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  1. Hallo bordercross, you have to tell me how you have arranged your booklet in publisher please. HAve you created it as spreads? or did you create it as a "Start Right" in your document setup? If the latter then simply make a copy of your document, set up a new document as spreads but keep "start left" in the doc setup, then simply paste and it will appear as spreads, from here you can export to pdf as spreads.
  2. May I just say that booklets need to be in multiples of four, thus a booklet needs to be 4,8,12,16,20,24,28 pages etc.These are the pages themselves not the number of spreads which would be less. For example a 4 page A5 booklet would be two sheets of A4 landscape. If you had 5 pages well you can see how there is a problem on the third A4 spread for the printer.
  3. I am talking about the text itself. I assumed that this was clear in my original question when I wrote: "" I want to select multiple text accross many linked text frames""
  4. That was the very first thing I did before seeking the help manual then posting here. Neither shift click nor ctrl click works. It only selects one text frame. 5 clicks selects all the text frames or minimize the pages and click drag to the bottom of the computer screen are the only two ways to select all text in all the linked text frames.
  5. Hallo Mick, thanks, just found it, I clicked 5 times to select everything......Mmmm...should not have stopped at 4 times, one extra click and it worked. Dragging never seemed to work, but after reducing size of pages to in view it then worked albeit awkwardly. Thankyou.
  6. Hallo, I thought this would be so simple to discove,r but alas, can not find the answer on help nor on forum previous topics. I want to select multiple text accross many linked text frames, that's it. Can not believe that it is not obvious? Sorry.
  7. Chris26

    Setup Fails

    Have you by any chance tried the following ---- Right click on folder, go to properties, go to security go to edit, highlight the administrator permssions, you should see every permission ticked here, if not you might have to go deeper to change this. But I am only assuming that it is a permissin problem at this stage.
  8. Thankyou Walt, quite a hassle, I thought at the least that if you kept all files and images in one folder and simply moved That folder into another one everything would be ok, I can accept that if you move the images this would need re-linking but I will not be doing that again. Joachim, you are right when you said: So the first file name (to know where to start) in the re-link dialogue would be handy. Ressource manager as a panel of its own as well. The name of the file to locate would be so handy.
  9. I moved a folder containing All the graphics and project material into another folder, in other words, I did not move the images independently to another destination. The files print with images intact. However, as you can see from screen shot, the images no longer dispplay their thumbnails in the folder, and I the UPDATE button is greyed out in the resource manager. Any suggestions please?
  10. Hallo Mick, I'm curious, How did you make a TIFF file with Transparency? This can only be done with png. I also encounter similar issues exactly as you described if I forget to delete the alpha channels from TIFF files when placing into Publisher. It's no problem since you don not need them but thought I would mention this.
  11. No fonts are supplied with AffPub. All fonts that are on your computer will be recognised by Publisher except for variable fonts.
  12. Hallo Wosven, I fully understand all this. However what is new to me is that last bit: But they won't be converted to different profiles while placing them in APub. Only when exporting your APub document so basically, in a nutshell, All Image colour profiles are un-affected and remain intact Regardless of the document colour profile. This doc colour profile is only important when exporting. Then this makes it all very clear indeed. This then leads me to another question, in the screen shot below (which is the PDF Export Menu). If I have a document with images in 3 different colour profiles and I de-select >Use Document Resolution> does this mean that each image will print in its own resolution? And secondly: If I select >RGB> and NOT >As Document> does this mean that each image will then print according to its own Colour Profile?
  13. Walt and Wosven, Hallo, I changed the Edit.Preferences.colour to adobeRGB, now when my doc opens there are obviously no changes, it stays in that profile. I opened another doc which has been in s'RGB and that also, contrary to an expectation, did not change either, despite altering my preferences. However, if my preference is set to s'RGB and I create a document with AdobeRGB, yes, then when I re-open it this document pops up with a warning that it has now changed my new document back to s'RGB. Hopefully this establishes what is happening. However, I notice the setting "Convert Open Files to Working Space" I have now de-selected that. Which is a problem really because if I import an s'RGB image into the AdobeRGB doc, well one can not increase a colour spectrum obviously, but hopefully being good quality images there should be no adverse effects in printing.
  14. Hallo Wosven, AAhhh, now that little option is extremely mis-leading to a photoshop user. I know this option and it really means when you import an image and the image is in a different work space than the document, this is how I interpreted it. Also what point is there in converting a document that is Empty and been assigned the adobeRGB space to then convert it? It is in my chosen work space, so I am a bit confused here. If I assign a new document with a profile, it should really stay in that profile when re-opening it surely? This box should apply to importing only?