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  1. mswift

    New Batch Job

    I did select a save to location. Turning off ‘Resize to variable max size’ fixed it.
  2. mswift

    New Batch Job

    Deleted 'Resize to variable max side' fixed it.
  3. mswift

    New Batch Job

    Everything works for me EXCEPT the OK button Parallel Processing on or off makes no difference, I'm using an iMac (Early 2019) AF 1.6.7
  4. It’s a screenshot from USA printer, though like a lot of graphic designers, I’m not a great speller
  5. mswift

    Affinity Publisher 2019 Diary template

    No mistakes but my thoughts: 1. If this was intended as say, a printed booklet I would add a blank page on the end I.e. first blank page is the outside front cover and the last blank page is the outside back cover. Remember booklets always need pages to in in increments of four. 2. On the master page you could use tables for the days so it will be easier to fill in if you use it on screen with AP, and page numbers for the Week Numbers. 3. Have a Non Facing Page version for online use, this could be exported as a PDF with text fields added in Acrobat. Would be nice if AP developers would add this soon (along with other interactive functions like we've used for years in InDes). Good idea though. The PDF version could be emailed out to clients with their individual company branding, or to family members as a sort of Christmas/Birthday card
  6. Hopefully this will be built into AP before it comes out of BETA. Collecting all placed images and fonts for sharing and archiving, essential for me at least.
  7. mswift

    Data merge

    Interesting, I will also try it though pretty much all my data merge needs are for things like multi page catalogues, including images.
  8. mswift

    Data merge

    Please show us how you merge data with layers.
  9. 1. Change margins after initial page setup in Document Setup. 2. Place a Mac Text (TextEdit) file instead of Copy & Paste. 3. No keyboard command for Place 4. Most used fonts in a document move to the top of the font list 5. Leading is not obvious, the natural place for it would be next to Font Size? 6. Inline graphics Great that Shift > Option > Z clones an item… one of my most used keyboard commands.
  10. I'm told Patience is a virtue.
  11. I trashed the ID icon from the dock and re-opened in launchpad. After ID re-opened I was able to keep it on the Dock and now works from there.
  12. ID CS6 works with OS X 10.11 El Capitan, at least it does on my MacBook Pro. I'm holding off using the Adobe subscription model until after I get my hands on Affinity Publisher and hopefully it will be my replacement for ID CS6.