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  1. @garrettm30 thanks for the tip 🙂 but I've just tested it with and without "facing pages" checked and in both cases a three page spread from IDcc IDML file appears as a single page in Publisher 1.8 . test 3 page spread.idml
  2. Thank you very much for the IDML feature. 😀 It is very much appreciated. Now, if we could get the spreads to import as individual pages, that would be the icing on the cake ... but still, I am very happy as is.
  3. Jakke, yes, right. I work for clients in academia and there will always be footnotes in the Word texts they send me. In IDCC, importing from Word the footnotes are (thankfully) recognised and converted.. I wish the same where true in APub. Most of every source file I get to layout is (still unfortunately) from a .doc or .docx file but thats the way I get the texts into my workflow.. PS good luck for the thesis 🙂
  4. and because if you have to export as single page PDF's for web viewing you'll be screwed ....
  5. +1 As of version 1.7.x, is there any news on this feature ? Thank you.
  6. ahhh Aldus Freehand, what a great application that was, killed by the evil Adobe. but yes, 1+ for a preflight panel
  7. Well, exactly, if you don't know how wide the final spine will be, you can create a "spine" page in ID with a temporary width, say 5mm (or something close to the final width). When the spine width is known, all you have to do is re-configure the "spine" page and not worry about shifting objects, text blocs and crop-marks to either side. I guess it is a personal preference. And as stated above, for proofreading, it is much easier to read each individual page, than the whole spread, especially if it is a large document. Just my 2cts :-)
  8. The crop / fold marks give me and my customer a visual feedback of how the document will be cut / folded. Also, if I want to make a paper mock-up, which admittedly is becoming quite rare, it is nice to have crop / fold marks.
  9. I think this is one of the main features I would like to finally make the "move".
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