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  1. and the same for a negative crop (extension of the image) to create a border around an image
  2. yep cross references are badly needed by me also
  3. I also had problems with ligatures being wrongly translated from pdf to AP. The original text I exported to pdf from the mellel word processor app. There all looked ok. Importing in AP went wrong. I t emporarily solved it to export from mellel with all ligatures disabled. Import of that pdf in AP had no problems. Maybe this is an option for you.
  4. Pages studio? This thread is for Publisher beta
  5. problem solved. The word processor was set up to use simple ligatures, carried that over to the PDF, etc. Thanks for pointing in the right direction William
  6. In unicode in AP the fi combination is G+0151
  7. Hi William, Polish? No :) . The book was written in Italian in the Mellel word processor on a Mac. Font Cambria. From there I exported as a Pdf. In Mellel and the PDF the letter combination is as it should be f + i. When I open the PDF in AP I get the stroked L and an i with a tracking of -237 0/00 (so they are overlapping in AP. When I activate unicode I get EG+0151 in stead of the stroked L. Seems to me the translation goes wrong from pdf to AP.
  8. When I open a pdf all goes pretty well except that words that start with a "fi" combination the F gets changed in a Ł (L-stroke)Ł. I cannot use search nd replace becaus in the search function I cannot enter that character. Someone has an idea how to solve this? T.i.a. Hans
  9. just tried, when snapping to baseline grid is off I can do things without crashing. As soon as snapping is turned on the crash is there.
  10. I indeed was using baseline grids.
  11. cleaned up (deinstall completely) AP from my Mac Pro and reinstalled. Created new document, created base grid and tried to place a guide. Clicking on the ruler crashed Ap instantly. Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-01-20-132749_Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-01-20-130821_Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-01-20-131423_Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-01-20-132141_Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-01-20-132531_Mac-Pro.crash