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  1. Affinity Photo 1.9.2 I am getting an improper print preview and output that ignores the paper size chosen in the Epson print driver for the Epson Surecolor P8000 printer. I have had issues with every version, since version 1.8.5 which I had to reinstall so that I could print properly. I keep trying to update to a newer version only to wind up having to reinstall version 1.8.5 I guess I'll keep trying new releases until I find a newer stable version that will print properly.
  2. I had to roll back from version 1.9.1 to version as my picture would sometimes disappear and leave a checkerboard pattern behind. Also I was getting occasional programs freezes for up to a minute at a time. Then I discovered that I could not open a file I had been working on in V1.9.1 when using V1.8.5 so I had to uninstall V1.8.5 and reinstall V1.9.1 to open and resave the file in another format. Then I uninstalled V1.9.1 and re-installed V1.8.5 so I could work in the last stable version of the program.
  3. I had to go back to version 1.85 due to my photos intermittently disappearing and leaving a checkerboard pattern in place when using version 1.9
  4. Still getting un-centered printing on epson P8000 with version, also crashes more.
  5. It would be nice to be able to see a print size zoom feature so a person could see the quality of the image at the requested print size on the monitor before printing thereby saving paper and ink. Thanks
  6. I am using windows 10 with an Epson P8000 printer and I am still getting prints that are only 75% printed, the borders are sometimes uneven and I am wasting a lot of paper on trying to get a proper print. This needs to be fixed. In the print preview when I have selected roll paper the preview looks ok and then if I switch to sheet mode (which is what I want) the preview becomes uncentered and it looks like the print has changed sizes and no longer fits inside the print borders. If I print that way the print output matches the preview - Uncentered and cut off after printing about 75
  7. I can find no way to center my prints in the printer driver. I am getting 7/16" border at the top and 1 1/4" at the bottom of any print from my Epson SureColor P8000 printer when using 8.5x11" sheets
  8. I have a new Epson P8000 printer and sometimes when printing the prints come out centered on the paper as they should be and other times, seemingly randomly, they are almost off the page leaving about only 1/8" on one side and 7/8" on the other. Also the automatic paper orientation does not work well it can look ok when you use auto but when it prints sometimes it prints the wrong direction and also cuts off the print before it is done printing. It is not too bad to print the wrong direction but not finishing the print is not good and a big waste of paper and ink. I am ok with not using the
  9. I am new to affinity is there a way to rotate a photo or drawing and have straight lines remain straight. They seem to get the jaggies when I do it.
  10. I have windows 10 and an Epson 9800 printer and just posted about un-centered printing. I am also getting a different size print with the centered print check box checked than I get with the box un-checked. With the box checked my print is 12x17.5 and with the box un-checked I get the proper size (12x18) I am using 13x19 sheets and with photoshop I get nice even borders but with Affinity the print is 1/8" from the top of the sheet. In the print preview it looks un-centered also but there is no way to move it that I can find. Dan
  11. I have Windows 10 and an Epson 9800 printer, I tried my first print with the printable area centered box unchecked and the print was not centered. I then checked that box and the next print was even less centered. When printing from photoshop I don't have this problem. I would like to finally make the switch from photoshop but I do need to have better print control of my prints. Dan
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