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  1. for me the problem was solved by reenabling spotlight because on Mac that was used by CO to populate the list of apps to edit with. I had disabled spotlight because of it being a memory hog. Don't know how this is handled on windows though.
  2. I had a similar problem on Mac. It was a problem in CO that didn't generate the right list of apps in the "edit with" menu. Check the CO support site.
  3. did you check the printer settings? Don't know your printer but most printers have their own physical margin limitations when not printing borderless.
  4. @walt.farrell ahhh. of course. didn't think of that. Thanks!
  5. Hi Walt, Thanks for the reaction. No I can't export. I do use text flow enabled. But I can't select it. If i click on it nothing happens. On the layers panel of that page the frame isn't visible as a layer. When adding a new spread and delete the old spread the frame is on the new spread. Closing/restarting still shows the frame. Rebooting the system doesn't help either. So...
  6. I am stuck with a text frame that is partly outside the spread/margins. Frame is empty and not connected to any other frame. I cannot select it and delete it. I makes export "impossible" because of an "overflow error" (no other overflowing text frames visible with textflow enabled). Any thoughts?
  7. check again with the "text show special characters"activated: one of those characters might be outside the frame: like § end text flow character that normally is not visible
  8. I would like to have the options to align a baseline grid in a text frame as they were in the beta. There I could align a grid starting from the bottom of the frame. In de first commercial release those options disappeared from the drop down menu (now reduced to starting from the top or top inset). Would love to see those options back.
  9. @Wosven didn't't try that. Will do try that. Thanks
  10. My main base grid starts at the top margin. The bottom line is on the bottom margin. So the main text is aligned perfectly. The text frame for notes has another spacing and thus the problem as described.
  11. Yes I all have that too. But in the previous beta there was an option in the "relative to" fly out menu in the text frame baseline grid that was called: "bottom of frame"that isn't available anymore. As you can see in your own screenshot that the text is indeed aligned with the grid, but the grid itself isn't aligned with the bottom border of the frame. I.e. I align the bottom of that text frame with the general baseline grid. In this case the baseline grid of the text frame doesn't align with that but is slightly above it. For footnotes I want the bottom text line in that text frame to be aligned with the gridline of the general baseline grid that is on the same position (in my case that is on the bottom margin line). Now it is almost impossible to quickly aline those grid lines. I want all last text lines (where applicable, main text and footnote text) to be on the bottom margin line.
  12. Footn/endnotes please. Small design work like a folder can be done in designer. This tool is for serious text work.
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