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  1. oh, well. Just paid for yet another year of Adobe subscription. ðŸŋ
  2. The extremely promotional video Serif posted, announcing the new V2 suite as a game changer was a complete disappointment. The most basic features*, which I won't enumerate here, but which can be found in the forum, spanning years (!) are still not implemented. Why isn't Affinity a little more humble with its marketing and a little more focused on (professional) users needs ? I don't know and I don't care anymore. Yes, the price is great. But you get what you pay for. (*Publisher, which is key for switching to Affinity for me)
  3. ... then please include this feature in a future version. This is also something I use a lot in Illustrator.
  4. This is a feature I use a lot (!) in Adobe Photoshop. Please include it in V2 Affinity Photo ASAP. Thank you.
  5. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE ! Are we the only two people who need this feature ? 😏
  6. Hi, thanks for this update and the footnote feature. Thats great.... But am I missing something or is there still no way to easily build multi-spread documents à la InDesign ? If not, is it in the pipeline ? If yes, you have my money. Greetings.
  7. It didn't take me a day to find out that Publisher wasn't goint to replace InDesign any time soon... but I bought it anyways to show support for the development of a more mature release. But I must admit, it is / has been a long wait.
  8. No, I don't think so. But maybe expectations where a bit high and it has been literally years these apps have been stuck in version 1.x.
  9. ... and multi-page-spreads and a bunch of other niggling details ... but judging from the video, the new version should be all we are hoping for ... and ... much more ðŸĪŠ ... We'll have to see if the hype is justified. I would be prepared to pay for software that can break my dependance on Adobe (but no subscription, please !)
  10. discussing footnotes for APublisher is like discussing Trump's crimes and expecting an indictment. It may or may not happen. 🙂 Affinity, what is the roadmap for the desktop version (I can't see myself working on a tablet for DTP) ? Thank you. PS maybe there should be a Pro Version of AP with all the bell's and whistles (c.f. Adobe InDesign). The current version reminds me of an app called Swift Publisher my kids used years ago to format their school publications. (Just checked and It actually still exists). Not a bad app by any means.
  11. Yeah, for me Publisher has been pretty useless for the last 3 years. ... and this thread is still active. I am pretty disappointed by Affinity. I really was hoping they'd be a little more responsive to the most obvious things that are still missing ... footnotes, just being one of them. Who is this software directed to ? It's ok for single page or simple spreads but I would rather pay Adobe for InDesign than try to bypass all the lacking stuff with workarounds.
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