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  1. This is stupid, but just group the raster (yes, only this one object) and the transparency tool will work.

    Export workflow ...

    Exactly. Every day I work in Affinity programs and it seems to me that it is a constant struggle with various adversities. Such is the setting of exports, bleeds in artbords, the inability to choose new standard sizes, eg A4 artbords, copying effects and styles, the inability to print the selected item on the A4 sheet in the place where the item is located, etc.
  3. So as I wrote, in version 3 or 4, for 5 or 10 years.
  4. Maybe in Affinity version 3 or 4 There are many other things that have not been repaired.
  5. It would be enough to add the Pages panel to the Designer, the same as in the Publisher in the Desiger Persona module. Then, in addition to browsing the pages, you would be able to add and copy pages in Designer. Technically, no problem, just some psychological barrier from Serif.
  6. If you switch between tabs, objects in the bleed area disappear, even though bleed visibility is on. You have to turn off the visibility of the bleed and turn it on again so that the objects are visible again in the bleed area. This needs to be improved. I present it in animation. And the same is if I change the workspace on Artboard. Objects in the bleed area also disappear, even though the visibility of the bleed is checked in the menu.

    Designer Beta No Longer Prints

    Designer Beta Release ??? I want to have it!!!
  8. If you create a text frame with text in Publisher and give it the background color and frame color and copy it to Designer, Designer will display everything correctly, but obviously you will not be able to change the background and frame. So Designer can correctly interpret these functions, so just put a piece of code from Publisher into Designer and that's all. However, Serif stubbornly does not want to do it? I wrote about it in other posts. But as I said, Serif does not intend to introduce this function to Designer. The question is why? To buy a publisher for strength? I will buy it anyway. Why change between programs to change the background color of a text frame? I still think that does not make sense.
  9. Serif deliberately removed the ability to change the background color and edge of the text frame to do so in the Publisher. So you need to make any changes in this second program. Of course, this is pointless and has been reported many times before, so that it is possible to do these changes in Designer. Even for a moment in a few earlier Designer Beta there was an inactive icon of the text frame. It seemed that this function would remain in Designer. But Serif officially said it would not be available in Designer.
  10. It's about moving when creating a selection, not after creating.
  11. Very simple. Why invent something else. This way of showing a bitmap is ideal. first picture - normal mode. Second picture - wireframe mode.
  12. Corrected Proofreading Excellence Logo - draft - Times New Roman font.afdesign
  13. Did not work double clicking an Asset will now seed the Place Tool and switch to it for placement´╗┐- WIN 10
  14. When it comes to snapping, I've just discovered that snapping objects and slides works if we create a new project in But it will not work if in we open a file created in earlier versions of Beta. That's why today I was so tired when making changes to the file with the leaflet made a month ago. I have repeatedly suggested what should be changed or added to Affinity so that the program meets the basic tasks for smooth and trouble-free work before adding thousands of new products. If now, at the beginning of the creation of this program, it will not be added, I do not think it has ever been added. Yesterday I read somewhere on the forum post from 2016 that Serif reads all the suggestions and requests but enter but they can not enter it because it has its own guidelines. So I'll probably look at this forum again in about 3 years. Maybe something will change in this matter. I run an advertising company and use Affinity programs to work throughout the day. it is not a fun program after dinner for relaxation or painting in the evening. I need a stable program. I have been working on CorelDraw on all its versions for 26 years. Now the new CorelDraw 2019 has been released. It is much, much more expensive than Affinity. I would like to pay the money to Serif very much, but the pace of development is so slow that I would have to close the company to see the full version of 1.7 then 1.8, maybe even 1.9 to 2.0. At this rate, maybe in three years. Yes I know, CorelDraw is 30 years old and Affinity 5 years, but from five it is still 1.0 version ...
  15. Wosven. Swap the project on Artboard and check that the bleed content is not displayed, and the bleed in pdf is not displayed after exporting. That was it Mayan. banniere2 (1).pdf banniere2 (1).afdesign
  16. If I click the right mouse button to contact the lines in the upper left corner, information will be displayed in which units the program can be set. If it is set, for example, in millimeters, I suggest that a bird stamp appears next to this name (similar to how it is done in the top menu). This will facilitate the immediate identification of units.
  17. To speed up the export of selected items, Affinity should automatically select the Selection without background option. In 99%, if I have selected objects to export it with the intention of just exporting those objects. And now, every time I have to manually select the Selection without ... option or at least the program should remember the last selected option.
  18. In version, for some reason the fonts in the layers panel have been reduced, unless Serif forgot to restore to the original size, as in the latest Beta Designer and Photo. Also icons showing artistic text and text in a frame on a transparent background are very hard to see on large icons and on small ones also in the layers panel.
  19. You have to regulate the operation of numeric parameters with the mouse. On the attached gif it can be seen that after hovering the mouse on, for example, the x: and the left mouse click button, moving the left and right changes the next to the digital parameter, but it does not work with the Opacity name in the Swatches panel and with the Fill Opacity name: in the Effects panel. Moving on the Width name does not work: in the Stroke panel. There are several more places in the Affinity interface where, by moving the mouse left and right, the digital parameters do not change. This needs to be improved as soon as possible, because more and more amendments and ideas are being made, and in the end, all these important matters will be omitted.
  20. 712/5000 If I copy the text frame from Publisher and paste it into Designer, I can change the color and size of the font, but I can not change the fill and thickness of the text frame. The top toolbar has an icon to handle the text frame but it does not work. I hope it will be launched in the next version. Today I was doing a project in Designer using text frames and this is great, only if I wanted to change the thickness and color of the frame I had to copy to Publisher, make changes in it, copy it and paste it into Designer again. In the long run it is very tedious, so I think that this function should be in Designer and this icon of the text frame in Designer will be active. The project below shows the use of text in a text frame in which you can set the thickness of the frame (frame with text copied from Publisher). Of course, you can do everything from rectangles and write text on them. But the use of the ability of the frame in the design is exquisite and should therefore be added to the Designer.
  21. Exactly, the point is not to delete just add this function. Why delete, I can not understand.
  22. I know that I can design in Publisher, if there is no other way, but it's easier for me to do projects in Designer. Unless in the final version it will be possible to switch to the Persona Publisher mode and there will be a mode for handling text frames (left drawing), without entering the Publisher program (right figure). Nobody knows so far, apart from Serif.
  23. What to say, I am very disappointed.