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    Allright I will see to it. Sorry
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    I edited the Dutch Wikipedia page of photo editing to add Affinity Photo: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitale_beeldbewerking
  3. I 'liked' some topics on the publisher forum, but there are to much topics. Since I am working with PagePlus since 2010, I hoped that Publisher would become a very renovating upgrade to it. But I cannot choose for Affinity Publisher until now: I expected: The possibility to work together with colleges over the cloud or remote working I really respected the Start Screen of PPX9 where I could choose my older work since 2010 Compatabillity with Indesign and QuarkXpress should be normal these days Still missing the links to Persona's because I purchased Affinity and Designer Can I expact those features or will you go on with the developping of PagePlus. Please do not answer with a simply 'no' but give me arguments. Untill now Publisher is not a solution for me.
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    keyboard shortcuts

    I changed the following keyboard shortcuts: pan tool (View Tool) from V to Alt+X Move Tool from Z to Alt+Z ...and why don't you name these tools: Pan Tool and Arrow Tool? But in the Toolbar the old labels are shown