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  1. Thanks I’all check it out.
  2. Kristof

    Web designer code savvy tool

    That’s sad. Anyway thanks for the quick response.
  3. I’m a designer, not a coder. I tried Pinegrow, but it doesn’t fit my needs. Companies who create products that attract customers, have more income. That’s how they become larger companies.
  4. Kristof

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Can it export HTML files?
  5. Kristof

    Web designer code savvy tool

    Sadly Musevis also discontinued. Affinity Web is more needed than ever.
  6. I think a Muse alternative (visual web designer app) is more needed.
  7. Hi! As Adobe abandoned Muse, it would be a great chance for Affinity to create a code-free web design tool. The best would be a separate app, but Affinity Publisher could also have HTML export capability. Thanks.

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