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  1. Every time I try to install version 162 I get "setup failed" I have deleted all previous affinity Publisher apps, but it still wont work, and now I have nothing, any sugestions
  2. Each time I try to download and Install a Beta update I have a problem as they always fail setup and I loose the current !.7.0.133 version and completely loos Affinity Publisher. can any one suggest what I am doing wrong? please.
  3. I can't even download Beta (145) it fails install every time, what is wrong with it? 0
  4. why cant I get any response when I post a question,

    how can I get affinity publisher to complete setup with the latest downloaded recently and keeps failing setup

    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      This is not an area for communicating with staff or asking questions of forum users.

      Status posts are really for introducing yourself or saying how you are feeling or working with the software, a bit like a blog. Very few forum users post anything to their status areas and almost nobody expects them to be used afaik.

      You need to create a topic in the appropriate forum to get answers/support, as Status posts are not  normally"visible" to staff and do not create support tickets.

    2. akop


      Thank you


  5. why does the update fail setup and now I cant open the previously installed

  6. can I create more headings of my own i.e. heading3 or heading4 ??