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  1. Until two months ago I had three active InDesign CC licenses. Now I have 2 IDD active licenses and three perpetual licenses of Publisher, which I'm starting to use for the works that don't need all of the IDD features. So: May 2020 Mac 1 -> InDesign Mac 2 -> InDesign Mac 3 -> InDesign July 2020 Mac 1 -> InDesign + AFP Mac 2 -> InDesign + AFP Mac 3 -> AFP It'll be a not so quick transition, but until now I'm perfectly satisfied with AFP (and I plan to gradually use it to fully replace INDD). Go, Serif, go (not a big fan of Adobe, I admit).
  2. This wouldn't be a problem. While the hi-res PDFs we provide are printed in Italy, for the Italian market, in the native .idml files our Italian texts are usually wiped out and replaced with those of the Country of destination 🙂 Again: the .idml export feature would be a great addendum for my specific workflow. While I'm aware that there are lots of different environments where a so-so conversion simply wouldn't be acceptable.
  3. I'm afraid I wasn't clear enough. The client I'm speaking of needs above all the hi-res PDFs and (sometimes) the .indd files. He asks me to save them in .indd and above all in .idml, 'cause the files themselves could subsequently be opened on the other side of the globe (they have several foreign branches), by a person that uses another version of InDesign, maybe another operating system, even - as far I could know - Affinity Publisher instead of Adobe InDesign. It therefore would make really no difference if I submitted not-so-perfect .idml files. On the other hand I absolutely agree with you: files that have to travel back and forth between my studio and one or more external contributors must always remain in the exact same InDesign version.
  4. I can't supply only print ready PDFs. Long story short: some projects of mine need to be re-edited in foreign Countries. I myself often receive .idml files from my clients: they have to be adapted to the Italian market, so a certain amount of work is equally needed in order to adjust the original layouts. The same goes for whoever received my files. The ability to export in .idml from Publisher would absolutely be the right feature for my needs.
  5. No, I don't need them. My clients ask me the .indd files only for archiving purposes, so IDML exported documents would equally do.
  6. Sure. My clients in fact ask for the InDesign documents, along with the Hi-Res PDFs I usually send them. Therefore, having an .idml export option in Publisher would be very appreciated (otherwise I'm stuck with InDesign).
  7. You are right, I just noticed that the last update to my website doesn't show the top menu on some mobile phones. I'll fix it ASAP. In the meantime, try this direct link: https://www.blulapis.it/indexUK.html Thank you for your feedback e.
  8. I'll check on it as soon as I come back to my office. The English version of the website is hosted at https://www.blulapis.it/indexUK.html Thanks for your feedback
  9. That's too bad. In the top right corner there's a red button that leads to the English version of it.
  10. Italian user here. I can speak and understand the tutorials in their original language; thanks anyway for having subtitled (most of) them in Italian. We are a service provider for some of the major Italian editors (my company's website is www.blulapis.it) and we are currently switching to Affinity products. In case you'd like to expand your share on the Italian market, we'd be more than happy to cooperate with you: by translating your printed guides, as an example (there are lots - LOTS - of Italian people whose English skills are simply inadequate to take advantage from your guides). Regards Emanuele
  11. + 1 for IDML export. In addition to PDF files, there are several clients of mine that ask for the "native format" (i.e. InDesign) documents. IDML exporting would be a great addition to Publisher.
  12. PS sorry for my English, it's not my first language. I should have written "I've just bought" and "I choose". 🙂
  13. Already user of Photo and Designer, I just bought Publisher and I'm experimenting with it. One major lack (at least for my work) I've found is in the Find/Replace window. When I chose to replace a word with another, Publisher does it and immediately skips to the following occurrence of the word to find. It would be useful to have a fourth option along with "Find", "Replace" and "Replace all". One that allows to replace the word and NOT jump immediately to the next one, allowing me to see what's just happened in the text affected by the change. Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress have the option I'm talking about: Find -> Finds the first (or next) occurrence Replace -> Replaces the found occurrence without jumping to the next one Replace and Find -> acts like the "Replace" button in Affinity Publisher Replace All -> Replaces all. Thank you Emanuele
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