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  1. Ooooh unbelievabubble - I kept teling myself I bet it is something so simple - thank you Murfee.
  2. Hallo NPM, thank you for this I will take a look at it and see if it is more complicated than my own solution, if your idea turns out to be quite easy I probably won't use it.
  3. Windows ADesigner - for the first time imported brushes from Frankentoon. Searched everywhere - the help says that they should appear in their own category in the list of brushes. Well they are nowhere to be found. Thank you.
  4. Hallo Garry, nce of you to add this, I actually was thinking about this as a very last resort - but I thought I would go the complicated route first😊
  5. Well that was a new one to me, I remember checking this box and not knowing what on earth it did, last night.
  6. A strange thing happened in my publisher document, as per screenshot you can see that every single name of each one of the text styles is different. Not only that, what was called "Box Indent left and right' has now changed to simply being the colour of the box. This is the first time all this happened, all the typing and sizes have changed also.
  7. Well in the process of trying out both suggestions I discovered something that can not be done by inserting measurements in the text wrap settings, no matter how hard I tried. I attach screenshot where I could manipulate the second sentence independent of the first sentence and so achieved what I needed. But without either of your suggestions I would not have discovered this so another thank you.
  8. These are great suggestions - thank you both of you. I will try both - thank you.
  9. Here is the situation as seen in screenshot: The 'F' of 'After' is too far away from the Drop caps 'A' of 'After'. Bring them closer through a negative value brings the 'S' of 'Should' obviously too close and underneath the Drop caps 'A'. I simply can not figure a method to bring the F of After subtly closer to the Drop caps. I tried creating a manual text box with the Letter A inside and using text wrap but that did not succeed either. I wonder if anybody has any suggestions please?
  10. Hallo Old Bruce, Please forgive my confusion here: 1. """"Give the first three pages None for a Master/Parent page""""" How? One cannot type anything into the section manager, in this particular context. So I do not know what you mean here - I am sorry. 2. So I created a new master page and got lumbered with this again, as seen on the screenshot, (it really would be so logical to be able to delete the the first section). Every time I create a new master page it lumbers this at me instead of defaulting to what one should expect - a clean slate. I am sorry Old Bruce but I find this page numbering system a little confusing.....odd as that may sound considering other things I do on the rest of the affinity suite. What seems logical and sensible and intuitive is to be allowed to DELETE or at the least be able to EDIT section One and NOT have everything greyed out????? EDITED Have just solved the issue; 'Clear Masters' and no need for another master page. That was it, first three pages now have no page numbering. I missed that in the drop down menu. However I would still appreciate an answer to the above please, if you have a moment sometime, I would like to know what you meant.
  11. The attachment shows how the first three pages are NOT to be numbered. I have created a new section to start page numbering from the 4th page success here at least. I expected ??? to be able to simply delete section one, edit it or something very obvious because I do not want any page numbers on the first three pages. Reading instructions just confuses what I thought was an obvious intuitive thing to do. Sorry for the question.
  12. You are right - I was not reading this carefully enough. I was linking the text frames in the document not on the master pages themselves. Thank you Walt.
  13. ....then make sure one prints as a single page and not as a booklet - yes I get that - and I set this up, but I still have the same problem, I have to go through every single page of either the odd or even page and manually adjust the text frame of the odd or even pages in order to print back to front (on both sides) as individual A4 pages. Screenshot 01 - I am not aware of any method where you can set up a seperate master page - one for the left side and one for the right side of this spread? ALSO, Shift + click on that red arrow does NOT work even here, for it sends ALL the text to one side of the page throughout the whole document. The ONLY way to do this is to click normally on every single page and flow your copied document individually onto every single page. Screenshot 02 - AUTOMATIC flow does not work in this particular case, it will not flow into text frames that are positioned differently throughout the document ie onto odd pages AND even pages with different margins. Walt thanks for your help I guess I shall just do it the long way and copy paste everything and manually adjust each text frame accordingly. Convenience is nice when it works but I am not going to spend anymore time figuring this out - Thank you. Kind Regards Chris
  14. Hallo Walt, I attach a screenshot. It shows page 1 and page 2, each with their own masterpage and different margins, with text Frame box set up on both master pages. These will be printed as 'Print Both sides', and therefore require these settings for binding purposes, they are not facing pages. I tried importing text and doing exacty what you said before posting, problem was that when I clicked the red triangle on the first page it created all 90 odd pages BUT ignored completely the masterpage settings for the even pages. In other words - it created all the pages (Text frames) exactly the same.
  15. I set up a brand new document and have alternate odd/even page master pages applied throughout. I have set up the text frames and page numbers and the odd/even pages have their different margins. One slight problem I do not know how to solve is this: How do I paste 90 pages of text into my new document WITHOUT having to link every single page individually? Thank you Chris
  16. Thanks walt, well I never touched it, so my system can not support it as you say. So I will just leave everything as is. Thank you.
  17. I have no idea what you mean here, sorry. I have 4 GB ram and both Publisher photo and designer work perfectly, never a problem never a crash never slowing down. ONLY SINCE I UPDATED has publisher crashed so many times, but not in the last week so far. I would not know where to find out if I could enable the HAceleration, the specs are as follows: Intel i3 2.0 Ghz, running everything on the laptop, no peripheals involved at all. (If I were doing heavy duty Photo editing and using designer like a professional I would invest in a brand new Apple mac by the way, but an enemy microsoft laptop will do for the moment).
  18. I just noticed my RAM usage in preferences/Performance says 4096 Mb when I only have 4000mb - could this be a problem, should I lower it to say 3800 Mb?
  19. I googled this stuff and got a million answers as where it is. It seems win 10 does not have this Hardware acceleration, if it does I can not find it, despite googling the confusing answers to a very simpe question. Every answer I read I searched and it simply was not where they said it was.....
  20. Ok RCR, I am going to switch it off and see if I notice any difference as I compute through the coming week. However, and this is a request, I have read a little about what this Hardware thing-a-ma-bob does, But it does not help me to understand the benefit of switching it off becuase all I can read is what it does, and most of that is complete chinese to me. So in simple words what are the advantages of OFF as opposed to ON? PS, and while we are talking where on earth is it?
  21. Hi Walt, Thankyou for that detailed explanation, fortunately I have only ever done editing, writing and a few images into publisher since updating. Purchased direct from Affinity so that's good. So there should not be a problem. Thank you for your time on this Walt, as always. RCR - also thank you, but as I said, never had any issues at all with any of the affinity products for years, the last 4 weeks set of crashes are indicative of an issue with affinity's new release sadly to say. And as for trying to figure things out, forget it, I am not one for doing anything like this.
  22. I know this seems a silly question to some, but I need to feel secure with so much work dependant on the affinity suite as a whole. I want to go back to 1.09. Since upgrading to 1.10 I have had 6 or 7 crashes over the last 4 weeks or so. That's more crashes than I've had in 3 years. Just want to be sure. (This is not meant as a criticism against affinity, I mean that) Thanking you. Chris
  23. Ah, stupid of me, good idea, I get so wrapped up in my study and research that I am forgetting the simplest of things. Thank you Bruce.
  24. Ho Old Bruce - yes - you are spot on. I inserted a page because I did not want to disrupt the pages after this page that have boxes and all sorts in them, for every time I insert something new it disrupts a few things further ahead and I was getting fed up with having to correct everything. So I inserted a page to place a couple of graphics and text. I have fixed it now by cutting everything away and deleting the page, then just pasting everything back in. Basically inserting pages to be avoided I suppose.
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