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  1. 1. I would like to know if you can create luminosity masks on the seperate channels in Af-Photo, similar to command click on the channel in CS3? 2. Is there a 'calculations' dialogue box, as in Image > calculations in CS3? 3.Is there an equivalent 'High Pass' Filter? 4.Is there a 'Colour range' as in Select > colour range' where you can isolate tones and colours and refine selections as with 'fuzziness' filter? Since I only have a week to try this and time is limited it would be a great help if someone could just give me pointers to these particular queries. Appreciations.
  2. Well, yes, but I was moving everything from a Mac to a Windows 10.
  3. I had to take over 20 pages of text from In-Design some weeks ago. This is what I did: Copied all the text to a TEXT editor, ths will have a .TXT extension. Make sure that the TEXT EDITOR has the format of 'PLAIN TEXT', NOT Rich text Format. Save it. I then copied paragraphs and blocks of text from this to the clipboard. Then from the clipboard into text frames in Publisher. It sounds like a lot of work. BUT, I did it very quickly, 15 minutes and all 20 pages formatted in Publisher exactly as I wanted. IMPORTANT, if you are using windows the TEXT editor is called NOTEPAD.
  4. I posted this originally on discussions. Apparantly a bug with Vertical flipping Text when you come to print it. There is my Document attached also. But you should hopefully be able to repeat this. Windows 10, all up to date as of today. Please ignore the master page comments.
  5. Don't worry, when printing, your image will print as black and white (albeit 'maybe' a colour cast of magenta slightly) depending on how you print it. If it has the RGB ICC profile attached these seperate channels are now colour-less, is this what you are concerned about? A true black and white image will print better if it is converted first to a grey Gamma 2.2 profile before editing, OR, edit in the RGB colour-less channels and then convert to a grey gamma 2.2. Does this answer any questions? Just realised. You said 4 colour, do you mean that you have a cmyk profile attached? Can you describe your actions when you export to PDF? What does the 'Resource manager' say about this image? This could likely be due to the fact that 'Formatting Attributes' have been carried over into affinity, this is the word processors's own hidden codings that tell how the doc is formatted and saved and keeps it formatted within its own piece of software. Copy and paste is the worst thing to do from a word document. You need to create a TEXT doc in PLAIN TEXT and UNFORMATTED, if you must, copy and paste into this text doc then copy and paste from this into publisher, you will have to format the text and type etc inside affinity Publisher. This is normal. Hope I have answered you accurately.
  6. Thanks Walt, should I put this in the Bug forum or have you already logged it?
  7. FDE, issue with master page ok. I had selected the correct page, triple checked. I deleted the doc and opened a fresh one did not happen again. Never happened before, maybe I did do something wrong, but beats me what since I do triple check myself when something odd happens. Walt here is the document with the text. I opened a new document and repeated my action with the text just in case it might have been an anomaly. But no, exactly the same thing happened as above, printed text is all skew and off centre and mis-aligned. Uploaded here the actual doc. Kettle_Gerrit.afpub
  8. Two screen shots. I simply flipped the text vertical and it printed way off centre and the middle sentence moved 3 cm to the left (or to the right iif you are in Australia) The print, I was too lazy to photograph - try to visualize all the text moving 2 or 3 cm to the right and the middle sentence even further. Strange thing number 2: Whatever I place on the page is now appearing on the master page?
  9. Actually you have two quite convenient options to choose from. 1. Right click on your downloaded ICC profile and it says 'Install Profile' this should go staright to the correct folder automatically on win 10. 2. Manually go to Windows > System32 > spool > drivers > colour and there you will find all the ICC profiles. In both cases Affinity products will recognise these new profiles and they will be automatically listed in that particular software.
  10. I have tended to ignore this, but now I wonder. The print dialogue box has 'Profile' at the top and 'Printer Profile' at the bottom under colour management. Now, Printer profile is what I know about from PS, IE, a custom made ICC profile or a Generic one (from Epson or HP or whatever) or simply your RGB generic. This is what that is for. But what is the Profile tab for at the top of the dialogue box please?
  11. I stand corrected - I need to be de-programmed from IDD. I mean I have always thought in terms of Raster image or Vector design so staright forward so simple, no layers of this that and the other. And all editing done in PS and Illustrator and IDD was simply a page placement app. But Affinity Publisher appears to have so many editing tools that the lines are blurred between a page making package and an editing package in affinity. I suppose this is good?
  12. I would imagine that one should call it what it is: "Convert to Editable" or "Enable Editability" Using terms like pixel layer is extremely ambiguous and I am sure many many people will get confused by the use of the present terms. And I also think that Picture frame should be called "Editable Frame" and Image Frame should simply be called "Place Image", to maintain consistency with the Place command. These terms allow for descriptive recognition of semantics and little confusion.
  13. I suppose, Affinity 'creative suite' (ie all 3 programmes) live in the same room. While Adobe creative suite lives in the same house but in 3 different rooms.