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  1. Thanks that worked for me. Hopefully a patch will come to fix this.
  2. Hi there. First time trying the new Publisher. Update to the new version when perfect... I always 'install as administrator' incase that matters still? Looking forward to trying it all out
  3. By the way - those asking for a Lazy Nezumi type thing ... Affinity Photo has Stabilizer which works the same way - look in the middle on the brush tool bar. Really I am considering using a free program instead of Photo to be able to draw straight lines properly. It's called Autodesk Sketchbook pro. It has a ruler tool which is pretty quick at using and drawing straight lines, in any size pressure sensitive way you can think of. A feature similar to this would be a winner.
  4. That's great news. If this 'history' of previous brush settings were set within a sub-brush UI, effectively replicating the way the swatch palette 'previous colour used' options work ..It would be superb if previous brush settings were basically set within a UI to allow us to create a custom brush palette from this history. A real flexible way of creating your own creative tools... Thanks for the attention.
  5. Hi, I've been using Affinity photo to create garden illustrations for a couple of years now and keep running into an inefficiency where I need to change brushes alot - it's just a part of producing a handrawn looking image. When I do this I must use either a set of custom brushes or, as I mostly do, spend some time to create a brush from a basic (often one from the Daub sets)... when I need to switch brushes I must lose this setting and then go back to a standard one. IS there a way to have a shortcut to switch between sizes/previous brush settings? This would speed my work up greatly. Even the fact I have to go to the menu and select the basic brushes breaks the flow of my work. If there were a short cut to swap between 2 brushes or settings then it would be great.
  6. I've currently gone for a search and tried to +1 all the threads which mention this request, in one way or another, and finally I've come back round to this one. So perhaps I'll stop here, but just mention that I'd like to bump this feature request up to the top of the list for the devs to look at and perhaps engage in some conversation about it? Thanks Affinity. You are awesome x Look forward to the day we can all have a beer and celebrate
  7. Hey I just found another straight line feature request. +1 for this one too
  8. The Biggest Bump I can possibly give to another thread about this issue. It'd be nice if the Devs either said yay or ney on this matter. One feels a little ignored.
  9. The current issue with using the shift click option for straight lines is that it doesn't register the pressure of each 'initial click, AT ALL. So at present it's simply impossible to make a straight line with a constant pressure. The way this feature should work in my humble opinion is that the initial pressure IS recognised. I attached two images, one made is PS and the other in AP. There is no comparison in quality unfortunately. The only way round this I have found is to start at A, go to B, then go back to A again, but then you always have thick ends and a thin section in the middle. It also takes twice as long and doesn't look half as good. We illustrators and digital artist really need this feature to work better. Please make us happy. The Shift click feature request (which I've noticed isn't on the feature request index? Why?) to have horizontal and vertical lines is also SO important. This is connected to the above issue also in that in PS you can vary the pressure of a perfectly horizontal or vertical line exactly as if using a ruler. And it looks real nice.
  10. Ian R

    Arrowheads on Lines

    +1 million for arrow heads on lines please. Muchly... Very much so. It would be a basic feature that would mean we would recommend this software even more than we do so already. Arrow heads. Please. thanks.
  11. Hi I think I've found a bug. Please correct me if I'm wrong! Steps as follows: I can import a pdf file which has multiple pages I can see those artboards created separately, automatically by Affinity Designer I click on Export Persona and there are no slices automatically created If I create an extra artboard and then click the Export Persona, then only that extra artboard is auto sliced! Is this a bug? If not it would be good to find out why it behaves this way, as importing a pdf with multiple pages and converting them all to jpg or png files surely must be a common action to do and therefore make it important that it should work? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, I've watched a few videos and understand that you can have multiple artboards exported as separate file. When I have multiple artboards open and then click on export persona, it doesn't do the auto slice action. What am I missing? Thanks in advance, Ian
  13. +1 for Holding Shift and drawing Straight Lines please. As an illustrator who uses your Photo and Designer software daily, having the ability to draw straight lines like in PS, would be great. (hold shift and it locks to either horizontal or vertical.) Even better would be locking or snapping to the grid of your choosing
  14. Am I going to be able to open past affinity files with this update?