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  1. I discovered this too. But, I found out when creating another sub categorie for assets, then delete that empty just created sub categorie, the assets appear in the other sub. You can use them, but when closing the file. Start up a new file, it's not working anymore. You have to work around again.
  2. Found out it has to do with Ligatures. When switching off, the word is written (Definitief) as expected.
  3. This is a bit strange; The word Definitief is automatically changed into Defi nitief in the text field.
  4. I know where to find, but it would be nice if the date takes the ones from the system preferences, or edit in Apub.
  5. In my Mac 10.14 system preferences I made my date like this: 2018.10.04, because I prefer. In Apub it is not possible to get the same output in the date field. Is it possible to change this?
  6. How can we use that information in the document? I would like to use a text box with some text variables in it, so it will update automatically when I change the file and save. Variable print date and filename is very handy.