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  1. Apologies I am on PC and there is a close icon in the top right. When on PC If this is clicked then the 'failed to load document...' box closes and the file stays open. One can then save a copy and saving the file into the original location as the original file name works. I am assuming you are using the Mac version?
  2. I have noticed an error on recovery files, and it seems to force you to close the file after trying to save it because the recovery data gets corrupted somehow. There's a discussion on recovery files (linked) here where I have maybe found a little work around for the corruption. It does not solve the overall discussions happening about auto saves and the like :
  3. I'm not sure if its always the case, but when the error in the recovery file occurs and it says the file must be closed, you can click the X in the top right and close that error window and save the work to another location... and then save it again as the named file in the original location. Don't take my word for it but I'm pretty sure we have a work around here.
  4. I would welcome an autosave which allows greater control and possible separate versions saved in a different location - you could say that's a backup which you can recover your autosaved recovery file from, but then people would be really confused what label to give it.. an autosave backup reserve restore - forget about the words. I'm sorry I tried to use some correct terminology and slipped up a bit, no need to dissect my words... What's important is the functionality
  5. It needs to be stressed that it is not an autosave function. Such a function would give you options for time intervals of saves. An auto-restore after a crash as well as a proper autosave function would be appropriate I think. BTW I'm only responding on here at this moment because I have had another crash on saving the file ('Save Failed Access Was Denied'). Fortunately this time the restore option functioned well and I didn't lose much.
  6. I have been getting very unfortunate crashes where the restore file is corrupted and no file can be restored. If I get into an image and lose track of time (please don't reply by saying the obvious 'you should save regularly', it won't help resolve matters, because sometimes I forget, simply put). Being lost in the creative flowis an important part of the productivity. I'd like to support the call for an autosave proper, like most other software. When I use sketchup it saves very regularly and because it (also) suffers from these unexpected 'bug splats' as they call them, the auto save saves me alot of repeating myself. Affinity, please give us autosave proper!
  7. An added complication and confusion for me personally, I have found, is when I have made, for example, a simple pixel image and saved it as a Affinity photo file, then if I open it up in Publisher the next time I go to look at the file, it is often displayed with a publisher icon, although I did not save it as a publisher file. If I have saved the file as a designer file and then view it in publisher, the next time I look at the file in the OS explorer it is using a publisher file. I accept that Affinity says these file are interchangeable, but I used to use the same name in different file types for example if I was working on a vector version of a bitmap/pixel image and I could also tell which was which, now I can't
  8. I think M1000 is making a good point and for me personally I've never seen that windows has more extra options to display such as File Extension. I wonder why Microsoft chose to have options for both [file]Type and File Extension. Surely these should by definition be the same, For example, a .txt file is a text file, and what it is opened by can change for sure, but we see Windows has a column called Type (note its not 'filetype', but is there a difference? maybe in some far fetched semantic definition) AND also a column called File Extension... Showing File Extension is what I have been assuming what Type has been showing me all along. Now I see how Windows has confused me in the past - it is in fact showing what program opens it and not necessarily what file type - although I use the icon change to see visually and then it's obvious to me what program will open it. Maybe they should have named it program type. Confusing naming conventions. It's clearly a decision by Affinity to allow this to happen, as M1000 points out - not all programs do this File Extension is by default hidden away in some extra options whereas Type is shown as standard in a column. On the other hand if Affinity didn't know they had done this, its a bug, which is hard to believe. But anyway I found this interesting and I've learnt more. Now I'll go and start my own thread on another confusing file type subject, which I'd like to understand.
  9. Here's a scenario for you Affinity: I start using a brush I test the size I see it's too big so I reduce the size (selection of brush type disappears) I then skip to a marquee tool to make a mask or to the pointer to move something I then click B to go back to the brush tool and trust I have the same brush type and size and start painting because I can't see which I have selected then I use a different brush for a different effect and change the size (and also lose the selection of said brush type) losing the knowledge of knowing which brush I have selected I click on the brush I want, and in so doing I reset the brush to it's default, so I have to modify it to get it back to how I wanted. Time goes by with every selection and modification Making custom brushes is absolutely necessary to work efficiently in AP, but I find it very unintuitive. These things make me frustrated and when you're working under tight deadlines the annoyance levels go up and up. I love Affinity software but this issue really needs to be fixed. Please give us an easy way to know which brush we have selected and/or modified (just a simply blue dot but the brush selection to show it's modified?) I could go on, but lets hear from you Affinity - we'd really appreciate it.
  10. I have had this crashing occur and for sure disabling hardware acceleration helped. Far less crashes.
  11. Same issue here... many crashes per session. I have also unticked Hardware acceleration and will report back to see how it performs. FYI I can't generate a crash report as it freezes completely and I have to kill it. Crash reports don't generate.
  12. not much to see PC I see the cursor changing to a resize cursor if I hover at the edges, but they don't allow me to do anything.
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