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  1. Manon Etc

    A Few Suggestions

    Ah! Just updated the app, and now they have the Positioning and Transform section too.
  2. Manon Etc

    A Few Suggestions

    They have incremental arrows in Affinity Designer in the Character palette's Positioning and Transform section. This feature may be down the line. I don't use keyboard shortcuts too much. Sometimes I do. But most of the time, I'm on the mouse. So incremental arrows are easier.
  3. Manon Etc

    A Few Suggestions

    Re: Preview Mode That's such an odd place to put it. I didn't "see" it at all. They should put it at the top of the "Show" menu. Or create "Show", then add submenu with the options with Preview Mode at the top.
  4. I've been importing the pdfs created by InDesign, which seems to work.
  5. Show/hide invisibles option Transform: flip 180 degrees Transform: custom 90/45 degrees clockwise/counter clockwise Incremental arrows on text sizing/leading Automated actions Group convert to curves Editable individual elements on pages using master pages Preview mode in View Ability to drag/move columns in tables Ability to use tabs within table cells (not talking about tabbing to/from table cells, but formatting WITHIN cells) Instead of "Capitals", shouldn't it be "Capitalization"?
  6. Hi, I had the same problem, and reopening the app with ^Control worked as you instructed. I had another issue where the Text Styles refused to appear no matter how many times I clicked View > Studio > Text Styles. I reset Studio. And now it works. My question: are the issues with the Studio palettes a bug, or something that happens whenever we upgrade the app, or something I'm doing wrong?

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