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  1. I have created a Basic PDF guide here (6.3MB), you can download and print it or add it to Mac Books to follow on an iPad ...and its FREE! If anyone uses it I wouldn't mind some feedback, especially if there is something that is difficult to follow. Ny hopeless internet connection would not allow me to upload the file here.
  2. ...and manually add centre crop marks in the bleed.
  3. Add another page then look up "Linking text frames" in the Help Affinity Publisher Help window. Also I have a couple of PDF tutorials that might help here, I will add more over time.
  4. Thanks Garry, I appreciate this. I will battle along again with it tomorrow.
  5. Managed to get what you wanted without using ‘spacer columns’ once but can't repeat it! First one worked but cant repeat it on last row.
  6. Thanks Garry, yes that’s a workaround. I actually managed to do it but tried to it again but wouldn’t work! Frustrating.
  7. What if you want the left and right column strokes to be white and the line separating the Rows to be clear except top and bottom of each cell? Like this:
  8. You’re joking right? you Are comparing 20 years of development with 2 years. I remember the first version of InDesign didn’t equal its opposition (Quark) until about version 3.
  9. Hopefully your 'No' doesn't mean it will not be implimented in future versions.
  10. Are there any plans in the future to allow Publisher to import video (or can you do it now?) and output as say, a PDF screen presentation, tutorial etc.?
  11. The plot thickens. If it is a bug hopefully it will be fixed before 1. The new MacOS and 2. The iPad version. I will be looking forward to using the entire suite on my iPad as a second monitor but not if the issues you described persist!
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