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  1. Hi. Simple enough bug but very frustrating until I figured out a workaround. This is a copy and pasted image in multiply mode. Hopefully you can see my intention and the strange result in the first video, followed by a workaround (next post) where resizing the layer before using the perspective tool 'fixes' the issue... but of course it would be nice if this didn't happen at all...
  2. I'm very interested in getting one of the XP-Pens ... How has it been performing for you @Raff and @firstdefence with Affinity software ...? All good?
  3. Hi, Sometimes, and it's just happened again now, for some unknown reason, Affinity stops registering my Intuos pro pressure sensitivity. I've tried other programs and the pressure sensitivity is still working for those programs. I have just updated AP to, restarted the PC, but it's not working ... I have no idea and this wastes so much time for me trying to figure out what happens... randomly, eventually it starts working again ... but in the meantime I lose hours out of my working day trying to **** about trying to get it to respond again. Does anyone have any pointers? I haven't had an Intuos driver upgrade recently so I know it's not that. I just despair sometimes...
  4. I use the pen all the time and only switch to mouse to go between screens sometimes .. and since I mostly on tablet I never really know if it only affects the mouse after the tablet seemingly stops behaving because they both stop behaving at the same time
  5. @Chris B try this file - saved after the corruption seemed to have disappeared... test3.afphoto
  6. @carl123 For me ctrl +d has seemed to fix the strange selection window bug. However the ghost images (see below gif again) seem to have imprinted themselves onto the second to lowest layer. They have no corresponding select-able layer. @Chris B FYI even if I copied said corrupted layer (all layers in document were like this) into another clean new document, the layer transported the corruption over also.
  7. @Chris B Hi thanks, yes I have Windows Ink turned off
  8. Hi Chris, Capture attached. Hopefully I made it clear that although I have a bunch of similar layers active in the file, some visible and some not, that it's not a case of me getting mixed up with selcting the wrong layer, but it just seems to have lost it's ability to make sense! I use a Wacom Intuos Pro small (PTH 451) and sometimes it seems the driver of this tablet can stop working - and I do wonder if it causes these other issues I speak of here, but it happens if I use the mouse also (GIF was created using the tablet. The file I tried to upload twice would not load up once downloaded, but I have left it here incase there's any diagnosis that someone can do on it. You can see the behaviour in the gif is strange... never seen that before. That is using the file I tried to upload.
  9. Hello, I've been using Affinity for a good few years professionally and I love it! However, seemingly regularly I come upon some weird behaviour which means the program stops running smoothly, and eventually it seems to lose it's mind... I have 32 Gb of ram and a gtx 970, not top of the range but decent enough to cope with many layers and effects going on, which is good, because work can take on all forms! Does anyone else experience this general 'weirdening' of AP's behaviour after a certain amount of work on a file? Brushes stop working, layer boundary boxes appear in places that have no relation to the object selected in the layers panel, erasers stop erasing, layers can't be selected properly.... I cannot seem to pin down any one action which sets it off, and so I normally just 'plod on' and find a work around. Often a save and restart can fix it but sometimes not. Blimey it frustrates and baffles me sometimes Anyone else with this kind of experience? [Edit] Since I cannot load up the file as it says the file is not supported, although I can open the original file, I don't have any evidence for you. Thanks in Advance Ian test2.afphoto
  10. Thanks that worked for me. Hopefully a patch will come to fix this.
  11. By the way - those asking for a Lazy Nezumi type thing ... Affinity Photo has Stabilizer which works the same way - look in the middle on the brush tool bar. Really I am considering using a free program instead of Photo to be able to draw straight lines properly. It's called Autodesk Sketchbook pro. It has a ruler tool which is pretty quick at using and drawing straight lines, in any size pressure sensitive way you can think of. A feature similar to this would be a winner.
  12. That's great news. If this 'history' of previous brush settings were set within a sub-brush UI, effectively replicating the way the swatch palette 'previous colour used' options work ..It would be superb if previous brush settings were basically set within a UI to allow us to create a custom brush palette from this history. A real flexible way of creating your own creative tools... Thanks for the attention.
  13. Hi, I've been using Affinity photo to create garden illustrations for a couple of years now and keep running into an inefficiency where I need to change brushes alot - it's just a part of producing a handrawn looking image. When I do this I must use either a set of custom brushes or, as I mostly do, spend some time to create a brush from a basic (often one from the Daub sets)... when I need to switch brushes I must lose this setting and then go back to a standard one. IS there a way to have a shortcut to switch between sizes/previous brush settings? This would speed my work up greatly. Even the fact I have to go to the menu and select the basic brushes breaks the flow of my work. If there were a short cut to swap between 2 brushes or settings then it would be great.
  14. I've currently gone for a search and tried to +1 all the threads which mention this request, in one way or another, and finally I've come back round to this one. So perhaps I'll stop here, but just mention that I'd like to bump this feature request up to the top of the list for the devs to look at and perhaps engage in some conversation about it? Thanks Affinity. You are awesome x Look forward to the day we can all have a beer and celebrate
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