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  1. Yes! Hard to work with the beta version and do a real evaluation when I cannot enter and use my WORD (.doc) files. Is there really a problem in implementing this?
  2. Once I found the "Character" panel, converting and working with fonts was a cinch. And I love the fact that my paragraph styles are placed in a drop-down, not in a floating panel (I look forward to finding a way to remove some of the default styles). This beta has abundant pros and cons; let's not rush the marketable release!
  3. OK. It's a nuisance to have to open every .docx file, but copying the text and pasting it into a text box works. It works even better than placing an RTF file. Users of the beta version are going to have to resort to numerous work-arounds.
  4. Of course! But I'm given a number of WORD (.docx) files, and conversion to an acceptable format is a time-consuming nuisance. I'm sure Publisher accepts a number of formats; I just wish to know which ones.
  5. I need to import .docx files and do not want to resave them as RTF. Briefly, please -- what file formats can be used for import or drag-and-drop?
  6. I need to create pages with multiple columns that work as text columns (boxes). These should apply to each page with an option to remove columns for an individual page.
  7. I experienced the same problem but now understand what happened. I upgraded my font manager to SuitcaseFustion8, and that upgrade added too many new fonts (probably the 2000+ "Google Fonts" wa the killer). Removing the Suitcase app solved the problems I was having with both Photo and Designer.
  8. I, too, am getting persistent "permission denied" messages, making Affinity Photo totally useless. I downloaded the 10-day trail app -- and it worked just fine. Reloaded Affinity Photo and continued to have permission denied. Since this seems to be a problem experienced by others, a solution is essential.
  9. Affinity Photo's perspective layer suddenly has stopped functioning. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot?
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