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  1. Roy Stedall-Humphryes


    Hi Everybody, SUCCESS! All is OK now ... thank you for your rapid response and answers. The trouble is it seems, to have been caused by me putting your software in a separate Affinity folder in the root Applications folder, for neatness. It didn't work as it turned out, so all I did was to take each software: Photo, Designer and Publisher out and back into the Mac's Root Apps folder and start up those apps in turn and now as I said, Publisher now recognizes them and I can now use Publisher and those two integrated Apps as intended. All's well that ends well... Again, thank you for your constructive and successful response. Roy
  2. Roy Stedall-Humphryes


    Hi, Having already installed Photo 1.7.1 and Designer, 1.7.1, now that I have downloaded Publisher 1.7.1, I click on the Photo and Designer icons and they instruct me they, they are not integrated ;- "Link to your Affinity Apps directly from Affinity Publisher with Studiolink". Tell me, how do I register photo and designer with 'Studiolink"' to work with my publisher software. I would have thought by now (2019) having the above softwares, Publisher would have recognised them and automatically integrated the whole package, which is the logical way I would dearly like this to work but it clearly does not, at least not for me.. Please explain to me in simple terms how I can get this all to work without me having to shuffle through hundreds of manual type pages. Roy Stedall-Humphryes
  3. Hi, I have Affinity Photo, v 167 and Designer v 161. Are there going to be any further updates soon? Roy SH
  4. Roy Stedall-Humphryes

    Inserting Page numbers

    It's 10.22 pm and just arrived back from a beach-side restaurant were we had BBQed Sardines... fantasic! Sorry to hear you're still having trouble with page numbers...I still refer you to walt.farrell ..I formatted a single master page and copied it- ALT and moving it down and again to make a spread, otherwise I cannot suggest much else because it now works for me as he suggests. Best of luck.
  5. Roy Stedall-Humphryes

    Inserting Page numbers

    Flounders! .... I don't mind if I do... in English waters these are flat fish and Delicious when lightly fried. As I have already said, I've worked it out, no problem. Otherwise, Publisher seems to work just fine except for the importing word docx problem which everybody knows about.
  6. Roy Stedall-Humphryes

    Inserting Page numbers

    I have done exactly has Walt illustrated and it works and again thanks to all.
  7. Roy Stedall-Humphryes

    Inserting Page numbers

    Thanks Walt..... I have sorted it out.... as you have illustrated...... And thanks everyone for all your help. By the way, does anyone have any idea how much Affinity full Publisher will cost when it's up and running.
  8. Roy Stedall-Humphryes

    Inserting Page numbers

    Thanks heibu.......but I have done that but it's still manual, it should be automatic or at least semi-automatic
  9. Having viewed the appropriate tutorial but it didn't work for me, I have tried inserting page numbers but had to insert them manually on each page. Surely these should be added automatically/easily.
  10. When Affinity publisher is fully up and running and no longer a Beta version, what will be the price of this software. I need to know before I spend any further time assessing it's pros and cons. Also it is difficult to fully assess it when important facilities / tools are for the moment not working such as inserting Word files, Vector Personas and Photo Personas.
  11. As many others have pointed out regarding Publisher, this software needs to enable, recognize 'Microsoft Word' files when scrolling down to, 'Insert Text From File'.
  12. Regarding Affinity Publisher, I haven't had much time so far to experiment with the software but here are a couple of problems found:- First; You need to fix the problem of importing 'Word' text. At the moment one can only copy and paste into the text boxes. Second; Regarding picture boxes or frames, you need to have a selection of different types of frames and textures. I am sure I'll have more constructive comments when I have had more time with working with Publisher. Regards to the Affinity team... good work so far. Roy Stedall-Humphryes roy.stedallhumphryes[@]gmail.com www.roystedallhumphryes.com
  13. Hi, It has been well over two years since Serif first mooted the idea of their brand new 'Affinity Publisher' software due to come onto the market. We are still waiting!!! I personally think it will never appear. QuarkXPress an expensive but well tried publishing software has been around a long time and no one else has got anywhere near it, its equal or better, and is the only software of its type available so there certainly is a market for this type of software... but where is 'Affinity Publisher' or was it just a pipe dream