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  1. Thank you Greyfox. I have to figure out if the problem is due to the camera or the SD card I am using. In the meantime I reinstall the software and tried with diff photos I have on my PC and at the mom is working.
  2. I have the same problem described in 2. by Kevin. Please help. -Dual Plane will make the grid tilted 90 degrees (that is, the center line that I would be using to adjust the perspective is on the horizontal axis instead of the vertical) This only happens when I am working on a photo with portrait format.
  3. Hi, I am using Affinity Photo 1.9 on W10 and when using Live Filter I am not able to increase the Radius beyond 1024 px, even when I type a higher number. I believe I am doing something wrong since I am new with AP and I need your help. Thks.
  4. Thank you toltec your instructions solved the problem. Cheers
  5. There are no more dashed boxes and still can't customise toolbar. I just noticed the following in the Status Bar Do you know a way to get the "Customised Toolbar" in View ? Thank you
  6. I reinstalled Affinity Photo and there was no change. Still unable to Customize Toolbar. Any other suggestion ? I believe the answer is yes but, just in case... Is Affinity Photo compatible with W10 Home version 10.0.17134 ? Once again thank for trying to help.
  7. Thank you both. I am unable to customise Toolbar. This is what I got:
  8. I have W10Home 64bit on my PC. When opening an image and select any of the selection tools I am unable to get the Mode working. The New, Add, Subtract and Intersect Modes are always grey. I reinstalled Affinity but still unable to work with Modes. Need your help to solve the problem. Thank you.
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