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    Not a newby print designer. Forty four-years in print. PHP developer for four-years. Founder of Muezbiz.com. Where regional members represent a globe of uploaded music, merchandise, and tickets. Discover regional blues, classical, world, or rock, etc. events. Where members grow on regional and global bulletins.
  1. Goal is to retain italics. Basic stuff. I can use >File> Place to import either .docx, or RTF. Importing an RTF, out of MS Word, included a bunch of junk. Much of the text replaced with Xed out boxes. The .doc file is grayed out. Under the > Text menu the only import option is > Insert Filler Text ... only. At this point it appears I will need to be careful reading through original MS Word files to manually format lost character formats.
  2. Yes. Now that I have the live version, I wish I could import and retain styles, particularly character styles. Maybe there is a away. Have not discovered it yet.
  3. Holding down the shift key, then hitting the return key usually places a soft return on a Mac. Soft returns are nice to use whenever a line of text needs to drop, maintaining the overall paragraph styles of the previous lines.
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