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  1. I would like to be able to set the default font in Publisher in Preferences, and that would be the font used for all documents unless the user changed it within a document. It appears you can force one document to have a default font, but when you create another publication, it reverts to Arial.
  2. I have done what "Old Bruce" suggested, and it appears to work for the open project (in Publisher) but if you start a new document, it reverts to Arial. Is there some way to set the default for all projects?
  3. When I display "Rulers" on the desktop around a work area, the minor divisions are all the same size, other than the ½ inch mark (which is slightly larger but still difficult to see). It would be very helpful to make the ⅛ larger than the 1/16; the ¼ larger than the ⅛, and the ½ as large as the inch marks (without the number, of course). This would greatly aid in placing guide lines precisely when aligning text in the drawings.
  4. Minor bug - if you start APBeta, choose "About Affinity Publisher", then "File / New" while the About box is displayed, the screen locks up and requires a Force Quit to start over. Affinity Publisher iMac i-7 4000 MHz - 32gb Ram, Mac OS 10.13.6 This is an unusual set of steps, but I have been able to repeat it several times with the same result.
  5. I've only played with this program for a bit, but found that MSWord can export as a PDF file. This imports nicely if you keep the margins the same as the PDF document. One thing I had to do, though, was eliminate headers and footers before "Save-As PDF", so I could get the proper pagination. I then created a Master Page in APu to replace the missing footers. I'm also chasing a font-substitution issue, as the Mac has a font which APu says it can't find. More on that later. Good program though - glad to see something the caliber of inDesign, which I cannot afford to subscribe to. Some of the user interface seems strange but I'm sure I'll learn it and stop trying to remember inDesign techniques! Thanks for the opportunity to use the beta version - I'm looking forward to this program!
  6. Help screen says to "right-click a page thumbnail" to unassign a master page. Using 'ctrl-click' as the usual Mac equivalent of a right-click, no menu box appears. There is not a way I can see to unassign a Master Page from one of the Pages in the document.
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