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  1. mswift

    Data merge

    You’re joking right? you Are comparing 20 years of development with 2 years. I remember the first version of InDesign didn’t equal its opposition (Quark) until about version 3.
  2. Hopefully your 'No' doesn't mean it will not be implimented in future versions.
  3. Are there any plans in the future to allow Publisher to import video (or can you do it now?) and output as say, a PDF screen presentation, tutorial etc.?
  4. The plot thickens. If it is a bug hopefully it will be fixed before 1. The new MacOS and 2. The iPad version. I will be looking forward to using the entire suite on my iPad as a second monitor but not if the issues you described persist!
  5. Thank you. That fixed it! I must have used Hide Studio as a wrong keyboard shortcut or something. Cant believe I missed the Reset, its staring me in the face on the screenshot above!
  6. I narrowed it down to these panels that not showing: CHARACTER PARAGRAPH LAYERS STYLES
  7. When I go to View > Studio and select certain items they do not open in the far right hand window panel. Has been working but suddenly stopped, not sure if I did something wrong or if it's a bug. In the attached screenshot the ticked items (and others) don't display. Hopefully I'm missing something simple! MacOS Mojave 10.14.5
  8. Or a simple Text Wrap. I typed the E with the Artistic Text Tool added the wrap moved into place and adjusted the size.
  9. I had the same/similar problem. I wanted to create 2 links one to an email client and the other to a web address. Only the 'new email' link worked but was then greyed out so I couldn't create the web link. Add Hyperlink—when clicked, opens the Hyperlink Properties dialog, allowing you to add a new hyperlink.
  10. mswift

    New Batch Job

    I did select a save to location. Turning off ‘Resize to variable max size’ fixed it.
  11. mswift

    New Batch Job

    Deleted 'Resize to variable max side' fixed it.
  12. mswift

    New Batch Job

    Everything works for me EXCEPT the OK button Parallel Processing on or off makes no difference, I'm using an iMac (Early 2019) AF 1.6.7
  13. It’s a screenshot from USA printer, though like a lot of graphic designers, I’m not a great speller
  14. mswift

    Affinity Publisher 2019 Diary template

    No mistakes but my thoughts: 1. If this was intended as say, a printed booklet I would add a blank page on the end I.e. first blank page is the outside front cover and the last blank page is the outside back cover. Remember booklets always need pages to in in increments of four. 2. On the master page you could use tables for the days so it will be easier to fill in if you use it on screen with AP, and page numbers for the Week Numbers. 3. Have a Non Facing Page version for online use, this could be exported as a PDF with text fields added in Acrobat. Would be nice if AP developers would add this soon (along with other interactive functions like we've used for years in InDes). Good idea though. The PDF version could be emailed out to clients with their individual company branding, or to family members as a sort of Christmas/Birthday card