from permissions). Yet in 4 years I have seen more corruptions, frustrations, annoyances, irritations, interferences and down right "what the #@##% is this" on both Microsoft laptops and apple IPADs. It pays to stay with the dinosaurs!
  3. Hallo, should have mentioned it is Version One. Stacks of storage on the IPAD. Searched the forum, nothing found. It is mostly exporting files from A.Design as TIff or PNG and transferring them to my laptop for printing since apple in their so called wisdom have failed to provide access to printer drivers over the years from within an IPAD, half the time they are corrupted along the way. You see the thumbnails with half black over it or one third solid grey covering the image or thumbnail. Anyway, I use to spend hours solving all sorts of software issues over the years but now can no longer be bothered with all the hassle. Thanks for the feedback anyway.
  4. I know this is not an Affinity question as such, but I have absolutely no experience at all with IPADs. All you IPAD users, as far as the Affinity suite is concerned are there preferences between the IPADS?, the IPAD air, or the IPAD pro? My wife's 5 year old ipad is corrupting design files and tiffs and doing weirder than my cat without her evening tuna. So users' experience will be so gratefully received right now as we need to purchase soonest. The only requirements are that an IPAD Pencil can be used and that Procreate intertwines seemlessly with Affinity Designer. Thank you.
  5. Hallo, You are in luck then because you only have to deal with the length of your page and not the width. So this should be a very easy task. If you have a master page for the margins then change the length margin and apply to ALL spreads. Do you have text box set up in a Master page or are they all seperate or linked? If linked with flowing text then this should be very straight forward to go through each page - 30 seconds per page and you are done - I had this issue a few months ago and I had to change All the margins and I had images linked to specific text and even seperately created text boxes coupled with my master page text boxes. and 100 pages to deal with, it only took 30 or 40 minutes so it's not a nighmare. If you have any difficult issues here let us know.
  6. Well along with the things that have been written here, plus the A.Photo's filters, its layer masking and its re-sizing dialogue are the reasons I decided to stop learning A.Photo and stayed with Photoshop. I have to add that Publisher is great and Designer is great, nothing negative to say about either of these programs that I use extensivley, but A.Photo -what a nightmare - gruelling and unwieldy. I did not mind abandoming Adobe Indesign and Adobe illustrator, because of that I decided to get into A.Photo and abandon Photoshop as well. Sorry, I have had a few years of Affinity and they do a fantastic job, and for their pricing one should not even begin to moan, but unfortunately I do wonder who actually designed A.Photo, the final straw came for me when I went into soft proof, I decided, per off chance to compare Photoshop's soft proof with A/Photos soft proof. I used Custom Made ICC profiles for both screens, I used all the same settings, Callibrated both monitors carefully and lo and behold, affinity's soft proof was so out of sync I was shocked. And I have been soft proofing for over 15 years on and off, so it was not my screen to blame. I wonder if Version 2 is any better? Still, affinity is to be congratulated, I still believe, for the other two programs. So I am thankful.
  7. Wow, thank goodness all I ever need are the USM and Curves layers, they do not interfere with each other. Thank you - read with interest.
  8. I am Shocked, really shocked. I remember posting this and then something went amiss server side probably and I deleted, and it NEVER got posted my end. Guys, do you really imagine for one moment that I would post duplicates and not bothering answering who had helped me/ Thank you for the heads up, this has never happened before and I know that when I attempted to post it, it failed and I decided not to continue.
  9. Two screen shots, exactly the same layer positions, it is the subtle positioning of the Curves (though curves is not the issue), between the two layouts. I really can not figure out the difference between the two positions and does it matter? If it matters would that mean that the one layer is having an effect upon the other? I really have not detected any differences in my output. But since it occurs I thought about time I asked about this. Thank you.
  10. Publisher V 1 I can not seem to notice or understand the difference between these two simiar screenshots that I have taken of the same layers but arranged differently - Though I have seen this many times I took no notice of it because it did not seem to matter how it was positioned. I arranged the USM in different positions to demonstrate.
  11. I stand corrected. Thank you for pointing that out - bad mistake on my part. The figures are all the same as you point out.
  12. PS.tifI thought I would perform a little test: I only upload a screenshot of the colour I used. Photoshop's figures: 1. sRGB 138 66 153 2. L*A*B 43 49 -35 Affinity Pub's figures using eyedropper from colour palette after importing the file as a TIFF: 1. sRGB 158 65 157 2. L*A*B 43 49 -32 Using the Digicolour meter: 1. sRGB 157 65 155 (No LAB option with this) Comparing the screens with the apple mac screen calibrated and my laptop at the optimum angle, it is clear there is a difference consistent with the above. However I actually find little cause for concern when I print since the print always agrees with my apple, even after having imported images into the windows laptop into publisher where I have always anticipated differences.
  13. Well not exactly, I know that, but RAW files open up in Adobe Bridge, after all, that is the program you click on. No the curve would not be different if, as I am assuming, you are comparing your Bridge RAW file with your IMported file into Affinity WITHOUT any editing or adjustments, then the curve info would be the same regardless of how it looks on the screen.
  14. No not true, unless your text is included within the actual image that is. If the image is seperate from the text, then in the layers panel click on image and go to photo persona. The text is unaffected.
  15. Is the Curve information in the Top image EXACTLY the same as the curve information in the bottom image?
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