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  1. Found out it has to do with Ligatures. When switching off, the word is written (Definitief) as expected.
  2. This is a bit strange; The word Definitief is automatically changed into Defi nitief in the text field.
  3. I know where to find, but it would be nice if the date takes the ones from the system preferences, or edit in Apub.
  4. In my Mac 10.14 system preferences I made my date like this: 2018.10.04, because I prefer. In Apub it is not possible to get the same output in the date field. Is it possible to change this?
  5. How can we use that information in the document? I would like to use a text box with some text variables in it, so it will update automatically when I change the file and save. Variable print date and filename is very handy.